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Date : mardi 7 novembre 2017 10:00

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Percolab's onboarding status are: ally, collaborator, committed member and full member. Percolab's onboarding process includes: intentional letter, objections?, contract, announcement and ritual
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Checkin question (inspired by card deck ‘Despair’) What is a time where you had a lot of frustration and were able to let go?

Nadine (Montpellier) - weekly france meeting yesterday, despair to work alone, renew together Paul (Montreal) - disconnect with a vision for the space. ready to walk out. if it can’t be aligned, ready to walk on. Anna (Barcelona) - consciously step away from frustration at home in barcelona Karine (Montpellier) - technical frustration setting up AoH, lack of energy in team, being together without physically being together Samantha (Montreal) - blockage in branding coaching, frustrated with myself. named it. lots of things I am good at, really not good at this. Nil (Barcelona) - shared economy from money game. frustration with my relationship to how my co-host and I share the value of the event. When he owned it, I could let go. Meghan (Montreal) She felt frustrated 20 minutes ago, knowing how the time slot of this meeting is not the best in Europe (family time) and how the checkings take so long.. But she knows that there is always good stuff happening in the meetings. So this time, very quickly, she could name her frustration, pointing at it and letting it go. She feels proud of herself and about how fast she was switching! Bénédicte (montreal) a very recent frustration with my lawyer and his fee. feeling bad for many hours, difficult to let go. putting words to my feelings is new, a very rational person. progress. Ezra (montreal) - i don’t like not succeeding in front of people. very few fails at percolab. colleagues seeing me dance in front of judges, being eliminated. the worst - could not have imagined worse. listed it, named it. more comfortable with other failures. ready to bring failure as a ritual. Kiara (Montreal) working weekend, people were late, expectations not possible. this is important also, the time that we spend together is part of the work. Isabelle (Montreal) - not fighting with my family as much now that I ask to see them less often. Holding on often. Discharge is not easy. Admiring the work in the room. Helene (Montreal) - Lunch with my father, put me in a bad mood. Finding a way to let go. In the end he had noticed the smile in me around my work with percolab. Focus on the bright things.

listening in: boundaries

Validating the onboarding document A few weeks ago we went through the onboarding phases and process. Needs to be put at the international level. The document is now in international loomio. Can it be worked on together today.

10 minutes to look

Questions or comments

Full time employee in onboarding/probationary is not inclusive enough for all the different hubs In Montreal we are employees. Can someone stay in a collaborator role forever? Or is it a trajectory toward core member? In loosely held networks like ouishare or enspiral it works. but for us it’s a process of seeing if we are a match we are not a network Friend → Allies partners that we work with regularly. is there a need to recognize them more publicly (on the website) in france there are several partners like comm1possible who are coming to the retreat is there a need to name our partners (who we have formal agreements with) Contract minimum 2 people to sign, allows smaller hubs to grow Loomio proposals international or local? local because it’s a legal question for each context desire to include wisdom from elsewhere, but that the signature is local ritual includes the other cells

11:15 - Nadine and Karine have to leave

For info: There will be a new hola that Paul and Yoann are putting together.

Other agenda for the last 40 minutes -What is the status of the new website? - not yet

Branding update - New York context is distracting and intense. 3 hours with Mark felt like 30 minutes. - He thinks we are 90% there - Need to be able to name your clients. Rather than “at Percolab we…”. Start with “companies, governments, foundations hire us to … “. being more exact. - Then give an example, depending on who you are talking to. “you know how when … you want to do a public consultation and you have good intention and a powerpoint and the extroverted white guy starts to dominate the conversation. Well at percolab that never happens. (describe the dysfunctionality, at percolab that never happens) - now let me tell you how we work. We work from a future paradigm that has 5 elements. - 3 theoretical foundations

Aha - It’s a sales script, that is adapted to different clients. Homework for next week: 3 examples of “you know when” and 5 future paradigm elements

Barcelona What is needed in Barcelona? Who are our potential clients and what work is needed?

What is 1 thing that I would feel excited enough that I would travel to Barcelona (1 piece of work)?

Fab city movement. Transportation and smart city Design school Elisava working with policy makers using co-design practices something to help grow the percolab cell, finding good people finding the people who are transforming organizations street clowning art project night child interaction living with tourists - forum or conversation gsoft, go away for a week to do work, come back with a product. percolab goes to work on our website for 1 week, or some product and new service. no distractions. using travel to foster innovation future of the workplace and the frontieres of organizations generating synergies between two orgnizations, ouishare and percolab leverage foreign exoticism - creating possibility by being from away (workshops) - hearing about advanced north america reconciliation in practice abandoned villages - pandora hub

with input on local context with help from Anna, connections. What is coming out

Trainings (with exotic effect) Retreats or Sprints International Support for hosting conversations International gathering of future focus like hungary

Percolab works locally. And highly connected internationally (co-learning, patterns)

Checkout: As the cold comes in, what keeps you warm?

Sense of community with like minded people Home Friction of well held confrontation Deep connection with me and others It’s predictable. It will get cold. Seeking the last moments of the sun. Heat. Covers. Hats. Mits. Nil’s human warmth. And wow, you are like a heater! Waiting for favourite wool blanket. When the spare beds in the house are filled. Friends coming to visit for the holidays. La chaleur humaine.