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Feedback on workshop development and document

Date : mardi 14 novembre 2017 10:00

Fin : 12:00
Type : Opérationnel (sans décisions)
Equipe: tout le monde
Hôte(s) : Elizabeth, Laurence
Absent(s) :



Not agile agenda! 2 parts today.

intention: moving workshops forward as one of our core offers. qu’est-ce qu’on propose?

    • idea from Paul + Hélène to facebook live the check in (push our openness and transparency). how do we feel about that?

check-in is most personal and trust filled moment. another bit would be better.

Check-in: A workshop you have attended that was interesting and inspiring (non-percolab)

Paul: Slovenia practitioners gathering, a workshop on conflict. It blew my mind! Topic (england + northern ireland), simplicity of the frameworks + storytelling. Chloe: more movement workshops lately. embodying a presence that allows us to meet others. safe space, allowed to step out at any time. allowed me to open up. Elizabeth: also movement-dance. stretch exercise that started with a long loop and shortened. something that starts slowly, repeats, with other people, building it together. Joel Bothello: Academic. Experts learning a lot of patience. Taken out of comfort zone. Laurence: L’espace en lui même. Nous faire faire des choses incoryable comme s’ils était normale. Solène: débutant dans les ateliers. speaker dans un conférence. fierté. coaching intense, qui modifie moi comme personne et mon discours ne me resemble plus. ne pas changer les personnes. Ezra: Pattern in all workshop. some are teaching you a move. move is complicated, students not getting it. try, give up, maybe get it later. As a student, you can sense if they think you can learn it. The internal posture that they can get it is inspiring. Meghan: cozyness. naming what doesn’t work, is not in service at the beginning. we can dive deeper and have more interesting conversations after. Fanny: fun of moving on, rather than fear of missing out. bien cadré, bonne atmosphere pour découvrir ensemble Hélène: un expérience transformative. applied improve. facilitator with a lot of experience. proche de noel, partager un repas. plein de musqiue et mouvement. un workshop qui donne de l’énergie. Sam: platform masterclass. tools printed huge, on the web, creative commons. everything was ready on the web. our workshop was already an article. none of this ‘we’ll send it to you after’. Huge paradigm shift, 1,2,3 definitions that co-exist. He gave us a half hour, he became irrelevant. Enough time to go deep into it. We all came out buzzing.

reflection: workshops are creating a container for a slow progression. confiance.

Percolab Workshops ‘hey would you do a workshop on this?’ yes! it’s always been alléatoire. workshop ball bounces between people and isn’t always held. Today, collectively thinking through our workshops. Growing team, workshops as a tool for business development. Tool for capacity building + tool for earning an honourable income. Fairly low risk, not handling a huge amount of complexity. Great way to spread what we do.

What’s the DNA of percolab workshops?

Warm-up: post-its, 3 characteristics of percolab workshops.

Works from your context Framed as practice combines content and practice adapted to what’s happening improv based, dance with interests and needs creative and fun alive democratic non-jugement personal meet the ‘others’ écoute frameworks Kaner useful propulse your thinking breakthrough insight sensemaking container well designed check-ins co-hosted

Reflection: -something about inviting the full human being -shifting structures and ways of doing (not feeling differently, changing the way we work) -growing the field -the commons, shared freely. -people who come a second time, a place of practice -le tapis s’envlève en dessous de ses pieds -creating shared vocabulary ‘harvest’ ‘yes-and’ -cultural immersion -wave down into deep meaning, up to practical

Un prototype d’un brochure d’ateliers -not caught up in content of individual workshops. can i connect my workshop to the type of workshop. -quelqu’un prendre ce brochure et nous appel pour avoir un workshop -it’s crappy on purpose!

8 minutes in groupes of 2. ‘I understand how a percolab workshop will fit inside of my organization’ -hand them out at a nacelle Les organizations qui s’en vont vers leurs future.

Reactions and next steps to move this forward It’s really good! Ateliers sur mesure, the 1-5 section is not enlivening. It’s in the nitty gritty of pricing Do we offer art of hosting as a training? Faire attention au jargon. Décendre le niveau de vocabulaire. 2,6,7 plus de flow. Moins de mots mais plus précis. Réduire en graphique, pictograms. Trop lourd. Réduire. Qui nous fait confiance.

Who is this for? It’s not in here. Qui nous fait confiance serait bien. Atelier sur mesure - ça arrive trop vite. What is actualle sur mesure dans nos atelier? What is our adaptive strenght? show it. Interesting to have clients quotes that are dispersed throughout the thing. Make it alive.

Les blocs de texte au milieu sont bien, mais tout le reste devrait être plus léger.

Dense - pas envie de tout lire. Si je le parcours rapidement, je ne comprends rien. En 8 minutes, il faut que j’aie tout compris.

1re page, j’ai rien compris. j’aurais aimé un dessin. Mettre de l’ambiance et de la mise en bouche.

Bien construit.

For organisations, businesses and individuals wanting to build capacity in future work cultures & practices.

follow-up services. we offer coaching, etc. what is the information that needs to be in there so they engage with us.

translating some of the stuff for what there is market for.

It should be shorter. half of what it is

Faire 2-3 rencontres. On peut le finir. avec une équipe de travail. Bilingue, designer.

It needs to look as alive as our workshops feel.

The visual lab gets really good feedback.

We have a kickass clients list. The history is not in there. Ce qui nous distingue sur le marché: la quantité de clients qui nous font confiance.

Who’s giving these workshop? Comment savoir que c’est une bonne équipe? Quelle est notre garantie? Experience, posture, etc.

It doesn’t say “call us” anywhere.

Avoir un numéro percolab?

Notes from Chloe and Ezra: Needs to look as alive as our workshops feel What is the information we need on the brochure to get to the phone call? What is secondary? For - orgs, businesses and individuals wanting to build capacity in future work culture and practices. Each workshop incorporates : Frameworks and methodologies Practical experience Fun, engaging, visual Materials freely available afterwards Follow-up services - coaching, learning circles Domains : Innovation - future-focussed Employment engagement + wellbeing Better (more efficient and effective) decision-making Collaboration + teamwork

Chloe to wireframe by next meeting

Time frame to have this ready by: 15 january!

Spreadsheets Someone is new coming into percolab. Start leading a project. Standard tools aligned with our financial model. Individual financial summary sheet helps you determine your salary. We all use a similar spreadsheet with similar formulas. But the projects recently are so big that the tool doesn’t fit the need. I am drowning in admin.

Some projects invoiced on a monthly basis. ‘I’ve gone rogue’. Time to get on track for an iterative new tool.

Could we ask someone like Beatrice to help us have a better financial tool? But first we need to go deep into the types of things that are not working.

Can we name some of the core functionalities that we would like to see our standardized financial tools. Both summary of projects and summary of pay. need a better way to track and calculate total expenses (project related) calculate actual deductions at the source, so that we can actually see it the action of copying it out of spreadsheet to accounting to desjardins need to drop association to 7% (in relation to the 25%) - ease of understanding flow between project management and individual honorariums generate a report on all expenses for a project, plug into wave. faire des références croisés dans un même spreadsheet. invoicing - flow between project management and invoicing. Cannot generate bills in french. pdf system on the side. Sam is sending invoices through wave with english titles interaction between project management and invoicing needs work Chloe: i don’t know who my integration buddy is nobody wants to integreate you to these shitty tools Lets talk to Beatrice. separate individual management, what is shared

Paul is the one who gives access. Needs to be a priority moving forward. Who is the one who holds this?

Sticker for door of ECTo cost $120 to have percolab logo on the door. Every year we need to make a concious decision to renew it. Put it on loomio. -are we gonna do that for every annual expense? -do you have the authority to make that decision?

Contracts & Integreation who gets access to loomio. Laurence

Core functionality :

Ezra - everything on one spreadsheet see all projects Project name (done, invoiced, paid) Project lead Tax deductions Scenarios : I’m leading the project on my own I’m leading the project with others I’m part of someone else’s project Calculate how much money I’m getting paid over the year I don’t track the cheque numbers I’m getting and I should, linking to master cheque spreadsheet. Prove that they have been paid. People can see which projects I’m leading, which I’m working on Which projects have been billed for, added to Wave