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Rencontre : 2017/01/24 10:00:00 AM (Les rôles - Rotation)
Notes Comment je me sens à propos de mes rôles:
Comment je me sens à propos de mes rôles: Lydia: I'm happy, sometimes confused. Happy again. Confused again. I feel stuck also. I'm trying to understand the roles and put the hat of that role and do things and I learn. Sometimes I'm stuck and I don't know how to move forward. And sometimes I want to do other roles but I can't because someone else is occupying the role. I would love to do workshops but Lucas had it. Paul: I look at my roles and think: whose roles are these? Those aren't my roles! Bookeeper I am probably the most pround of because Wave is pretty good, up to date and I have my head around it. Everything is up to date. Gardien de la goutte, I've been doing it but so-so but with Julie I have new energy for it. Others I'm holding loosely. And some in the middle I am taking care of them anyways. Elizabeth : responding to people as a first repondant is amazing. Banker I took it, after 2016, I wanted to have more controle, wanted to making it transparent. I do it in an artisanal way, It's 2 big roles that I want to put in the middle. I feel I am at my current capacity. I am not on the same energy right now. And roles are not really done. I have energy, capacity building, processes, ressources and all that. One more thing about the financial role, when we set up the coop, doing financial in percolab 2.0 and percolab coop 3.0, I have questions about the transfert. I have questions. Je suis en questionnement. Dominique: I have just one role which is the infolettre. So far no infolettre has gotten out. I quite liked it when I got it and worked for 10 days but I am understanding that it is a very collaborative role. It is a flop. What I feel about this particular role is that this role is a collaborative role. Someone has to hold it but the newsletter will only happen if the collective wants it. It isn't about one person holding it. I feel that my personal energy around the role.... This connects to my conversation about integration and the conversation about finances we did over the retreat. I feel that it is important to share the clarity I have about the circle. When I started on the outside I was seen as an external provider and was asked to provide a quote. In the fall I was told we don't have finances but we'll trade and barter. Now I am integrated and we have to do roles without financial compensation. The financial reality is that the utopia of my financial integration is a fiasco of the greatest failure. I have to be very creative to get food and pay rent. In the days and weeks to come I will have 100% of my energy to get income generated with or without percolab. After that is settled I will focus on my roles. Ezra: Avec ECTO, I feel good. Profil d'équipe, I feel excited and challenged about how hard it is to assemble photos and tests. Videos and photos I find confusing. La ligne n'est pas très clair entre qu'est ce qui est un mandat payé ou non. J'ai besoins de précisions sur ces rôles la. Accueil des stagiaires: c'est beaucoup d'information pour l'intégration pour des nouvelles personnes. Il y a une hierasation des rôles qui sont dans ma tête. Il y a du nice to have. Il y a les rôles financiers qui viennent avec beacoup de pouvoir et de responsabilité et de temps et je ne pense pas que c'est équivalents aux autres. On a eu des discussions sur les rôles et sur la possibilité rémunération.... et je comprends pourquoi les gens mettent des choses dans Slack et foncent dans une direction - ce n'est pas seulement un élan. Are there roles you want to put back in the middle? In the middle: Gardien des offres d'ateliers; Branding and positionning; Webmaster; Outils de collaboration; Archiviste; Librarian; Apprentissages de nos actions; Réseaux sociaux; banker; financial reporter. Elizabeth: I see coherence with these roles and would like to take them on, conditional to giving up my financial roles: 16) Écrivains et traducteurs de contenu (Sam) 23) Rigueur percolab (Cédric) 16) Écrivains et traducteurs de contenu (middle) 19) Librarian (middle) 15) Apprentissages de nos actions (middle) 11) Réseaux sociaux (middle) Paul: I would like to take on banker but not with Wave as there is too much power there. Or if you have financial reporter separately. Ezra: I want to combine video producer with photo memorabilia into multi-media resource person Lydia: I would like to take a financial role so we can have a better dashboard. Lydia would like to do bookkeeper. Paul would like like to be banker. Paul: let's combine webmaster and web caretaker Outils de collaboration should Lydia : Happy to rewrite on the workshop role, meeting Paul and Paul : working with Julie with the goutte, meeting with Elizabeth and Lydia for the next financial step. Dominique : energize short terme money activities. With or without percolab. Ezra : à plaisir de votre les rôles disparaiître, désir de simplicité. Cela m'énergise.
tre, désir de simplicité. Cela m'énergise.  +
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