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De percolab 2.0
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Date : mardi 17 octobre 2017 10:00

Fin : 12:00
Type : Opérationnel (sans décisions)
Hôte(s) : Cédric
Absent(s) : Paul



Percolab team meeting 17 October

Tout le monde peut indiquer les sujets dans le Hola. Aujourd’hui il n’y en a pas = pas de cadrage.

What energy are you bringing today?

This is my first percolab team meeting as a member. Qualitatively different. Feels like I’m standing straighter and stronger. RFI that went off. Feels more structured. Stronger foundation in how I’m foundation. That role of stewarding this little nest very strongly. The change in the weather. Boots...I feel strong in. My hunting boots.

An energy of vulnerable life. Challenging me with my practice. Personal life. How I’m what I’m practicing with Percolab can help me. A tender energy.

Me too hashtag. That’s part of the silencing. Not being allowed to name our stories. Toxic masculinity. A mandate to host a difficult moment. The structure evened out the power. Loss of income. Equality can feel oppressive. How do we make care structural? Personal, relationship, contractual. What does that financially, legally look like?

Mélange de joie et de peine. Anniversaire. Un chouette moment. Vraiment prendre le temps de faire quelque chose. J’étais très touché par le mouvement. Je sais pas qualifier ça. Femmes qui s’incluent là-dedans. L’étendue de ça. Le corollaire de ça. Je ne vois pas beaucoup d’hommes qui prennent responsabilité, comment est-ce que nous prenons notre part de responsabilité. I’m also raising girls. Rester et témoigner. Ça me rend inconfortable. What can we do more than witness. Seeing these stories is important but I don’t want to stop here and I feel the responsibility.

I haven’t slept a lot, I feel great though. I wasn’t excited to take off. Excited about getting a feel of what is going on. I was struggling. Super good to put energy back into my letter. My intention. Feels clear. Jumping in on this idea of a mini series of workshops. Now feeling less good.

Sick! Classic case of not letting myself me sick. Started coaching, it’s different from the support I have been giving. A new phase. Training wheels.

Ce matin j’arrive avec l’énergie du voyage. Mon conjoint partait avec une valise. L’Excitation du voyage. Enfant content d’être à la garderie. Mon packsack. Excitement to discover what will be here this morning. Share mandat. Where?! what does the team know about it. Trying to putting some words on it. It was a good reflex to share. What am I dealing with? Le mot légitimité. The ‘go’ - let’s go. But I took the go! Pris l’initiative sur plein de choses. Content de ma journée. La suite viendra.

Excited to come this morning. Professional journey. I resigned from my last job. It didn’t feel. Feel lucky. Doors opening. Wonderful people. Working in a similar direction. INcredible meeting...unexpected opportunity. Make up my mind about the ‘how’. The ‘why’ is very clear. My goal is clearly to have a positive impact to the world. Not just by doing a job. I feel that I have a mission. A mixed feeling...i didn’t expect that so many doors would open. I would have to make a choice. When you feel & listen to your heart, it will become obvious. I am very pleased to be with you today.

J’apporte beaucoup de sensibilité. Journée. Émotions. dans la salle. Chouette. Il y a. Toutes sortes d’émotions. De peine et de joie. Trouver ce que je vexu vraiment vraiment faire. Mon travail actuel, je ne suis pas certain qu’il exploite mon potential. Le projet pilote...c’est difficile de voir c’est quoi l’impact. Je crois vraiment à la collaboration. C’est ça moi ‘le why’.

Parking lot

  • Invited to publish a personal piece. Writer.
  • A short conversation with Chloe. Including you in mandates, navigating language politics.
  • Co-write an article with the Ulab hub. Center leadership to hosting from the rim. Creating the space for a whole community to step in. Think about it collectively.
  • Placemaking mandate next door. Talk about that. Invite ECTO into the mandate.

===Keylime pie and chat=== thanks Chloe!

  • Coaching. Feedback - we did good quality. The beautiful words from the coaching…we’re not used. the enlivening words sent. Are you doing a video on this.

Key framing, hooks.

  • Fun with procurement! This went well.

Employee contracts

How we engage around process. Make sure that we are explicit more every time. Checking in explicitly 3 or 6 months later. Refer back to. We each put in the center. This is a standard process for every cell. Pre different cells. Post different cells. If we can have a process. My letter for Montreal. Done being in limbo. Each time it’s getting more rigorous.

Trainings. Who wants to be involved?

Hélène. Mandat. Being seen

Ça permet d’être dans l’action. Ça rejoint mes compétences. Je suis comme un poisson dans l’eau. De faire les comm. C’est naturel. Quelques mois que je travaille pas. C’est facile. Pour moi c’est la situation idéale. Date boutoir? Pression? Stress? Une bonne manière de s’apprivoiser comme ça.

Un mandat de being seen. Au mois de juin. Budget. Les rôles on les assume. Au besoin on va contracter des experts externe. Tout ce qui est en lien avec les comm. Personne ne le veut. Personne a le goût. On en sait pas comment on va le structurer? Il n’y a pas de décision. Contrat ponctuel. Mieux structuré. Stratégique. Créer des gabarits. Faciliter les flux. Mieux opérationnaliser. Mieux intégrer tous les morceaux. On voulait que la personne soit intéressée par percolab. Pas un contrat transactionnel. Pas juste argent - livrable. Argent - livrable, relation.

Communication pattern that needs to be unblocked. Not just a technical thing. It feeds into the being seen. With our coach.

Enabler? Executor? A little of the comm strategy. Do some work. Come and think together. Provoke and propose.

Other conversations. Didn’t get it? Or came in with employee mindset. Hosting mentality. and les communs. So excited! I was feeling discouraged. they just weren’t available.

Anything we can name that Hélène can here? Some deliverables. And way for us to know each other. Knock on Hélène’s door.

  • ask forgiveness, not permission. help me finish a blog post. LinkedIn!
  • Gabarit de portfolio. Formulaire. Événement. Pour que les gens puissent faire.
  • A structure geek. Would enjoy sitting down with you on it.
  • New bios.
  • Make proposals. Don’t ask permission.
  • I can do content video creation but I need clear guidelines. Guide de création de contenu.
  • Concision. Diversité de communication. C’est difficile de comprendre. Choses exprimées de façon concise. Cohérence. Que tout le monde comprenne. Pas se demander ce qu’ils font?!? We generate confusion and stress about who we are and what we are doing. I might add : agreement with Marc, going with Paul to New York on November 6th. Chloe.

Collaboration. Percolab. Mosaic. HEC. MOSAIC. Go share what the practice looks and feels like. HEC classes.

On an idea, track. Go and dig. Intention. 5 years. What is the idea MOSAIC, percolab collaboration. passion - power. Learning - generating information & knowledge. Relationships & trust. But...this is also just a healthy workplace. Isn’t that great. Entry point for organizations….looking for other kinds of culture. Ubisoft. Innovation communities. What about the legal stuff….pockets. While being completely. What is in service. Formalized relationship. I speak about creativity...i don’t know anyone that embodies it better. come back to it.

This ties to other opportunities to link with universities. Ulab. Research with STM. What opportunities are here?

Coaching homework - Collective brainstorm

- bold sentences we can own.