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agenda agile

Date : mardi 10 octobre 2017 10:00

Fin : 12:00
Type : Opérationnel (sans décisions)
Hôte(s) : cédric
Absent(s) : ezra



Check-in: Arriving today, what are you excited about to do, share, or say in this meeting?

Feeling uncoordinated. Nice to have a moment to sort things out. Excited to see everyone. It’s good to have no idea what will happen. Documenting the process of joining Percolab. Visuals from Chris’ workshop Watermelon. Coming in with an open heart. Reprendre des responsabilités. Possibility of a role in Being Seen Big international project. Also, coaching process. Nacelle budget breakdowns, Rising strong - brene brown -recognize face down in arena -fumble through your story -revolution, owning your story What happens when gratitude is an obstacle When gratitude makes your ignore the big messy stuff

Agenda Agile

Cedric - talk communautes creatives - 5 min - whoever Elizabeth - Nacelle mise a disposition $ - 7 min - 2-3 people Sam - ecosystem/platform update - 8 min - whoever Elizabeth - coaching homework - 30min - everybody Paul - coop-inc next steps - 3 min - 3 people Elizabeth - SAP talk on participatory design - 2 mins

1. CRIEM @ McGill 12-2pm Laurence Simon book launch is at the event. We are invited to react and offer commentary on the subject - a very prestigious invitation! “Les communautés d’innovation, de la liberté créatrice à l’innovation organisée” Academic standard process - stand up and speak for 2-5 mins Do we want to do this or something else? Sub group check in with Cedric : Sam, Meghan, Helene interested

2. Nacelle mis à disposition Cost per day in greater Montreal Facilitation costs (not factored in: negative investment cost) We have we learned so far? Nova Stella 3 trucks A bunch of people

Pierrefonds Van 2 people

It’s a company of itself inside percolab. It needs a proper business conversation. Elizabeth will crunch some numbers and do a prototype for now so that we can pay the people who put in time. Elizabeth will hold this until a proposal for current payments is made, check in with comm1possible, document and then pass it off for formal business discussion

Ecosystem platform project Hungary -> Ouishare, Paris -> masterclass on platform (tech, cultural tech, org structure) Platform for self management is going to happen in the near future. Who is going to be behind it? Thinking from ecosystemic stewardship OR corporate self-interest Who is positioned to do this? What would it require? Ecosystemic vs org benefit Challenge - no one pays for this work, it’s invisible. Sometimes it can even look like you’re trying to dominate this space by taking initiative on it. Have been meeting weekly Last week there was a retreat in Portugal. Sam didn’t attend but has been working with the people there. Next week’s workshop - getting practical and concrete. Do we go in full hog or drop it? Drip feeding it won’t work. Do we go and rent a house in NZ and do a one-month sprint and build some technology?

We are right on the cutting edge of this. It’s about being opportunistic and timely. If we don’t do this right now, will a big company come in and make something superficial that doesn’t serve our shared purpose. Takes skill in co-creation and we have it.

A real urgency and anxiety around things like this at the Platform Coop conference in toronto last week. Lessons from loomio will be pertinent. Chloe super interested. Notes well documented so far. Mockups are on real time boards.

SAP Elizabeth giving a talk on participatory design. Need help making it sharp. How do we bring it commons based thinking. Potentially broadcast to 80,000 employees of SAP.

Coaching homework

“If you guys are about openness and transparency, how far can you go?”

“What I hear from Percolab is that you have so much integrity then you’re a great prospect to go transparent. This will ease your way on a lot of things”

What are our standard, linear processes and where are we non-conventional? Can we own both of these things? Can we name the little tweaks we do on conventional processes? E.g. panel vs collective process for sharing stories (Elizabeth)

Different - diagnostic studies, analysis etc vs ‘working with’ collective sense-making

What happens when a potential client calls us for the first time? Client needs: what is the context in the world around you? Are we a match? Shared language, values, understanding. How much are our worlds What are the deliverables? Process design (not making stuff up, using existing processes) Scale: We do all the thinking for you ----- We coach you do take it on yourself Unreachable outcomes in complexity that will be richer What is the curiosity with the client? What are the wider needs that could be addressed while we’re going through this process The value (ripple effect) of this work. #impact

      • add: we figure out the best team for this process

How we recruit (important to make visible to clients how ensure quality control). What does a client need to know to feel confident that people in percolab are brilliant? What is the journey of a new collaborator look like? How is it different or similar to a conventional recruitment process? How is it more robust? Ok so you want to start a new percolab cell, what is that process? Profile of our clients and examples - characteristics that help us see we’re a match for clients 1. 2. If you want different results, you need different approaches. Ready to work in complexity in ways that makes sense 3. If you want things done, you get things done 4. Practicing your results 5. You care about human beings and wanna work collaborative and increase collective intelligence 6. 7. Bold. to work with unknown 8. 9. Go deeper in the source of your challenges 10. You have the capacity to do it yourself

Our competition - what they do well and how we are different (Owning our differences!). Q. Who are we losing bids to? Design thinking Consultancy and strategy Marketing and communication Architecture and urban design Training Event / experience design Organizational transformation and strategic changefa Social innovation Technology What they do great, what their limits are, what we can bring Does percolab complement the limits of our competitors? Google doc:

How we do our pricing systems and conditions.What is the pipeline for people working with us, plus conditions to be able to ensure success. E.g. Mark - 1 on 1 training, every week, about deliverables not time - if after 2 weeks we’re done you don’t get a refund. lluminating this very clearly.

Payments Pricing by time (b/c a lot of our clients work this way) Deconstruct value = time ----> deliverable = value Trainings, public consultation processes, event makeover Social impact (heart work): money should not be an obstacle to work with us Nacelle Conventional methodology and shared economy Framework contract: rates for types of work, deliverable Conditions We do custom design We push for inclusion (transparent reports, wide invitations) We work in service of the commons Something around the inter-chageability of the team For social economy, there needs to be some reciprocity.

2 claims We stop people going where they usually go and take them somewhere new instead We make collaboration feel alive and effective rather than soul crushing and painful

Check-out: What are you happy for Sam frown turned upside down with this work We did some great work Concrete momentum Content popping up Reconnecting Redaction (writing copy) not intimidating Contente d’avancer Warm feeling from far away

� How we recruit (important to make visible to clients how ensure quality control)

Traditional process is… Resume Interview Employee

Process for joining Percolab… More rigor (much more time involved) Weeks or month on “test” mode The concept of “Date Percolab” Is not about joining and having a job but joining the community and creating their own job.

For clients -- show that world class

For potential collaborators - Illuminate the process for people wanting to potentially join

Starting a new cell -- How does this works? Pregnancy - process of 9 months to 3 years. 1. Are you able to find work and build a business 2. Are you a fit for this collective culture (resonance - feeling of rightness) 3. Can you contribute to the Percolab international commons

Gives me an empowering structure and a security vessel - context for me to become my best (professional) self Important to practice everything we preach (integrity) You used to just have me, now you have me backed by this amazing team bringing extra intelligence to our work together. I am a very autonomous person, was lonely. Need people around me that understand this collective way of working. Now I have people to report to and bounce ideas back and forth. I love this. This is what Percolab is for me now.

Meet Samantha, interested to dive deeper Ongoing conversations with Sam Joined Slack Joined team meetings Interviewed team members - Cedric, Anique, Meghan, Ezra, Nadine How long have you been part of Percolab What is your story Why Percolab vs somewhere else? Invitation to come in - profile on website, percolab email Printed business cards and started getting clients Coming to Montreal

There is full commitment from myself to Percolab, I’m not expecting anything from you.


Coming from enspiral (good understanding about self management and fellowship) Meeting July last year Collaboration on a workshop on Enspiral Percolab vs Enspiral --the intimate scale of it-- April this year, moving to Montreal -I want to base my work here. ADVICE -come with your project, and use Percolab as a vessel t develop it.- I need to do more exploring --- but the meetings were like a “warm bath” Feeling of rightness. I’m keen to move in! Writing an article (invitation to the future) Q: How to have a good journey entering Percolab?