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Rencontre : 2016/11/08 10:00:00 AM (to clarify the situation and align expectations)
Notes Desired outcome - to agree upon the next s
Desired outcome - to agree upon the next step Checkin - Who's shoulder's are you standing on? and why? Retreat : If we anchor solutions before the retreat or during the retreat. What would you like the retreat to be? Eirik Challenges - how to stay objective? How to try not to relate? when to mirror? Eirik Learning goals - i want to be playful and experiment and would love feedback Why do we think Eirik is here and what are our expectations of him? *we are a key moment in our history and two big things are happening - definition of guiding principles and what it is to become a coop - getting help with something that is important to us. Expectations... playfulness and we can be rowdy and full of energy. flexibility to go sailing with that. *the principle of opening up to having people come from elsewhere in the world and being in colearning together. this is healthy for organisations to do at any time. trust what will emerge. *someone from outside and with more or less same mind set. spend some time with us. see how we function. help us to better understand and enhance the way we are doing things together as a team. *no specific expectations and huge expectations - it can be transformation for an organisation to see ourselves. i don't expect you to be objective i want you to be with us. *you being here is a gift. you are here to learn. any point in an organisation it is interesting to have an eye from outside. expectation for you to jump in fully. *you are here to learn and for us to learn. be honest. be truthful. be kind. these three things help us see us better as a collective. *team did a process with someone a year ago. we are struggling a bit with basic stuff we are trying to do in a creative path. you will be navigating with us. i am going to learn from you. *represents the pollination that is wonderful to witness throughout the world and is much as it is an ongoing growth process - for the group and individuals. midwifing. kindness, truthfulness and honesty - potential power being unleashed. * experience your process. it is good to have external regard for us. surprise me. * yes, and to all that has been said. a practical point, at end of process whatever we have experienced and learned. some documentation loosely entitled guiding principles - that help people enter and leave gracefully How was it to hear the different ideas? *like how we are coming at it from different angles and they all fit together. *posture, emergence, deliverables - that come up in all processes. *and the idea to be kind - take a look from outside is kind for me, we offer to us, and you offer to us. Backtracking tool *usually for 5 years. or we could just do the length of this process. create a time period for these boxes. starting from goal and vision. *Goal and vision: *Internal and external barriers: *internal and external support Vision 6 months: *Coop created * International mandates as a team * New website * Co-management / co-functionnning tools working well April-May * Launching event (coop) * Website hard launch * working on an international mandate as a team * internal tools also shared publicly + Network + $$$ February-march * In and out of the percolab documented pretty and public * Transfer done * Website V1 soft launch * finalize international mandate agreement * internal tools up - Time and space pressure + coop funding $ January february * founding assembly * transfer starting * 1st coop mandate * percolab videos * prospecting / inviting international clients * merging dashboard * capacity building / ease business strategy - Time / value evaluation + Retreat (Ria + Meaghan) / $ / techno November december * coop administration is done * website UX workshop * clear branding guidelines * clarify name of the COOP * prospecting inviting ternational clients * mapping our international network - Name / Brand / exiting process for Yves / time + Retreat (Eirik) / fiscal specialist to help us
eat (Eirik) / fiscal specialist to help us  +
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