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De percolab 2.0
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Communicating what we can do for others

Porteur(s) : Sam, Nadine

Juridiction : International

Statut : Adopté • 2016/01/12


  • Adjust the web site content so it is aligned with percolab's purpose and evolving realities with priority (i) that potential clients may understand the value we offer for them and (ii) that our work is brought into a wider field it contributes to
  • Develop a strong and edgy multi-media strategy for the percolab website and share it with the team
  • Write, edit, embed (multimédia) and update the static pages on the percolab website
  • Write, edit and update core text on percolab for service offers from a client impact emphasis
  • Bridge our work to the real world


  • The website conveys clearly what we can do for others - and people we ask confirm this.
  • Our content is client focused - we can ask 3 people who give us a rating of 8/10 on client focus.
  • Our parents understand what we do - their feedback attests to this.