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Eirik #3

Date : mardi 22 novembre 2016 10:00

Fin : 12:
Type : Opérationnel (sans décisions)
Hôte(s) : Eirik
Absent(s) : Sam, Paul



check-in : greatful for... -share my struggle without being judged -Co-create with you guy -hopeness -i can come as a full humain being, I can cry - being part of the team

Activity 1: -10 things that you value a lot in your life - take away 4 -take away 2 -only 3 left

Reflection : what do i feel about the values i ended up with? Where they expected or did they surprise me? How these values show in my everyday life? What actions do i already take to live by them? What actions would I like to take to live by then? How can they be combined with my work?

Catégorie de cercles pour exercice individuel: skills, ideas, needs, challenges, values, wishes, interests, possibilities, want to learn more of, non negociable.

fill the cercles find the patterns personally

Refection What do you see? What are the patterns? Any surprises? What were you thinking bout? What does it tell you ? what do you know now? How can this be integrated in your work? Conversation with two people. Then collectively put the ten cercles in the wall, fill it with principale that we have.

Possibilities transform universities les villes smart images to thought

Want to learn mor of... Scaling up Where is our energy at radical pedagogie communication NV Mindfulness

Skills Embodiment creative sense making practices challenges finding meaning consolidate percolab E"U make living form learning edge

non-negociable openness no-violence respect bienveillance learning first

Needs to be challenged/boosted


love+power are infinite

values solidarity transparence, honesty warmth care taking cooperate

Wishes tranquillité connection foster more love and compassion in the world

Interest self-management commingn improv(sens large)

Refection 'What is our job as a team? 'What is our goal? 'How do we know when we're done our job? 'What benefit are we brining to the company and the world?

Make a sentence about our mission? individually.

Enabling futur

purpose : collective intelligence in service of of involvement and creative working culture.

percolab builds and disseminates the tools, postures and pratices to enable the new paradigm.

we invite people to step into the participatory processes and learnings to test a improve their collaboration capabilities and engagements. While diffusing our own practice as a team. Collective reading and write a sentences on 20 words collectively.

We invite people to step into the creative working culture to enable the futur.

5 minutes - write all the adjectifs/things that represent the best practice in percolab. concerner la moitié and then only 3 left.

Pour chaque principe, écrire une phrase :

Principe 1 : prototyping, exploration

Principe 2 : Humain, inclusive, hosting others

Principe 3 : reflexive, continus learning

Principe 4 : social engagement,

Principe 5 : créativité, fun, DIY

Principe 6 : Life in the center.

Principe 7 : Honesty, transparency, congress, collaborative team support,