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Rencontre : 2017/03/14 10:00:00 AM (Agile agenda. BANQ. Retreats.)
Notes How awake are you? Laurence. Been collab
How awake are you? Laurence. Been collaborating for a year. Curious to see? Super sleepy. Worked on a few projects. I had a school weekend. Here, getting back into the routine. Studies at Concordia. Introduced to percolab through Cédric. Noémie. French. Awake. 3 p.m. Here for 4 months. I just started here. Trying to understand how it works. Astrid. Third year. How to navigate divergent thoughts. Navigate what isn't ok say. What internal capacities and external capacities. I'm surprisingly. Ezra. Not sleepy! Melodramatic moment in the metro. Elizabeth. We will rock you. Eye of the tiger. Dramatic songs. I would like more coffee. Quite alert. I've collaborated with percolab so far. A lot of curiosity. What happens. Update on the Coop. We have founded a percolab Coop. 5 founding members. Elizabeth, Sam, Paul, Cédric, Ezra. One of the big things : integrating people into the team. First priorities. Percolab core. We have a lot of work and we need support. 2nd priority is people wanting to join. We're in the process of rejigging it all. If someone would like to be a member. what is the process. 16 months to 18 months. Self-organizing. Collectively generate our living together. Surviving. Self-organizing. BANQ. New learning spaces. A last minute call for tender. Very rushed. Co-design participatory process. Bridging the digital divide. Situation on itinérance. Look at the programming. What are the other needs. They are creating a new space. Moving the space and the programming together. Whatever she is going to assess. 2 workshops. The same workshop twice. One of the big concerns. The people they want in. They may want to auto-exclude. Ethnographic. A draft idea. We have this pool. Opening up 3 slots a set amount. A mini mandate. Go interview a few people. Report back. We could do a co-design. Afternoon at the BANQ. 29-30th of March. Noémie. Shadowing. Stéphanie/Isabelle/Laurence interested in small ethnographic interviews. A practice of opening up mandates. Service offer. Caisse. Pimp the questionnaire. Une mini démarche de consultation dans leur AGA + leur succursale. Un cocktail. Training the staff. A few weeks ago. An afternoon of networking. DevEx networking. It's happening next Friday. Do you want me to bring percolab swag? International development. Large consulting firms. Decentralization from federal to local municipalities. General governance. Photo of Stephany. Ezra will post slack about inviting collaborators. Percolab had an idea of creating workshops for individuals. Opportunities. Where I can fit. We offer workshops period. Custom ones in workshop. We have offer workshops from ECTO (people who from different organizations). An internal lead. One level. Support needed. Individual workshops. Elizabeth holding it. Holding our frameworks and methods to personal lives. Complexify your life. Extending the percolab's networks. The Montreal Healing Arts community. Connect with that network. Yoga studios, etc. Holding design and intention but it hasn't happened yet. Courageous conversations. Tweak the design. A conversation. A two way conversation. Different from coaching. Where you remove yourself. Isabelle-interested in the co-design of it. The facilitation. A clearer grasp. Who would have them. For what goal or benefit. Those are some of the questions that I have. Perhaps an off-shoot of the site. Have the workshops. It's important that we're aligned with the values and the anchoring of percolab. A conversation lab for you? A thing that ECTO & Percolab. 13 years. Institute for management of community development. Informal spaces for citizens. When people have the opportunity to connect informally. It is deepened. The founder of the institute. Inspired by the café-philo tradition from France. Philosopher's Café. These models were more structured. We wanted to do it Montreal side. 2002. University of the streets café. Before it was developped by the Institute. How can you have public conversations in cafés. English and French. Anyone can show up at a café. I ended up coordinating the program. I coordonnated 250 conversations. Anything from 4 to 130 people showing up. Both Stephanie and Isabelle have been moderators. Co-working spaces. It's not about experts. Reframe who's experiences are valid. You don't say it, you just do it. A moderator. Housekeeping, holds the space. A guest that speaks from experience. It works best when you have a guest that speaks from experience. A big fat juicy question. Fatherhood. We've had conversations about god, financial crisis in 2008-2009. The guest speaks for 10-20 minutes, from a true perspective. They might be academic. You open it up to a conversation. Awkward, moments of silence. You hang out & magic happens. Unless you try to oversteward it. No conclusions. No agreement. No next steps. No action. Experimenting being a human being having an experience. No matter how great it is, you cut it. You leave this tension. Open, free, anyone can come. You can have one in English. Department closed, they put it elsewhere in the university. The practice of being in conversation with others. Anything involving citizens. What makes the city yours. People come and they are there. There is no attempt to try and control. A conversation after what happened in Nice. Speaking about the unspeakable. Holding. The people who came needed that space. The nuance with the conversation lab : they need to come in with a question. Even if you've been doing something for 30 years. If you are in a place of knowing, let's open it up. The people who speak at the beginning. Promo is half assed. The biggest take away? We are supposed to be people who can function in society. There are 0 spaces to practice those skills. Public transportation. One time. 15 year old....transport not having buses. Someone referenced her point later - she noticed that what she said had value. Owning one's own perspective. Articulating his experience. A precious memory. Someone who doesn't have education, who doesn't speak in public, sharing his experience, building building on it to build a conversation. My individual experience, idiosyncratic experience is useful to other people. It no longer belongs to just me. Someone who lives in a housing coop. Conflict. He came in he would give a presentation about conflict - he's is actually someone with a story. Sensemaking, transformative for him. He could just tell his story. He didn't have to do all the analysis up front. It's in the details where the learning happens. That is where people connect to stories. Giving analysis vs. giving human stories. Elizabeth's perspective : sit in a circle, not going around the circle, not 'making the expert accessible'. So many things that are being created. Where do we go to meet. Connections. I matter, I am part of a community and a collective. I have something to contribute and it will be built upon. Co-creation. I belong. I connect. Together, we are forming something that is bigger than me. The opportunity to form our opinion and our beliefs. Creating this opportunity for people to reflect and to reflect those things. Bring them outside themselves. Memory from being a moderator : being comfortable playing with people. Making it clear without stating it that I wasn't the center of organizing it. Holding space. Who coordinates and who calls on people. Being aware of people's non-verbal. Good at calling in. Calling someone in. Push people to the edge of their tolerance for silence. Also a learning for me. You know you have a friend who you are ok sitting in silence for hours. The notion of creating a space that is not space. Anyone can come and anyone can say anything. It is not a safe space. There is this perception that it is going to be. How do you create and hold space when someone is being disagreable. How do you create the space to hold that and not control everything as a moderator. Subtle learnings in that conversation. Follow up on the integration from last week's conversation. My question regarding integration. We have a model. Do we have a model that is more standarized model. Finance. A brink of bringing people. Professional practice. There are so many different things. Self-managent. Our ability to grow. Conversation on our services via the website Right now, a little confusing. Someone went on our site every day for weeks and still doesn't know what to do. An article : how to understand complex systems. Concept model. How do you want other people to understand. Concept map - how you understand. Concept model - how others. Our theory of change. Here are different ways. Here is how it manifests itself. Concrete client-focused language. Affirmative. No passive sentences, no ings. When people, what do people think they are looking point? Explain what you are doing. I found percolab through la pépinière. I looked a who was followed. Google Analytics. Check-out - what we're leaving with Calming blue energy, quite nice. I felt like i could offer and receive. I'm so happy I'm here. I wanted to wait to be ready. I'm leaving. creating not safe spaces (I really like). Nice to hear those words from not my mouth. Then. How much knowledge within different systems. I had an answer for your question - how to keep hold of all this information. Transition. Left work, letting something new. I was thinking I would be evaluated. What do I have to offer. What do I want to do? Having gone through. I feel like I'm feeling, I'm a lot more in the flow of it. A clear idea of what's happening. There is so much to discuss. Leaving with a sense of. Here is where I can fit in. Like when you date. We've already collaborated before. You move fast, we need to slow down and get to know each other. Excited about the seed of...I love interviewing. Inside me : this is my strength and this is what I love! Getting information. I understand better. That is great. I would love to participate. BANQ project. Maybe on the website. Organize the website. What stood out for me. Conversation lab. A lot of conversations are not taking place. Being a part of percolab, feels a lot emotionally and mentally. Trying to cope with that. I also want to draw attention to the calm that I am going away with. Take part of conversations that are difficult. Honesty and frankness. 6 months we were functioning in a completely different way. We haven't taken the time to be super explicit around it. The idea of the core. We're stewarding something. All the other people around. How to invite people to stewardship. Not everyone wants that. It's not a good fit. It is emotionally difficult. A little existential breakdown. the thing that is staying with me. 3 things. Sam shared a framework. Radical candour. You care - you give a damn. Direct feedback. Ruinous empathy. Not creating a safe space but a brave space. This involves work & identity.
space. This involves work & identity.  +
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