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  • Open and transparent conversations support co-learning, good team ambiance and mutual support. By default all conversations take place openly in a collective space (ex. slack channels) unless there is a good reason ot make it private.
  • It is important that significant communications are given extra weight - this is what email is for.
  • People need to have power over the tools they use. Collective tools are collectively decided and used for now. Everyone experiments with new tools and when they feel it is timely proposes them for new options for the collective.

The team owns the relationship of the team and conversation and communication is the infrastructure of that relationship. 1. Seeing each others work is important. Therefore, all project work takes place via bit torrent/cloud unless: I) file size does not allow for it II) there are external people on the project team that make it more beneficial for that specific team to have an alternate cloud or invite externals into our folder (if appropriate). 2. Having time away from work is important. We can all communicate to anyone any day, any time and please understand that each person has different priorities and life obligations. If you have an particular urgency for a response please make YOUR need explicit. 3. Learning from each other and supporting each other is important. Slack channel – is anyone can create a slack channel. If one is not working for you create another, invite people and you will see if it has life (or not).