Rencontre : 2017/04/25 10: 00: 00 AM (Percolab website session)

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Percolab website session

Date : mardi 25 avril 2017 10:00

Fin : 12:00
Type : Opérationnel (sans décisions)
Hôte(s) : Paul
Absent(s) : Sam



Purpose = what is our strategy for a website strategy?

Check-in = How do we like to be greeted?

- An insanely long hug! - Eye contact, shake hand - depending on how much I really know you I will touch you less - Discern what is the zone of intimacy - cultural - where I learned was Indonesia - eye contact, touching hearts - sometimes massive hug - Winking - adapt your greeting - degree of familiarity for a secret code - hosting = greeting somebody with comfort - Geste with warmth - greeting that breaks the ice - in Argentina no matter how many people there are you kiss everybody on the cheek once - breaks a distance before even beginning a conversation - Costa-rica - everybody greets everybody - create a block of time for greeting - Pas de hug - la bise pas hyper important - un regard, un sourire - politesse - As a child when I walked in a room you were expected to greet everyone - I like to go by a handshake to acknowledge who is here?

Today’s agenda

- Website strategy (Paul)

- Integration proposal part 2 (Anique)

- Touching base on stage

- Vendredi

- Transformer Mtl

- Integration circle

1. We have 2 issues -> strategy for the strategy -> website part of a broader communication strategy -

Conversation today = how do we unpack that? Who can help us interns of this wider thing? Do we want to put a budget on it? -> Where do people themselves in that picture? What are some appropriate solutions?

- Alice - was referred to us by MESI - PR specialist - 3 things we wanted to do - 1) physical tools to help client think through their strategy 2) collaborations together 3) support us. She wants to do work with meaning, she has thought out her offer. Strategy wise she would be really good to connect with

- I have had the experience to do develop communication strategy, as a client. I would be able to inform and facilitate a lot. values, atmosphere, sense making. Think about audience - who we are are, what are our values. Articulated for the needs of who we want to work with. Each of us being a steward of a particular area.

- Mon expérience - stratégie processus qui prend du temps. Comment on séquence les choses pour pouvoir bouger tout de suite? Positionnement image, valeur, qu’est-ce qu’on peut mettre sur percolab maintenant? Site web un morceau. Dépendaient de combien de temps ça dure - peut être patch-up solutions. As a communications spécialiste I Think I can be a good feedback person. I am interested in following the process.

- I was thinking about what it means to hire someone to do something. This conversation has been floating for some time. When you are spending money, we commit to the process and the deliverables.

- How do we commit to what we are delivering externally. That has to be fore grounded in the process.

- One of our strengths is process design. This is what we do. What would the circle look like if we took the time over a period of weeks to go through that process. Maybe there is something that is both about practicing ourselves and do this with a deliverable. We’ve been trying to do it piecemeal. We’ve been having conversations but never following up on it. Let’s do an 8-week circle on this where we can identify micro-deliverables that we can bring to the group each time

- We work in appreciative. What do we do well in terms of communication? All I hear from our conversations is that we suck at branding. This de-energizes me. What do we do well? Instead of thinking as a deficit. What do we want more of? If we are floored by August can we just be inspired instead of comparing ourselves? Bringing the examples from inside and outside. Work from an appreciative lens. Can we steward this all together? Yes, can we do something with people also from the outside.

- Concern - we don’t know yet about how does the evaluation go - I am antsy about taking decisions. External deadline = launch party - will help us get it done, deliverables outside.

- what is the actual need, other than having a cool website? What is the hole? Getting clear on audience, the purpose, what does the business need? Have everything stem from there. Website - to get clients / to recruit collaborators?

- Is it a platform for sharing information in general?

- Everyone is holding little pieces - where is the leadership coming from? When the evaluation is over, this is our next piece. Are we doing it internally? Externally? Yes and? There are people around us we can invite in ex: Mary Alice. Having new clients is not the issue. The issue is we are doing good work, are getting known internationally. How can we crack the bubble of where we are, to attract. Our workshops fill quite easily without massive marketing.

- Part of the strength of the chaos of our website is that we can we say yes to anything that comes to us. My fear is over-positioning ourselves. We are a fractal of what we want to see in the world. We are able to flip events - facilitation and hosting, the simpler work we do should not get lost. We need to reflect all the layers of our work. We are at different places professionally, our clients are at different places. How do we make sure we do not lose the energy of the current chaos.

- Portfolio - process based, and infographic work. What would it look like if we mapped it out using our process. Mapping out interrelated universes of percolab is key

- Less is more? Do we need to put less things on the website?

- Avant de prendre qqn de l’extérieur, vous devez savoir quelle image vous voulez montrer. Qu’est-ce qu’on veut toucher?

- Holacracy (book) - we all have different skills and potentials - trying to convey that to the world can be confusing and a lot of info. How do we focus? What is the thing that unites all of our skills and broadcast it to the world?

- Lessons from enspiral - website has always been a huge challenge to articulate what unites us in a way that resonates with all of us? The thing that has worked is our medium account. The more offers we can get on there - diversity and common thread / DNA - the expressions of that are very diverse but can be related in a single platform that is not the website. Blog / Medium is the easiest thing to manage. A website has to be kept alive. Integrity - how can you put this together using what percolate does and our strengths?

- We spent 3 days listening to the turtle island institute and we mirrored back. What we mirrored back is theory of change - and we need to bring it back. What is our theory of change? - Be explicit - on the mapping, turn it into a visual. - There is a people thing. multiple things. Does putting the individual forward distract for the collective?

- What is our menu for people? Create our own team, based on needs.

- Thinking less about overwhelming people with possibilities, more about what percolab supports / stewards? What does percolab create sense

- Clarity - the emphasis should not be on individuals but on the team, the collective aspect - that is our strength. Nobody is static - everybody learns.we can floew seamlessly form mandate to mandate, replace one another.

- Are we a fruit salad or a smoothie? - give a sense of What the experience is lik - Be working with a collective rather than an individual - painting a good picture of that is key. Happy to share some of what we have put together for this at Enspiral, for the client.

- I like our blog. When we do it well. I like the idea of a shared medium account. Lowering the barrier to feed.

Clarity - Explicit theory of change - strength of the collective, mapping the connections between the diverse things we do - Website needs to help whoever reads it understand who we are and what we do and people can feel like they are part of it. - Work from our strengths and what we want more of - Do a process to ourselves and take the time to do it well - We didn’t do it before because we have contracts - how can this become a priority / what makes it a priority? - Take our work out and make sure we have fun sharing it - Show what we’re like to wrk with and the big possibilities that creates - Show the fun we have to work together - fairy blogmother, monthly blog jackpot - making it a game - Processus long, mettre un budget dessus, pour qu’on puisse s’y impliquer. Pour que percolab se diffuse encore plus loin. Site internet c’est la première chose qu’on voit quand on ne connaît pas - Things have to fall under a banner of communication strategy. What makes sense for me is getting each individual strengths out there so that it’s communicated and should be understandable to a larger audience - I’m trapped in the process that clients get trapped all the time - what are we going to do? — Dive into participation, common space. Huge mapping, bird’s eyes view on all the things that we do all the same time. Leaving the trap of deliverables, allow divergence and trust emergence. - We can even talk about this as a practice - we do this to ourselves, we can talk to the world about this - I need to blog to support the visual lab - how do we have it so that we don’t brand individually - how to bridge tension between individual-collective. The collective medium thing is the one thing to take from this conversation. - Role of fairy blogmother - see how that fits into social media role - no one has this role. The blog is part of the gap - Need to have another conversation - core conversation? - What do we want? - Who we are - the way we work int/ext - the experience - the impact

2. Friday - Potluck! Games! - Music - 7 tables conversation - Stephanie’s birthday - Zoe - cake

3. Integration process - Role for immigration process - LMIA - obstacle - Work skills program could be an option - still clarifying financial and legal issues - Proposal for integration = next Tuesday for decision process - Concerns around absence of collaboration so far

4. What is going well? What would you like to change going forward? - Ce qui est bien - le fait d’avoir les rencontres du mardi pour bien comprendre comment fonctionne Percolab - participer au projet de la BANQ - Venir avec un projet est important - avoir les temps de pouvoir le faire et être appuyé - avoir la possibilité d’être sur un autre projet pour apprendre sur les pratiques - BANQ - loved participating - I have not been able to get up to speed to other things - love the proximity with other people in the group - excellent experiences - Early I would like to have more of an idea of what I can contribute - grey zone.

5. Checkout What makes us a good collaborator? - Chloe is light hearted and fun and brings a lot of energy - Elizabeth is always located in the long arc of collaboration - learning together and building working relationship - Cedric - is adaptable and appreciative of the people he works with - sees the best in them - once he has the trust he can flow and see the best in the other, whatever happens - Ezra - is really good at following up, focusing on deliverables, and flowing with people. He is also a life spark for every project I have been working on with him. - Collaboration pushes Paul to do more and do things he would not do otherwise, be more of himself - he is a solid point of ancrage in space - Laurence has an attention to detail an see what is missing and reflect back - speed in working - Nehemy is adaptable - Noémie is seeing the common thread ans see what is essential. She is good at bringing different ideas together and have convergence - Anique is a good witch and generous and intuitive (listening) open mind - you listen and draw connections - Stephanie relates, sees the momentum and what has come before, and you can anticipate what is coming