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agenda agile

Date : mardi 22 août 2017 10:00

Fin : 12:
Type : Opérationnel (sans décisions)
Hôte(s) : Cédric
Absent(s) : Elizabeth, Ezra



Check in question: Where were you during the solar eclipse yesterday?

Who - what - duration/time - with how many people

Samantha - branding-positioning percolab - 5 minutes - everyone

In chicago, met with someone who offers coaching. American business savvy. Marc Levy $15,000 USD - paid Virtual coaching sessions, starts thursday 1pm and next week too. One person joins sam. Wednesday September 6th, 10:30am. Karine and I agree to be in one session for me to be with Sam and pay something like 1500

Intriguing and interesting work. Permission to film and video every coaching session. Only 2 people per session, but with a collective benefit. How can percolab be positioned and branded in a way that we have a common way of talking about our work. Goal: nobody freezes up when asked ‘what is percolab’?

Sam will create a channel on slack specifically for this coaching process so everyone can follow and participate

Cédric - Nacelles + ecto + street fair - What are we doing? - 5 min - whoever wants to

ecto has a kiosk at the street fair. it would be an opportunity to get some visibility and get other ecto members to experience the nacelle.

Q: What is the purpose for percolab? (seems fairly clear for ecto) Q: How would the nacelle be animated: around social inclusion, co-working..? Q: Can we prototype the nacelle as a mini co-working space? Q: Do we have the capacity to work on this right now? Q: Is it enough that just one of us works on it?

Every time someone sits in the nacelle it’s a business opportunity - learning from HR yesterday (Sam). Need a clear intention, what text on the wing? Remove 375th sticker.

Postcard idea: description and contact for percolab. Concern that without animation it’s just a cool piece of furniture (which it is), can we sit out there for 2 days?

Paul away thursday friday at fab lab but could print some vinyl stickers if needed.

If we have a handout it would work (Paul).

Let’s do it one day - Thursday. This is our get ready opportunity.

Cedric + Solene others will coordinate materials to be printed and be there to set up!

Karine - workshops in November in Europe - Paul, Sam,.. - 5 mns - everyone

Sam is coming to europe 23rd november in Paris. Have been trying to get Paul to France for a long time and respond to the demand for a graphic facilitation workshop.

Paul would like to go visit Hafid and Nacelles in Toulouse Lausanne is also a possibility.

Laurence: 16nov - 16 dec Marseille, Suisse, Belgique Anique in brussels by then 22-24 nov in croatia if accepted Meghan: Valencia beginning of December Nil: Carlotta, my friend I’ll be facilitating the money workshop with, is a Graphic Recorder and Graphic Facilitator. Here her linkedin Potential collaboration? What about a retreat in Europe with percolabers Question about English/French workshops or French only….

Paul - Toronto partnership work - 5 min. - 2 people

Two things happening in toronto: ET group - unleash - technical infrastructure for offices. Interested in expanding to how people work together (work, space, technology). Need help to look at working culture. Working with deloitte but not having good result. Onno (connected through Unleash and Art of Hosting , currently in the Netherlands) talking about setting up a percolab toronto cell. Who is interested in exploring these two things with Paul?

Paul has written about past work we’ve done in this area of work culture and space. Petite enfance for example. Sam happy to be on the back end of this but already trying to reduce workload to make more time to write. The work we’ve done up until now has been edgy and exploratory and successful. Lots to build on.

Timeline - meeting sept 7th. Already done 2 pitches.

Laurence, Cedric, interested to talk more

Space + culture = Nacelle

Paul - retreat in Quebec - 5 min - all

Retreat canoe camping 11-13 September was set and booked but Elizabeth is unavailable. it gets complicated when we try to move things because not everyone is always available. Paul not comfortable hosting a canoe retreat without Sam who is travelling many other dates. Logistically is just very tricky.

1,2,3 September sam is also available.

There is a retreat channel on slack, we can continue there. Doodle the two dates and we will make a quick final decision.

Anique - recent Nacelles activity internal feedback reflection - 10 min. - who wants Resume of the conversation

Samantha - Nacelles investment - budget - 10-15 min - 1-2 people

Expenses - materials, transportation, CNC, workshop Comm1Possible Storage Labour - designer, coordination, technica IT, sanding, varnishing, moving investment - 1 investment 2-3

regular investment costs. going forward for each nacelles.

Sam - website update - 30-60 min - whoever interested. Percolab France: Nous sommes une centre de formation qui nous donne des droits et aussi des contraintes. 21 critères à remplir pour maintenir ce statut. Nadine et Karine vont travailler la page ‘ateliers-europe’ avec un texte et titre qui répond aux exigences de cette réglementation.

QQchose dans hola pour garder des documents pénibles : réglementation interne,

Besoin d’aide pour créer le site web. Est-ce que ça demande une prestation de service (france vers canada) sémantique : c’est Yoann, quelques heures, sinon non! Faire une page atelier différente : séparer le contenu des dates et lieux, on l’a perdu, il faudrait y revenir. Point très négligé et il y a une urgence. Nadine et Karine prennent le lead sur le sujet. Centre de formation, s’il faut. Niveaux locaux… stratégie sur le site web pas bien claire encore; s’inspirer de AoH.

Need for a catalogue of workshops! Bring content and exp of web sites for Paul Check out

Nil: I am really thankful, once again, by the feeling I get when I’m in connection with you all. Before the Team meeting, I’ve got a fantastic session with Cederic and Anique around the Money Workshop. I’ll be back in work mode next week, and then I’ll update! And please, send me the postal address of Percolab Montreal and France via Slack!