Financial model

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Overarching principles

  1. Percolab strives to grow a no-permission culture
  2. Company finances are participatory
  3. Each member is responsible for ensuring his/her own financial well-being
  4. talking about money is a healthy practice and not a taboo

Local hubs

Collective pot

  • A fixed percentage of project budgets (or equity or royalties) goes into the collective local pot. This percentage is agreed locally.
  • The collective pot serves to cover all collective costs for running the local hub (including individual expenses), any contribution to the international platform and any research and development and investments. The local hub makes all decisions concerning their collective pot.
  • The remaining budget is used to to cover materials, business development and project work.

Collective costs

Local hubs determine what is considered collective costs and are taken from the collective pot (managed by whoever is in charge of the appropriate role). (note Some costs can be shared collective and individual.) For example:

  • Office
  • Company insurance
  • Employee costs (vacation, safety, insurance plan, retirement etc)
  • Office supplies
  • Web services web (server, maintenance etc)
  • Resources/library (anyone can purchase up to 200 $ without permission but need to make it explicit to everyone, proactively share it, track the purchase and receipts)
  • Subscriptions
  • Representation costs - networking, being seen
  • Celebrations
  • Retreats

Collective expenses are documented in a collective space, receipts identified and filed, or per diem practices tracked and the team is informed of the expense.

Personal expenses

Who best to know what personal expenses you might need to enhance your professional practice? You!

  • You are encouraged to acquire what you need to strengthen and enable your professional activity (ex. training, working tools, phone bill etc. ). Without asking any permission', you may make use of the collective pot of your hub, up to an agreed amount that is a percentage of your annual gross earnings'
  • All personal objects paid via Percolab monies are property of Percolab, and will stay with Percolab if ever you leave
  • You determine whether your expense is personal or collective - or a mixture of both, which is also possible. If there is any lack of clarity which it is, it is important to talk to your team.
  • You are responsible to track ALL personal expense costs in a collective space, reporting the numbers back to the banker and making sure all receipts are identified and stored at Percolab or as per diem practices.
  • You are responsible for the administration of the purchase (create the bill for the expenses clearly identifying that this is personal expenses).
  • If a purchase could benefit from optimizing energies (ex. bulk purchase or aligned purchases) please take initiative
  • Usual regulation around company ownership applies. That is to say that all that is purchased with Percolab monies is the property of Percolab.
  • An individual can request the collective to advance monies if needed for a particular project or situation.

What constitutes individual expenses is agreed locally, such as

  • Transportation
  • telephone costs
  • working tools and materials
  • trainings for your individual development


Project budgets

  • If there is an issue with the budget within a project this is resolved within the project amongst the project team. There is no impact on the collective pot.


  • Each person is paid as per their financial agreements within different projects. Note that all types of business models are possible.
  • All members can lead a project as project management is a core skill at Percolab and it is important for self-management. *The project lead manages the project administration including - budget, the agreements and contracts for the project team, invoicing etc. All administration is transparent information held in collective spaces and kept up to date. As required the project lead might need to check in with legal role.
  • For each project, an amount is given to the local cell as per the agreed percentage of that cell

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