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Notes === '''CHECK-IN''' === What's something yo
=== '''CHECK-IN''' === What's something you've seen/done recently that's cool? Elizabeth - Conflict iceberg video - shared on slack What are the stories we tell ourselves around the conflicts and connections with others Paul - Power of prototyping, New Brunswick NouLAB. Cedric - Interview with academic - "Can you explain what you do to a 5 year old?". This shifted the tone of the interview Josiane - The realisation that I want (actually need) to facilitate, making connections Astrid - Reconnected with my motivation, create spaces to talk about elephants in the room. "Let's talk about" in Cape Town, starting to now see the importance - I want to be apart of it Nehemy - Dreamt that I was on a zipline, a little bit unattached, I felt this energy, I felt free. I fell in the water, I came down into my body. Sensing the energy, the world. === '''AGILE AGENDA''' === * Service Offers * Operational Circle * Josiane + percolab * VisualLAB descriptions * Project learnings * Something to latch on * Personal workshops * Platform storytelling '''Platform storytelling - Cédric''' (5 minutes) ''Information sharing'' Co-creating with McConnell a listening platform to spark social innovation across the city. Inspired from the Young foundation in the UK. Platform to support those who are already listening and harvest the stories and patterns and learnings for possibilities. We have a coordinating role - facilitation, design (online/presentational). Listening to those who are already listening. Planning 2 day gathering in March (TBD). Learning - holding the fuzziness as it becomes clear. '''Service Offers - Cédric''' (5 minutes) ''Discussion'' How can we make them more reflective of ourselves? '''Operational Circle - Elizabeth''' (3 minutes) ''Feedback'' Overall perspective on our projects. Hear what people are working on, possibilities Project circles - what are we working on and learning (liked to suivis). Proposal - every 2 weeks, we update each other on what we're working on. '''Josiane & Percolab - Josiane''' (10 minutes) ''Discussion'' How could I collaborate with percolab and experience what you do? By providing help and seeing where I fit, exploration together. Work in communications '''Bios - Ezra''' (5 minutes) ''Discussion'' New page to go live. New À propos page to be drawn up telling our history. Bios - meet after to work through how we can write these up. Review the order '''VisualLAB''' (7 minutes) ''Feedback'' Provide feedback on the content and descriptors of the VisualLAB proposed workshop series. Technology a running thread How do I use this as a springboard for my own practice Last one - something concrete, building on what you've learnt. Posture What am I going to me doing. White belt to black belt. Experience in drawing (needs to be added). Visuals Do you have a project, applied. General notes - How can we honour our past workshops Test runs of the modules with percolab team '''Personal Workshops - Elizabeth''' (10 minutes) ''x'' Experiment workshops by Elizabeth. Need to figure out the clean and clear communications '''Project Learnings''' (10 minutes) ''Sharings'' Reflect for 1 minute, recent project, what's held them back and what's moved them forward. Share back to one other Village News Sam - CQTS training on communication, ListeningPlatform. Going to Europe the week after Easter (any projects/leads). OrgBook - enlivening governance. Ezra - Noémie arrives 8th March for 4 months, culture/co-design (Masters student) Elizabeth - Communication project with Hanneke. Turtle Island Institute 3 day harvesting. Paul - Workshops, AOH in Halifax in March === ''Check-Out'' === What are we eating for lunch?
ck-Out'' === What are we eating for lunch?  +
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