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Date : mardi 6 juin 2017 10:00

Fin : 12:00
Type : Stratégie (prise de décisions)
Hôte(s) : Sam
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First international meeting!

New people, getting to know each other.

The art of being seen. Listening into our patterns and struggles to be seen. Branding = breaking free from this patterns.

International. No elements that are local specific. Branding is core to that.

Practical needs for international conversation. Surprise - opened meeting up to other people. For me, it was opening to be together. It's wonderful to open internationally.

Check-in What I like about being seen? / Qu'est-ce que j'aime dans le fait d'être vu?

Quand j'utilise ma voix. Je peux avoir un impact. Avoir un impact positif.

J'aime le fait que ça fait un effet miroir. Je mieux voir l'autre et de mieux voir moi même.

It's connects me to the relations of where I am and attunes me to what is present.

Some houseguests, they wern't sure if we were here. Philosophical conversation - am I really there? What I like about being seeing is to know that I exist.

Karine: c'est d'avoir la confirmation d'existence et de pouvoir entrer en relation

Ce que j'aime dans le fait d'être vu, réactualiser mon identité par rapport à ce qu'il y autour de moi.

People give words to the potential that they have, things are really deep that maybe you don't see but they see it.

Une dimension de considération. J'aime être considéré.

ezra: dance battle, de partager la réation la force de la créative. lip sync battle.

Next retreat : lipsync battle.

La validation. Quand je suis vue, je me sens validé.

Je parle avec les mains et le langage corporel. Quand je suis vue je sais que je suis bien comprise. Mon langage est plus non verbal.

Graduation hier. Vivre des rituels et d'être vu dans un rituel. C'est réaliser ça qu'on ne fait beaucoup ça dans nos sociétés. Le passage, le fait d'être vu. J'en parle et j'ai le coeur qui bat et je tremble de partout. Le fait de pouvoir voir les autres et de voir soi-même. Que les autres voient les possibilités en toi. Commencer à voir ces possibilités. La responsabilité qui vient avec ça. Prendre responsabilité.

Entre 22 et 25, j'avais un blogue sur cette question because I was negotiating my identity. What I put out and dealing with what is reflected back to you. The loss of subjectivity, turning potential into an object. The bulnerability and the empowerment. I don't know if I like being seen but it's a daily exercice. Sometimes it's pleasant, sometimes it's not.

I'm practicing writing on the internet. All sorts of wonderful surprises happen when you are seen. Ex. Susan who saw my article, and the next thing you know we are in potential and relation. Mutual strength, collective power, transformative potential. All of that happens by being seen - the necessary condition.


We've been fumbling with narrative. Asking what percolab - we're stumbling. We are talking on board the way we are supposed to be talking about things. But that is not our paradigm. How can we settle that down to a place wheree we are owning our paradigm beyond the boxes people in organisations are trying to oput us in. The transversal to everything that we are doing. We are looking at the future of different things. It doesnt matter the sector, whether it is a service or a product. The future paradigm. That is a hypothesis. This is a thread that may lead us. It that a big enough container to hold everything we do and what we do in the future.

quels sont les 3 changement de paradigm future qui m'appelle?

Connect with yourself as an individual. What are the 3 futures that ring true for us / resonate with us.

Share without justifying. Knowing that you would perhaps have different answers in an hour. And let's be welcoming for what comes out.

Relations / Mindsets / Power

Future of work tools / future of HR / future of management

The future of participatory design / organizational culture / visuals of.... (communication)

Entier / jouissif / juste

creatif et expressif - / an honest and caring future / where organisations don't put our planet in danger.

la future de la citoyenneté / reconciliation avec le clan de la vie / futur de la villle / futur de l'inclusion

community partnerships / / participatory spaces in the digital and urban

engagement / vivre ensemble / confiance

équité / frontière / famille

secteur public / faire ensemble / le futur de l'éducation

la gouvernance / les interrelations / le travail

future of learning / the future of dialogue / radical responsability

habitat / community / the possibilities of drawing

The future of co-creation / the future of local innovative projects / the future of governance.

Qu'est-ce que ça nous dit tout ça? Alike yet different we were. Really different but alike at the same time. The connections between them. An ecology. Acknowledging the difference and the diversity and highlighting where the symbiosis is.

I was enlivened by every answer. Every answer was so exactly the person who was giving it.

Tout ce que j'ai voulu écrire à été nommé par les autres.

It seems like a lot of work we have ahead of us.

At beginning - I have so much changing in my life. Finally, there are some that are more or less far. Thank you smile.


One of 6. If we thinking of percolab in 5, 10, 15, 20 years. 4 different answers. What are we seeing, imagining, dreaming, wanting. Check in with ourselves and answer those 4 time questions. What is percolab doing at each of these key dates.

In 5 years, it's not unlikely that we'll offices in the states and europe working with changes communities and working with communities to change them. South america, asia, hitting regional entities. We're all self-autonomous. The federation of planets. From Star Trek.

17 international. 10 years - a camping trip for over 1000 people. 15 years. Accompanying the highest levels of government in organizational change. 20 years, running a university.

5 ans. Plein de collaboration international. Rhizome décentralisé qui grandit dans tous les sens. 10 ans. Percolab academy / housing coop. 15 ans - reinventing non profits. 20 years - children.

5 - international. 10 integrating collaborators. 15 years - a network of percolab school.

Becoming more invisible. 5 years - greater diversity of systems that we intervene in. 10 years - integrated in organizations we work with. 15 years - youth. 20 years - invisible.

5 ans. Vraiment à l'international. On travaille vrimaent ensemble. co-crée un cursus universitaire. Dans 10 ans. Réseau transcontinenal. Ancrage sur les 5 continents. Un laboratoire social. 15 ans. Je commence à être âgé. 20 ans. Contente qu'il y a une équipe (à valider @nadine)

5 years. We work on the level of the U.N. 10 years. We write more books on what we have learned. Fits well with the other part. 15 - dissolve into other businesses and business structures.

Accueillir profondément les idées divergentes. Un réseau - 5 état. 10 ans - gouvernance étatique. 15 - diversité et inclusion. 20 - pas figé dans un discours.

on fait des mandat (systemique strageqiue). on n'attend pas que les mandat viennent vers nous. on pars à convaincre les acteurs qu'on a ciblés. less recieve, more push

2022. Montréal coop. MOre than 80 members. Satellite. EU. Activists. Base salary. 2027. Shit hits the fan. We are working with policy makers to shift systems of governance. 2032. A way of life. From workplace. There's no one organisation, it's a mouvement. More in North America - E.U. - Austral asia. Hubs are expanding into places likes europe and asia.

5 projets. Consolidation de percolab europe (juridique). Coop à Montréal qui porte ses fruits. 10 ans - en campagne. Dans les écovillages. Moi je compte vivre dans un écovillage. Créer une activité qui roule en dehors des ville. Des huttes, des cases. Dans 15 ans - la nouvelle génération de percolab. D'autres outils, d'autres pratiques. Dans 20 ans. Une base solide. Nenuphar (?) Lotus. Beaucoup de sérénité.

De plus en plus de mandats à Montréal. Amérique latine. Afrique. Le modèle de percolab - peut être enseigné aux universités à travers le monde.

5. International community, collective tools, business tools. 10 years. Breakthrough innovation culture will be mainstream competence and we will develop new competence. 15. International business commoning activities. In 20 years. Living in a world where economic models make more sense. More core to our work.

Percolab as an international practioners group. Leadership. 10 years. Strengthening. 15 years - international coop of 1000 members. 20 years. Percolab style dojos around the world.

When we hear that, what are one or two things we want to grab onto?

The satellite hubs, expanding geographically. Infusing into, such that percolab infuses into different systems, alter university dojoesque thing.

Uncomfortable with perco colonization of the world. Expansion for the sake of expansion. Bigger is better.

Inspired by diversification. And generationaly. Satellite - emerging locally. Utilizing certain percolab approaches, techniques, structures.

As our practices becoming mainstream, we don't cease to stay on our learning edge. We don't seem to become comfortable with what we do.

Transmettre d'une manière ou d'une autre. Rester dans une pratique. Qui se multiple, qui se répand. L'apprentissage.

Our responses had two layers: the big core, or a contextual response to a local context. It might not be percolab. People connect or relate to. In their own local contexts. I had this moment where someone asked me if I know about the university of the streets café....I did. I look forward to the day that taht happens for percolab.

It takes support. Where to can come her for support and not have to reinvent the wheel. Contributing to the commons.

I am trying to see what percolab offers that is different than art of hosting. There is a stronger emphasis on....on able to hold a larger process. Applying the practices every day within the team. Often it is not ongoing. Here, it is ongoing with everything. There is something crucual there.

Je vois beaucoup de gens, beaucoup de projets. Je ne porterais pas tous ces projets, mais je serais heureuse que ça existe. Cette force avec plein de personnes.

The notion that as we grow, it's with others. It's not like a model that we go apply. This model will grow depending on how it sits. As it gets bigger. And brings other people on, it's enrichened by how people are working and how people want to work.

De penser déjà à l'intégration de la prochaine génération. Une pensée en émergence.

The reason why this activity is in a branding process...if it's strong it can carry through for 20 yeares. Trying to think on a longer scale. These are the things that are emerging. Wider and deeper. holding as we go into the branding process.

Will send out steve job's. Thinking about branding from a different level.


What does percolab look like by the end of 2017. Hopes for the year.

International workshops led in europe and in montréal. I see a large graphic facilitation workshop with Paul in Europe. Making the two entities closer (legally?).

I would like that we have an international percolab charter. Like the fab labs. That means that if you want to plug into the infrastructure, this is what you are plugging into. One of my hopes is that Montreal comes out of the center. Montreal holding its part in a wider sphere.

I want the coop to be up and running. Super small but super concrete.

And that we've celebrated 10 years and where we are locally. We take that moment collectively together.

That we have operational circles qui sont intercontinentaux. Être en co-apprentissage ensemble.

That this year has seen more positive integration stories. That That people have integrated well and solidly. And connected to Cedric. That there are internal and resilient ways to connect.

Hola plus étoffé. Pouvoir le diffuser.

Plus d'espace pour le possible. Plus de proactvité.

More comfortable with international aspect. Budget international. Bring people. We fly people across and do the work with them. Because we are confiedent with the international brand.

By the end of the year, everyone in the center. Understanding the infrastructure and the culture...taking up all the space within the coop.

We want our Belgian coop to be established by the end of the year. We are wondering how we can brand ourselves. Branding a commoning practice instead of just branding a business.

It was a pleasure go be here for the past hours. It's confusing. It gives me a taste for more. Thank you for letting me in.