Rencontre : 2017/09/05 10: 00: 00 AM (Percolab charter)

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Percolab charter

Date : mardi 5 septembre 2017 10:00

Fin : 12:00
Type : Opérationnel (sans décisions)
Equipe: tout le monde
Hôte(s) : Paul
Information additionnelle : Participants- Paul, Cédric, Ezra, Nadine, Solène, Anique, Meghan, Hélène, An, Ria, Onno
Absent(s) :



Check-in: Who are you and why are you here today?

Cédric from Montreal - coming back from the canoe retreat. Here to connect with the international team that is growing. Connect.

Onno from the Netherlands & Toronto- here to find out how the retreat went and move the charter forward

Ria from Belgium - missed the last international call. lots of questions around how this all works, who is making agendas for the international meeting? and other questions

Nadine from Montpellier - very interested in the creation of new cells, in europe in particular. there is a need to give a clear and beautiful picture of our international structure

An from Belgium - want to follow up on this international network.

Mr. Ezra from Montreal - has been working on the bios page, still big questions about what is a collaborator, a cell, etc.

Anique from Montreal & moving to Brussels - feeling very moved by the retreat, to be in nature, with these people and these movements of thought. becoming more specific about how I can engage with percolab and practice what i would call ‘the otherwise’. here today because it’s a continuation of my participation in this organization and invested in the future of european cells.

Solène newbie in percolab in Montreal - also at the retreat. Here to understand how percolab works and what the values are. Here to listen and understand the charter.

Hélène Montreal - in a position of observing, finding my place. coming back in after a long vacation

Meghan: I don’t have a fixed address, want to be part of the international team. Let’s sink our teeth into the charter - let’s make it happen!

Paul Montreal - how can we share the learnings from Montreal and put it together and share it with the international circle.

Some more? Onno: My heart is in Toronto - how to move that cell forward?

About the Art of Hosting in France (make it international? with friends of Spain, Lille) - and in Belgium.

Dates for a France cell retreat - open invitation.

Read through the charter individually, then share Something that is: A question note worthy and important a concern a recommendation The charter draft:

Breakout conversations - in pairs discuss and then come back to the big group

Let’s hear back from one person in each group, then open it up to circle dialogue Anique + Cedric: no clear recommendations (yet). Point 3: governance of the commons - can we be specific about the process? being explicit about boundaries and the openness - light and iterative. embodiment: be really specific about what we all mean about ‘the new paradigm’ and ‘common good‘ relationships between cells and commons: identity? - are we flexible around people’s involvement in the cells? how much opens that up into the commons? if you agree to be in a cell are you agreeing to take on international roles? collaboration across cells? in the charter, or in a separate document? do we need specific pragmatics? can we have knowledge sharing into the charter? simple infographic of the charter? - what is the flow? access point? first step?

Nadine and An: international roles is also one of our concerns responsibility for personal level - interesting to put in what if a cell wants to leave. we have a lot about integration but not enough about separation. do we wait until they leave or do we think about it now. (learnings from individual or personal departures to be applied) to take care of our alignments (personal, cell, global) over time. include the necessity to participate in an international gathering? its not a short process. the website: about integration and joining the percolab website: to which level information of a cell is presented in english/french (int’l), from where information is in the local language (if not e/f), and how does that show in the structure of the website? people could see that in Belgium is a core team, also in France etc - percolab inc owns 50% of the shares, when percolab france was started???.

Meghan, Ezra, Hélène: what if cells want to leave? do we want it to make light, or serious?!? what can we learn from the personal level - integration and departure international roles, or network roles (different than local roles): needs to be mentioned? clarification of members and collaborators. team members on the website: member based in France, member based in Belgium if you are a local member, then you are not a collaborator anymore. - if I move to another city, start a local cell - how do you start? - there is building a team - find contracts - entrepreneurial attitude needs some more articulation

Onno and Ria: what does collective ownership mean international-commons? linking with responsibilities? is there a financial model behind it? - what do we mean around principles - can we be more specific? more practices related with it? - can we state it more like: we do it like that, we believe in… , like: we use circle practice as… - where can a new cell start? what could be the investment? - what is the review or re-evaluation process for cells? like we do with individuals integrating into the team, we have a discussion after 3 months and one year. Can we do something similar as cells? - Just as we have “why organizations are important of the new paradigm”, how can we include/ touch on why the network is important and what place does this have in the new paradigm?Maybe network as platform???

Paul + Solene: See photo on slack. Charter in the middle, things that connect us (art of hosting, circle practice, self management). Each individual as a member of percolab needs to have the collective in the center, take on a role, share your learnings, run a business and tend to the relationships. SAME for cells! We say that cells should set up what makes sense locally, can we also make clear recommendations - to explore first: Cooperative, SAS in france, more examples. it doesn’t say anywhere what domains we work in. What is the nature of our work. For example “we make cakes’, every cell can make cakes, but some put frosting on, some serve them on platters or as squares. If a cell wants to build microphones, maybe that doesn’t fit.. Individual → Cell → Living organization/ charter/ network. There is a connection between what we sign up to as individuals, as as cells and as percolab globally. Questions: What are our shared costs? We have a grace period as a coop, do we have a grace period as a cell? Contributing to the website, collective projects, like the branding now. Montreal is putting in a large investment into branding, in the future, how do we do it as a collective? How do we differentiate what the different services are internationally? Not separating people geographically on the website, but just naming clearly where they work or where they are based. “What’s the cloud?” Document and resource sharing, what do you have access to in different locations? (bitsync for example, online file sharing internally)

Sit for one minute - share then in circle:

Circle - what reflections do we have now. Meghan: lots of learnings we can take from individual integration, that can be mapped on the cells. Onno: what came up - how much we need to organise as a minimum, and let the rest emerge in the future? what are the themes that are coming up here? who has energy to take on a next step around it? thanks very much already! Nadine: make it as simple as possible! make it alive by doing it step by step, through practical things. simple documentation; take it one by one, make the integration practical. in doing things together questions will arise. Anique I love simplicity and aliveness. what could be a really simple way to move forward? can we do something where we have these different cells and the pragmatics - break down the core elements for the constellation and for each cell, so we can see it and hold it? what are the key ingredients that we want for each cake? eg. international network/ commons < -- > each cell charter/ regie financial model pragmatics/ admin integration platforms for sharing

Paul: all we can do is to map out what is there. and what are the unknown territories? we need to name them. d What are the things we already know and what are the things we need to explore (eg. based on pragmatic need)?

An: wow, so much ideas and reflections! start with doing, not so much trying to figure out what might happen in all possible situations… In doing and making first steps, being aware of not taking too much new things/cells at a time.

Ezra: I always imagined an organization having a common model - there’s a thing and it’s completely different from what I’ve done in the past and I’m interested in exploring it.

Ria: What I hear and what I want to name is: let’s see the fractals from individual people moving in/out of local cells and the local cells moving in/ out of the international circle. I hear simplicity, I hear practical starting from where we are. I’m very fond of that fractal thing. There’s must be principles that we can apply at all levels*.

Cédric: it’s a half baked thought (like the cake), there is something around culture of feedback that needs to be named. what is our culture of feedback and what are our check-in points? less time on definition and more on reflective practices - that is the new paradigm we are touching. Fractals! (also visually satisfying to imagine). Care and also beauty being at the center.

Check-out (a quick one): In one word/phrase, why does this matter for you? Nadine: social impact at large in our world Ria: life informing actions Cedric: increasingly thinking of percolab as a “hope-ship” Ezra: giving a gift to the world Paul: replicating nature Onno: connected energy An: building capacity collectively Meghan: alignment work and practices Helene: a gift because it is alive Solene:a dance building a house Anique: calling emerging futures into the present