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Date : mardi 28 novembre 2017 10:00

Fin : 12:00
Type : Opérationnel (sans décisions)
Hôte(s) : Sam
Absent(s) : Paul, elizabeth, chloe



Check-in :

Something I am thinking about these days and something I did in the past week.

Ezra - I went to Halifax to host a workshop on mediation and mental health with youth - coping skills. I am thinking a lot about hybrid spaces Ruchery - (teacher, rechercher) about social innovation mainstream organisation Jo - Clean my apartement, Cirque du soleil Sam - Past thinking about social innovation (private/public) with the French gouvernent and they propose a body check-in in a circle. (still In shock!) Having a “external provoquer”. (I love this role) Cedric - How to host people… Projet taking way more energy. Learn hosting client. Language we use, we need to be more explicite about it. Solenne - Thursday is her birthday! The call for tender for Concordia and repport for Place 962. Helene - I tried to synthesize what Percolab is about in a short text - using elevator pitch - working on it with our coach - thinking a lot about it - would like feedback from the team - there are a lot of things that we do - how to pull it together without losing the color and sanitizing - hearing the need to be more explicit. Name?.. In the US with my Kids are ballet dancers, cultural contradiction related to social innovation thinking. What is Percolab? How business education is changing. Name?.. Doing literature review on social innovation. How you (Percolab) deal with your stakeholders. Travel back to India to see my family.


Philosophical 5 “Percolab ways” Show the whole personne (authenticity thinking/feeling) Practices and learning/developing mindset (from the outside, we constantly adapting. From the inside.. Inquiry vs jugement - Deconstructing expertise- Like to be in learning edge Be togethers thing (ex open meeting, wiki) Open sourcing the work - Doing comprise with client and hosting them to the next step vs being dogmatic. Liberal pursuit of well being, exclusion/power Healing relationship Date multi intuition. Energy. Keeping the life at the center. Playfulness conscious creativities -> integration of artistic practices. appreciation. comes back to life in the system. part of it is building on the life that is there and part of it is provoking from the life that is on the outside. Hug a robot. Human caring. But also working with technology. The commons. One of the patterns is having clear explicit boundaries. Otherwise the commons are compromised. A tension that is there.

If someone doesn’t have this model within the model, can they do this? Anyone can be trained up on this. We are happy to train anyone with this. They are now doing this. The underlying paradoxes….what you’re going through. An established branding exercise for an unconventional business. How to manage putting up barriers. Flexibility & immutable. Ostrom - the commons. Continuing to be sustainable.

Founder story

Samantha shares her founder story

Reactions A very compelling story. It is the founder’s story or the foundation station. Percolab.

The beauty and the poetry was there. Keeping the lovely pace. Feels like there’s more to be told at the end.

Showing something you haven’t shown. A little box. Fierce and fragile. By sharing you are inviting us to care for it as well.

A lot of the things we discussed are evident in that story. Visceral - looking at hands. Connects to what we’ve talked about. Percolab is based on these things...a history that ties this all together.

We can see your values and the motivations feed into the organization. The power of a compelling story. Really compelling. We are writing statements of purpose for college...thinking about your organization. Synthethizing the foundation members of the team membres. Kettle chips. What the organization is all about. The process of fusing that all together.

I would like to hear about how all of that ties into this organization. An extension. What goes behind.

Everyone in percolab can see inside themselves how they connect to this story. Their personal. That’s the idea.

The founder story marks the initial spark. You can be a founder in a self-managing company. How your own story is there too. Onboarding. Something there about our stories. Having our stories will help us be seen. The language. But it’s not an easy process. The vulnerability is there. How can I talk about it without being mortified about it every time. 40th birthday. Buying a domain name. History.

Purchase. 6 documents that the buyers (elizabeth, cedric, ezra) need to have seen. We need to put them in a document & sign a form for Mark that we have this information. Needs to be done this week.

Financial report. Expense documentation. We are assuming that we are keeping our folders with all our receipts. Nice and clean. We need to gather these receipts up and give them to the accountant at the end of the year. Has to be specific.

7% of our salary we can spent on whatever. No permission needed, documentation required.

The non-conventional stuff is fine as long as we’re not inspected. It needs to be documented!

Lawyer clarifiied our compensation system is under the legal framework of commission.

Questions. Personal expenses and representation. Project budgets have nothing to do this.

Sam. been experimenting with 50, 50. Each of us should be keeping a spreadsheet for personal and company expenses. Here is an expense. Here is how I split - she will share the sheet around. Perhaps can be at your discretion.

Parking lot :

Art of hosting, Communications 


How are you feeling as you end the day? What are next steps for you? What are you leaving with today?

It’s been a pleasant experience. Seeing how important the culture is important. Workshop the idea. Telling Ostrom. A bit directive. In our MBA classes. The importance of language. Within the organization. These aren’t given importance to students. The way you talk about language. Eye opening for me.

I feel one step further on my foundation story. Also thankful for going from my foundation story….all the way to the end. Break the ice on reading it out loud. Hosted & provoked.

Leaving with a sense of how these gatherings. Can have an emotional component. Evacuated from academia. Rational, distant. Human element of it. Forming the culture.

I had a lot of fun! Great meeting of academia and our work, thanks for coming. Also conscience of power...who’s talking and not talking. What are we talking about or not.

This whole discussion. We all do research in similar streams. Notion of getting together. We get along well. But what are the values. How do we support each other. THe emotive and the relational aspect. You should push for that more.

Every time I go to a meeting with Percolab. even if I try to be part of Percolab and to give my knowledge. Give to help and to learn. Most of the time, I learn so much I am in the back of my seat. Hmm. Ok. I try to understand what i learn. I want to apply it. A close friend. Issues in his company. I feel that if I can understand what you say...what we try to apply every day. Maybe I will be able to help him. Today was very interesting. I’m not ready yet, but every day i’m closer.

I felt I had been away from the branding process. It was fun to get back into it. Some guilt. Not following as much as I would have liked. I thank you for sharing your story.

Je l’ai pas dit. J’ai eu l’élan d’enregistrer l’histoire. Je ne sais pas à quoi ça peut servir. Rien de nouveau...mais le fait que ce soit explicite. Ça me soulage. Ça confirme. Que c’était pas juste dans ma tête. On n’a pu pas passer à travers tout ça. Si les gens sont intéressés à avoir votre input.

Opportunité. Pause. Sit back and consider. Thank you guys.