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De percolab 2.0
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Date : mardi 1 août 2017 10:00

Fin : 12:
Type : Opérationnel (sans décisions)
Hôte(s) : sam
Absent(s) : Paul,



  • website like an international team.
  • open ears, sense on what you guys are working on.
  • how is it all growing together
  • take care of relationships - no expectations
  • get to know you a bit better - how can we present ourselves as an international team?
  • website and international things
  • how will we be integrating our language, cases and our work?

Website context

Developed organically over past 10 years. Everyone in team supports it. Roles around web site for technical support and maintenance, for blogs, for portfolios (how do we make visible the work we do?) , for team page, for branding and narrative. International / languages Inspiration - art of hosting website / enspiral website Which bits are translated and core to all locations, which bits are localised?

4 breakout groups

  • bio/profiles. a word associate not the word we want to use. new words. nadine ezra
  • narrative branding. ann - cedric - nil
  • structure. chloe - helen - elizabeth
  • web - how we can present ourselves and the cells same time as clear as possible -ilona - sam

1. Narrative-Branding/Story

  • What is the hero journey of Percolab? the collective story it holds
  • interview each other - finding the cracks - how did we come to want to work in this way? Our stories of walking out and walking on. identify the collective cracks / motivations. Narrative emerges through collective sense-making process
  • benefit of interviewing each other- collective story - embody collaboration = interview each other so we could get to know each other. what do we see as a collective. our work out/work on stories why do we work with percolab.

this assumption we need to learn how to collaborate together. how did we each individually come to that. individual stories. internationally connect. via our stories. between teams also - local cell narratives. why we decided to create percolab and then seeing collective patterns emerge. global narrative is not prescribed but comes from collective sense-making process.

2. web - how do we present ourselves?/differentiating factor

  • All that we do internally (pioneer practices) should be highly visible on the web site.

Two differentiating factors

  • "International": Percolab team is multiple hubs in different countries united by a charter; the international community strengthens and amplifies the work, the learning and the potential. We collaborate on an international level and cross pollinate to the local levels.
  • "Pioneering next stage organisational/company practices" (innovate the talk) - *Walk the talk - we have an organizational context with which to live and experiment new organizational ways. we Innovate what a company can be from next stage financial models to company culture. No formal int’l structure, self-organising hubs agree around charter. No-one can call the shots. Local cells figure out a way to grow this thing together based on trust, trust in the cells.

We really believe that with good conditions and containers, people can take care of themselves, their cell and the international infrastructure/collective.

  • We are working with a next stage organisational paradigms
    • Living system paradigm
    • Working from the framework commons, keep in the commons, out of enclosures
    • Self-management: completely self-managed organisation + collective structure, nobody is holding the thread at the top.
    • AoH-practice: foundational practice, hosting self, self-reflection
  • We think the service offering on the home page could use terms more like these
    • Teal - self-organization - self-management
    • Prototyping - bringing prototype mindsets into organizations. + innovation
    • Running meetings differently
    • Placemaking - Nacelles - vivre ensemble
    • Meaningful conversations -
    • Breakthrough solutions - innovation
    • Training
    • Working cultures - for complexity and creativity - Visual thinking
  • Slack note - use it for local cells and international within the same slack group

3. Bios

Everyone come up with their own title e.g. Paul = everything designer, key words and bio (100 words). Maybe this could be done without the person in the room? How can the process of writing the bios be less painful? Interviewing each other? Ultimately it is everyone's responsibility to get their bios on the website Someone could have a "nomad" label... Also: having only 1 page for the team & the contacts. The contact page could present a map of the world with contacts and with a zoom, each cell and its members.

4. Structure

  • headline - international network of practitioners walking the paradigm shifts together
  • What we do - trainings, services, portfolio, what's it like to work at percolab
  • Who we are - bios - native languages
  • Where we are - see cells/network - for potential clients - trainings - potential collaborators
  • How do we operate as an organization - percolab as a model - knowledge creation around self-management
  • Why do we do it
  • Local and global

How do we present ourselves as an international team? while maintaining groudedness in placebased colour. Which core content is translated and what is purely native language How do we show the relationships between the parts.

- UX of website - how are visitors to the site welcomed into conversation with Percolab?

+ Percolab - international, place-based. + Individual identities, collective one. Outward-looking bios. + How do we have real clarity around what we do - easy for a potential client to know why they should engage us + (Sam) how do we deconstruct the boxes / silos between events, trainings and consulting services + Communicating the breadth and depth of services / expertise (T-shaped offering) in a coherent way