Rencontre : 2017/08/15 10: 00: 00 AM (Agenda Agile)

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Agenda Agile

Date : mardi 15 août 2017 10:00

Fin : 12:00
Type : Opérationnel (sans décisions)
Hôte(s) : Cédric
Absent(s) : Paul, Sam, Elizabeth, ezra



Percolab Meeting 15 August 2017

Present : Chloe, Solene, Cedric, Nadine

Agile agenda :

1. Percolab website (Nadine) Need to add page which is for the Training Centre in France. There is mandatory information to add there. Nadine could add the content and Paul look after the visuals. We also need more information - like on a wiki. We need to be completely transparent about who we are, what we do, what trainings, how do we do these, who are our clients, what results to we have. The French administration requires this. Content structure needs to be developed next week. The information needs to be live before the end of September. Could be part of Hola. Ask - help from Paul for website page. Chloe could support if Paul is too busy.

2. Percolab Summer Camp 2018 (Cedric) The opportunity to do a summer camp for new paradigm humans / work / relations look like? Exploring big questions around building collaborative capacity. Somewhere beautiful in nature. Link to integration - how can we include more people in Percolab culture? Including families. Putting out this idea to start the conversation with the team to start making myself accountable to progressing this. Nadine - maybe the first step could be to open conversation in Slack? Open a new channel. Action : Cedric to open Slack channel.

3. Integration Circle (Chloe) Recently moved to Montreal from New Zealand. Feeling very settled and keen to embed into Percolab. Talked with Paul about integration circle starting on week of September 11 at retreat. Integration circle = 6 sessions over 7 weeks with Percolab core hosting people who are wanting to get into business with Percolab. Defining offer, opportunities for shared learning and creativity. Prototyping this, ending in decision about formal engagement. Purpose of circle : 1) practice together - work with members from the core team on mandates - what happened what did we learn - what do we want to do 2) support team with the roles as collaborator / with roles (without holding roles ex Fanny) What is required to keep this thread alive now that retreat is not happening on those dates. What can I do to support? Needs 2 people from Core to hold it. This will be the second iteration of the circle. What was learned in the first one? Hasn't been much space dedicated for this sense-making yet. What have we learned about inclusion and integration in the last year? Action - Chloe to put a call out to team about who would like to be involved in conversation about reflecting on integration circle process and prototyping / hosting the next one.

4. How does Amplifier project work? (Solene) Where has project come from? This project has come out of the listening platform initiative. Big ethnographic study on community feedback. It is a team rather than an organisation. So Percolab is doing the admin support and also Sam is doing coaching with the lead of the project on what is listening, what does it mean? How does the Amplifier team be a fractal of the community they are engaging with? What we have been looking for is someone to look after admin of this project - doing invoices, managing project. Doesn't necessarily connect to the usual way Percolab projects work. Way Percolab projects work? It is very varied. Like every company giving services, sometimes we answer to tenders, or to clients getting in contact directly. Sometimes we also work with partners. Tender vs direct contact depends on the size of the budget. Percolab teams form around individual projects. Could be an event, training, or a shift in org structure. Our work is always in the form of support - help people to do what they do better and innovate. Scenario - the city puts out tender to run co-design process for public space. Percolab wins the tender. We look at the size of the budget and what activities we will do e.g. building, facilitation, harvesting, design. These activities get split into roles. This process is open and finances are transparent. Out of every project 25% of the budget goes back to the centre. This covers things like ECTO, phone bills, trainings, special projects. The two ways to make money are to lead a project, or collaborate on a project. Anyone on the team can bring in projects. Some of us have privileged relationships with clients we've worked with in the past who come back to us with more work. Action - Cedric and Solene to sit down together to talk about operations of Amplifier project.

5. Exploring emergent communications on Nacelles (Cedric) What are emergent comms? Where the message and meaning is not fixed - we are still learning what it is. Nacelles projects good opportunity to practice this. We had a prototype event where we harvested a lot of things - beautiful photos, moments, poems, other data. We have been commissioned to create this report for the city, how else can we talk about this? How do we explain Nacelles to people? Solene has written up summary from meeting she had with ?? talking about how we experienced the Nacelles at Nova Stella event. What did she expect from Nacelles and what could be improved in the future? We had 3 Nacelles in the streets but they were not differentiated so people didn't know which Nacelle to go to, or to expect a different experience in each one. This could be interesting to play with. Would be great to have a conversation with Clemence, Estelle and Hafid about Nacelles programming first to see what they have learned. On the Composs1ble website there are some stories but there is much more learning. Part of the intention of the partnership is to learn together. Cedric - what I understand from last Saturday is that there isn't one story with Nacelles, but many stories. How do we put these stories to the public in a way that is rich and inter-subjective, and also clear? Something that could be interesting to do would be to have some interview questions to ask everybody who was there on the day and involved with the project. Solene - we need to document what we feel about that. Action : Cedric to lead putting together these thoughtful questions. Solene to collaborate.