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Agenda agile

Date : mardi 26 septembre 2017 10:00

Fin : 12:
Type : Opérationnel (sans décisions)
Equipe: équipe 1
Hôte(s) : Chloe et Meghan
Information additionnelle : Julie,
Absent(s) :



Check-in: Who are you, how are you feeling, what is your interest in percolab? Nil: In Barcelona, met Sam in Hungary this summary and instant connection. This last weekend we had our first percolab workshop - the money game. Chloe: Feeling a bit tired and anxious today. Connected to Percolab through Enspiral in New Zealand. Just submitted letter to join the percolab coop. Julie: Friend of Zoe (Sam’s daughter), see how a meeting here works. Little bit curious. Meghan: Canadian from all over, integrating into the percolab coop after working with the team in Montpellier last year. Feeling hot and unhappy about the heat. Valerie : Enthusiastic to be here. Connected to Sam, Ezra & Cedric individually. Hélène: Feeling back home. Met sam and has been coming to meetings all summer. Last week at a job interview, was not feeling it. Found myself explaining percolab to them. Looking forward to further explore further my percolab links. Laurence: I will speak in french. I’m questioning how this meeting will go, it’s a bit odd. I sent my percolab integration letter yesterday.

We can create the agenda as we go, an agile agenda.

Name, subject, how long, with how many people? or we can just surface what’s in the room?

A little intro on Percolab, and Percolab work Nil 5-7 min about decision making, how does it work? Nil potential work to do when I come to visit Montreal? 27 Oct - 8 Nov Laurence look at the contract and the integration process. Creating a part time version not sure about working on the contract in an open meeting like this - mg most of what is in it is available on the internet. Valerie curious to know what people are working on and what they are excited about.

      • *** ***

How does Percolab work Percolab un cabinet conseil en collaboration. We accompany people and organizations to work better together. A collective on consultants who work on projects relating to the future of work and the future of cities. -new competency for the human resources of quebec -the nacelles , urban furniture for collaboration -.. The website says: Walking the paradigm shifts, together - Practices, models and technologies for an emerging future Transparent financial decision about a project. How much do you want to get paid (min, max). Money comes in via the projects, contracts and clients. And there is also all of the operational work to support the organization (roles). Responsibility for roles is held by the core members. The person responsible for a role is in charge of making sure the work gets done, not necessairly doing it themselves. 3 month check-ins on roles to make sure they are going well. Add or remove roles as needed. Members of the coop are project managers, and invite collaborations. Similarly for roles, they hold the responsibility for the task but many people can be involved in making it happen. Each person brings in different types of work, responding to calls for proposals, maintaining relationships with partners. Can it be any type of project? - it should follow 3 key words -commons -self-management -art of hosting (AoH)

Notes from an Interview with Samantha about Percolab. Harvested in Hungary, June 2017, by Phoebe Tickell

Company is run as a Future of Work Lab.

There is a certain freedom to the type of work people do but there is a certain coherence. It takes time to truly understand how Percolab works, you need to be around.

Decision Making

Too used for all internal decisions. Doesn’t always take the full process. The tool is to get to a forward moving conclusion. This tool is for that moment when the project needs to move forward, it is for after brainstorms, talks, conversations. It’s to be used when there is maturity in the process.

This is not consensus, it’s consent based (I can live with this decision).

Process (the facilitator needs to be hard-core sticking to the procedure):

One person writes out the first proposal. This needs to be including all your assumptions. The group asks itself: Is this RIPE for a decision making process? People asks clarification questions. There is no order. (proposal maker needs to be really aware that people are “attacking” their idea, not the person) Reaction round: everyone must share their reactions. EVERYONE. The proposal writter, writes a new proposal, hopefully taking enough of each individuals opinion so the proposal can move forward. Objection Round: not everyone needs to object. Just those objections that express and refer to danger or strong pain. Opinions are not welcomed here, just true dangers or those things that wouldn’t let you live with that proposal. At the end, everyone needs to be able to Live with the Decision.

    • It is possible that, in the middle of the process, we find out that “the theme is not RIPE”

It’s important to mention that this Decision Making process is connected to a mindset: in complex realities, we ought to be in movement, we ought to be open for change. We ought to prototype and iterate, and so this decision making process is not about sitting around and theorize but moving on, even if it’s a tiny bit.

Some current projects

Nacelles: furniture designed by a French company that can be assembled in a participatory way in any urban space in about 20 minutes. For gatherings and intimate conversations in public spaces. Held conversations and storytellings on diversity in Montreal. 2 weeks ago, Percolab held a public consultation in the nacelles. Next summer another project, cultural activities in parcs around inclusion for new arrivals to canada. A partnership with comm1possible.

CRHA - Human resources of Quebec Creating a new competency framework for the HR profession. A co-creative process, 6 different workshops, association, universities. Including a fishbowl conversation with Frederic Laloux - author of reinventing organizations. Little video on Reinventing Organizations Long conference from Laloux

Sam is hosting, Ezra is taking photos, Elizabeth will be doing a written synthesis and Chloe a visual synthesis. Integration of the whole team.

Listening platform/interface d’écoute: Another project to listen to what the city thinks of itself

Cedric and Elizabeth hosted the Social Innovation Challenge. Comments from it was that is was much more collaborative than the ones held in other places in Canada.

Percolab won the call for tenders for the public space next to Ecto.

Possible project in Toronto for redesigning the work space and a whole aspect involving technology.

Paul is doing work in the fablab they are rehabilitating in Boscoville.

Nil started a series of workshops on money. Based on the Money Game. Parallel with the Game of Life. Objective is to reassess your relationship with money. Transparent finances. Nil will probably be doing that when he is here and might need some help!

Integration (part time, full time, the process)

Check-out: A question you have and a certainty you have

Julie: Better undersanding of percolab, still many questions Chloe: Question: What are percolab’s standard processes (after hosting this meeting). Lots of things not yet explicit about how we want to do things. Certainty: want to increase my fluency in these things Nil: Question: How can i truly steward what percolab is, without falling into my own assumptions. Certainty: ready to step forward even more. Laurence: Question: Est-ce que les rencontres du mardi is the best place for integration? Certitute: le fun d’aller experiementer Helene: Question: what can else i get involved in? Certainty: contente d’être avec vous aujourd’hui Valerie: Est-ce quil y a une frontière entre nos passions et notre travail? certitude: energisant d’être la Meghan: Q: How can we get the next integration circle started? What will the next one will look like? C: Stop talking about what we do and just do it!