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De percolab 2.0
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Keeping the percolab website live, current and fault free. Managing issues and their resolution.

Porteur(s) : Paul

Juridiction : International

Statut : Adopté • 2016/01/12


  • Updating wordpress and its plugins
  • Local testing of plugins
  • Quality control
  • Diagnosing errors
  • Assigning errors to someone (via redmine.percolab.com)
  • Integrating with social media sites and external sites. (ex. mailchimp, medium, facebook, twitter, linkedin etc)
  • Dealing with web site security
  • Optimising pages (loading speed)
  • Agreeing and implementing accessibility standards
  • Testing of the site on different platforms to ensure the site is Responsive
  • Running and providing access to website analytics to the team
  • Supporting the team in content entry


  • 0 broken links
  • WP and extensions are up to date
  • Bugs are assigned within 24 hours and corrected within 48 hours.
  • No hacks into site
  • The site works across multi-devices (mobile, tablet, desktop, tv)
  • The team is proud of its website
  • Website marche is equal in French and english