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International stuff

Date : mardi 3 octobre 2017 10:00

Fin : 12:00
Type : Autre
Equipe: tout le monde
Hôte(s) : Sam
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Framing : International meetings are about issues that are common to all international hubs. Two topics have been named - website and cobudget experiment.

Check-in : We’re being coached collectively to understand and own our narrative to help us with ‘being seen’. What is something going on in Percolab right now that should be seen by others?

Ilona (Belgium) - Thinking of setting up a huddle - a web platform to host online trainings and webinars. How does this relate to Percolab global - could this be of use to all?

Samantha (Montréal) - Two layers - the client offering vs being an organisational platform freelancers can plug into. Putting these two on equal footing.

Chloe (Montréal) - joining Percolab vs getting employed elsewhere. How our process is very different to usual recruitment Megan (Montréal) - Pitch meeting with Sam last week. There were some kapow answers that came that frame what we do in a powerful way. ‘We are process designers and skilled facilitators’, ‘If you want to collaborate call us’ - these could be right on the front of the website.

Denis (Quebec City - Percolab Wannabe) - What can we offer, what can we add - what should be seen is the ‘win-win’ situation. Matching Percolab’s needs to what collaborators can offer. How can our organisation’s needs be seen?

Romain (Montreal - Guest) - The generosity of Percolab needs to be seen. e.g. opening these meetings. We all learn a lot. The values of Percolab.

Paul (Montréal) - Last week I was recording a process for 3 charities. This needs to be better written up and shared out. Hélène (Montréal) - Cedric talking about Percolab - ‘Percolab is about hope’ - the Nacelle, the Commons. Share these hopes.

Elizabeth (Montreal) - being seen and adding beauty. Showing up as our whole person - not compartmentalising ourselves. I have 3 coaching clients. A couple of weeks ago I was coaching someone who was hosting a complex process, also had had his Mom die. He was apologising for bringing this to our session. By tapping into emotions and feelings we can be a better, fiercer, sharper facilitator. ‘When we say bring all of who you are we’re not kidding’

Laurence (Montreal) - I’m thinking about the ‘why’ - this should be upfront in a simple, graphic way.

Nadine (France) - How are we integrating new people + new cells. These two layers are very interesting to me. The second is about our meeting. I’m in a new coworking space - a woman we met here was completely stunned by blog post about our open tuesday meetings.

Ezra (Montréal) - Share our sense of humour more! Everyone is funny and we don’t share it. Fun and sense of humour could come out more in voice in our social media and website.

Fanny (France) - We have different preoccupations to other companies.

Karine (France) - Our great power of evolution and adaptation. It’s what we’re doing all the time and it’s great.

(Added late via a personal check-in… Anique (Brussels) - The way we host individual and collective behaviour change through the shift into the new, generative paradigm

Proposition - form breakout groups based on concrete things we want to work on for website or being seen. Notes from last international meeting for reference. 45 minute session.

Nadine - website and presentation of local cells and team-s and teams in global network. + Ezra. Elizabeth - Collective bios for teams? Ilona - do we need Belgium site or can this fit under umbrella? Sam - I’d love to go into this question with you. Paul - Structure of trainings.

Team, bio, global network (Nadine, Ezra, Helene, Fanny) Keep the contact page with infofrance@... and so on Team page: keep it like it to see a large beautiful team and indicate where we’re based + nomad for the ones Ligne du temps (creation, ecto, coop, self-organization, France….Belgium…. put the diagram to explain circles with associates and collaborators to help understand the meaning of the words associate and collaborators

Web structure - sam, ilona, chloe, denis No need to have a local website Language. English plus local language. Standardised forms and templates with filters ie. training full list with filters online/in person, language, location Blogs and portfolios - what happens in one location we have capability to make it happen in another location. filters for language. Principle - who ever has written a piece of content links to team profile. ? Services. - put focus more on approach so clients can see if percolab is a match and a video how it feels to work with percolab. New page/Percolab organisational innovations. - how to get involved. how can people learn the structure, processes and models. how percolab is a ctiizen of a wider movement. - good global citizens. Language - local team is responsible for their local language content - and is welcome to take anything and translate it into local language if there is value for them.

Next steps: standard forms for portfolio, events, training review of fields and filters and viewing options

Trainings - (Paul, Elizabeth, Romain, Meghan, Karine, anique) General, subjects (we can offer), current offer (upcoming events) Types 2, 1, 3 day accompanyment. 1 off specific date with a network of partners themes - visual practice, collective intelligence, etc levels - intro, practice, practitioner location domains - business leaders, educators, non profits pricing - how do we see it, get a feel for our policies

The breakout conversation - what structure? what’s the offer? people come to us something we offer collaborating with a network to offer for many orgs, bring cost down (logistics them, training us) le reseau offre a ses membres package of series (intro to collaborative leadership, intro to self management, intro do design thinking). How do we do a 2- hour light activity? Conversation labs - List of trainings we offer How do we differentiate a lab vs series vs one off? “lab” playing, testing. bring what you are working on, move it forward. not just static learning. Elizabeth: I would like a 2 hour work session to put order to all our offerings. What could be our print document for how to work with percolab. A user manual. Where is the training page on the website currently? Its f@cked

Meghan - initial idea to have a catalogue of training similar to our bios -

ex. 6 week accompanment with an organization for how to do visual thinking.

le type d’offre le profondeur de la formation la participation

Have a listing - simple paragraph long description of what collective intelligence is, format, etc and have “building blocks” Communicating to the client how it can adapt it.

how to present a clear representation of how the client can adapt the trainings to their specific needs? we dont have to guess at all the uses for these trainings, but make it clear that they can be adapted and fit multiple audiences.

As a user, people never click on the “and we do custom trainings”. Is there a way to present it as we do adaptive trainings first, and also here are some examples of specific trainings we do from time to time.

I can offer visual practice to individuals, or to teachers, or do business. Domains is missing. A tag system? So you can filter location… Our latest harvest. Price? Unless it has a date, there isn’t anything mentioned beside context. How do we make it accessible? Writing in the service offer what our full price is, and then this is the price we are offering in solidarity.

Les frais ne devrait pas etre un barriere a la participation. one sentence to show our values. prix fix, solidarity economy, mention it all. shared risk = we take $___ per person, minimum people. Positive experience!

a separate page about our pricing policies, cancellations, contacts, etc. il faut qu’il reste simple. Contact page: adding info france.. etc on the page with a map to show where the maps are. Emails for teams e.g.,

Team page - info missing on what is associate and collaborator so people can understand why

Timeline of Percolab with stepping stones for Percolab - seeing that it has been going for 11 years.

Working with Percolab - how to get involved. Currently only in English. Would be great to have this translated into French.

Checkout : What is my commitment between now and the next meeting?

Elizabeth - hosting meeting to talk about workshops content Megan - attending Elizabeth meeting, brainstorming with Paul on website functionality Nadine - translating ‘Working with Percolab’ content into French Anique - attending Elizabeth meeting, continuing conversation with Europe cells Ilona - writing website bio Laurence - Paul if you need something for the website, flag me (hesitant to commit to more) attending Elizabeth meeting. Romain - i commit to send you an email to explain what I can contribute, what would interest me. Denis - I engage myself to be more active in my integration to be percolab. Chloe - I commit to writing a blog post comparing joining percolab to joining a more traditional company. Also mapping out the information architecture of the new website (pairing with someone else). Sam - need help to document CRHA process for a portfolio. Writing fresh content e.g. timeline, how to know if you are a match for Percolab. In the quagmire of this. Commit to finding a comms person who can get this fresh content up - sexy and feels like us. Paul - attend Elizabeth meeting, ensuring that this is a hands-on putting stuff on website work session rather than just a conversation.

Community notices : France retreat Saturday 18 November - Monday 20 November near Toulouse Special offer of horses!!!!!!! Especially for Sam and Paul There is a slack channel #intl-retreat

Paul is doing 4 dates for visual thinking lab - Toulouse, Montpellier, …. Email coming out today!