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Rencontre : 2017/03/28 10:00:00 AM (Agenda Agile!)
Notes 28.03.17 Core Meeting Host: Ezra CHECK IN
28.03.17 Core Meeting Host: Ezra CHECK IN What is the first thing you can remember wanting to be when you were growing up? Cedric: core team, A pilot Gabriele: Archeologist Ezra: core team, Actor, and today is doing improv theatre so, it’s come true! Noemi: Intern, childcare, but now i hate children. Miguel: Curious. Made a journey of being a curious person. Susan: Visiting from NZ, from USA, is a foundation catalyst. Wanted to be Mogley from the Jungle Book. Laurent: a psychologist, would lay sister down on the couch. Astrid: collaborator, forensic accountant Julie: collaborator, wanted to be an adventure person in gymnasiums Meghan: collaborator, wanted to be a marine biologist Elizabeth: core team, loved filling out forms and also wanted to be a stuntwoman AGENDA Subject Proposer Time # people Need Percolab collaborators & integration update Ezra 30 min everyone Make a decision about this Self-management workshop on May 4th Meghan 10 min everyone Bring it into the room, get input, promotion/registration Language respect Susan 10 min everyone Input on tomorrow’s event Emergency branding Elizabeth 5 min everyone Input Learn about susan Ezra 20 min everyone Learn about her, and get advice Finance Coop Cedric 5 min All interested Get energy LANGUAGE RESPECT (Susan) Background - Worked in many multilingual scenarios and it takes 2x the energy to engage in your 2nd language. Tomorrow has 75 mins workshop on developmental organizations. Reading An Everyone Culture by Robert Keegan. Keegan refers to our time as students in school, and how we have a focus on school work but also all other types of growth. When leave school and go to the workplace, our whole life becomes about developing our workplace skills, but what about all of the other skills that help us become better citizens. Organizations need to recognize that they have a responsibility to provide cognitive/developmental skills building. Needs to go beyond ping-pong tables in the office, and more about personal growth. Work for 20 years in toxic environments, with HR who are really just compliance officers. She has a bias to the participants in the room - that they are just there to grab the new shiny thing and be “innovative,” and that her work will get lost in translation (people won’t be able to participate to the best of their ability). Elizabeth - Quebec people are curious, open-minded and heavily involved in being activists. I think you won’t have as many jaded people participating as you think. If you need help crafting questions then Sam and Cedric are good to go to. We can provide translations of the questions to you. Slow down your pace as you speak. One line of french will get people eating out of the palm of your hand. Just try! Susan - Are Quebec people chatty? Miguel - Yes. In this society people challenge teachers. Cedric - Presentation or workshop? Susan - Hacked presentation. Open invitation. Cedric - People are eager to gain more experience and engage. Elizabeth - We can support you with translations, seriously, ask Cedric! EMBRACING BRANDING (Elizabeth) Background - New service offer, and wants to add information about Percolab now being a co-op. From a visual perspective, what should I use? What makes a statement that this is a percolab coop? Julie - Find one temporary image, but then should be careful not to rush the actual visual. Should be clear and powerful. Elizabeth - Not worried too much about the writing, but will write one and test it on the team. Low stake, high trust with client, almost guaranteed have the mandate. This is an opportunity for us to experiment! Ezra - Do we like the current look? Elizabeth - Paul did one this week in horizontal orange format, and it’s gorgeous! But, i just want a rapid version. Cedric - Can we make Paul’s into a template? Elizabeth - One of our strengths is visuals, but we tend to focus on doing it for others and not on ourselves. Next steps will be to write a paragraph. Julie - Next step is to plan a meeting about where to move with the visual identity. PERCOLAB COLLABORATORS & INTEGRATION UPDATE (Ezra) Background - Last week we developed the language: Core Team - Worker member Compagnon - Integrate team member Collaborators - Auxiliary Member (haven’t fully paid shares into the coop, but want to work with us and be involved in our work) Susan, “they want to work in the thing but not on the thing” Integrators Intern Consortium Partner/Project Subcontractors Side Note. Have a list of skills that you need to have developed in order to join the team. Where do we have clarity? Interns, Core Team Questions - When does a project subcontractor become an official collaborator? How do we get more clarity on compagnon integrate team members? What do we need to get to? Elizabeth - How do you honor partnerships and raise everyone up? Susan - Becoming a collaborator doesn’t make them a worker member? Ezra - No. Invited to slack. On website. Access to ECTO. So far this has happened very randomly. We haven’t had a conversation about how someone becomes an “official” collaborator. Meghan - Joined the crew before there was a distinction between core member and collaborator. Based on logistics/time, and having other projects/income, she couldn’t be a core member. Followed the core integration process, but then found herself in a collaborator role. So far that’s going well. Thinks it is a good integration program. Elizabeth - Stephanie is in the process of becoming core member. There are 2 processes - one for a collaborator, and one for an actual core member. Susan - How do we do it at enspiral? Visualize it in concentric circles. (see image) A contributor is someone that one member trusts, a member is someone that everyone trusts. Have working groups: Catalysts, Ambassadoring, Finance, Comms, Brand, Well being, Etc. The more involved a contributor becomes in a working group, the closer they get to being a member. But there are no steps to getting to be a member. But, every member has to agree to someone become a core member. Every new member is stewarded by the person that adds them Ezra - Has a proposal. Core team members can extend an invitation to someone to become an official percolab collaborators, and people who are already collaborators, stay collaborators. Cedric - do we need a contract for collaborators? Ezra - How does enspiral address integration? Susan - every week for 6 weeks get an email with suggestions of social things (who to meet, where to go) but didnt week. Current experiment is a new contributor cohort. Group of new members/collaborators that are hosted by a member, and they are given missions to go do. These are internal missions, for example, meet people, write a blog, work on a project, contribute to a working group. From this a social bond forms between the new contributors. Constantly iterating and trying new things. A steward helps (especially if people are good at it). enspiral notebook and contributor notebook are great resources. I can show you some of this! Ezra - Do some contributors not get involved in any committees? Susan - Yes! After 3 months they pay $100 for one year of being a contributor. Like dues. We don’t employ anybody. Only make money if involved in a paid project. Most members are freelancers or have formed companies with other members. Would recommend having a handbook. Ezra - Questions to take forward in regards to collaborators. What do they do? What do they pay? What are they paid? SELF-MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP IN MAY (Meghan) Background - Sam and her decided to try holding a workshop as an experiment and see who is interested in joining and how they work together. How does everyone feel about a workshop? Would you come? Would you invite others? Hosted in english, but open to french speakers as well. Susan - Price? Meghan - Shared economy model, $400 for one day. Or can pay $75 to reserve spot, and at end of the day we openly share the budget of the event and people choose at the end of the workshop/value how much they want to then give on top of this. Susan - Look into the open.collective model. It also allows people to use stripe or paypal. Cedric - I will help! What do you need? I’m excited about this! Meghan - We can also use this as a “look inside percolab day.” Also interesting for potential clients or organizational partnerships. Susan - We did this and called them “Open enspiral workshops,” some for corporates, some short meeting each other ones. I think this is exciting and sexy, and there is a sexier name out there than, “self-management” workshop. Next actions - Meghan to speak to Elizabeth about workshop text. Arriving April 4th, open calendar. Squat around ECTO. Set up a time for work session or a drink. Tuesday to Tuesday. Back for the first week of May. Susan may be in town! FINANCE CO-OP (Cedric) Cedric - Feel lost. How do i do this? Ezra - Call government to open it, and talk to someone at the bank. Cedric - I will do this in the afternoon. CHECK OUT What is one thing I am leaving with? And one new thing I am going to do? Cedric: Taking the drawing with me. Have energy for the workshops! Thank you Meghan for reconnecting me to the workshops. Today I am going to walk to the bank!!!! Sending good vibes to Astrid for her workshop. Ezra: Opening up to what a collaborator is and the possibility that they could be involved in roles. The idea that, “we trust everyone here, and then a few trusts outsiders.” Noticing a discomfort within myself within naming people who are from Quebec versus who are not from Quebec. If you identify with being from Quebec then you should get to label yourself that, and not have someone take that away from your identity. Next steps lunch with Susan. Miguel: Loved being here. Found the meeting exciting, and quality interaction. Have experience with similar challenges. We are all trying to change the way we work. Always been a traveller, and some people love the idea of being identified with one community, and some people like to switch in between, i like to make links between different communities! I love connecting people. And making connections myself. Thank you. Astrid: If Percolab is interested in doing more workshops, and has these questions on how to set up a coop or define boundaries with collaborators, then, have a workshop on it! Co-create the solutions with similar stakeholders. There are so many companies that have these questions. You can make connections with other organizations AND learn at the same time. Offer a workshop on the subject! Personally, I have a little bit of planning for the workshop tonight. Susan: overwhelming sense of being in a womb. Brother from another mother. Questions on how do we recognize each other? What does it take to have these dialogues? They are generative, but not necessarily scalable. Language, identity, culture, where is the voice of the indigenous people? Curious about language. Taking some gratitude with me. Meghan: Leaving with love for susan, curiosity for enspiral handbook, and love for montreal. Feel plugged into the room. I would like to make it a priority to make these weekly meetings more often. Leaving with an action to finish the workshop and tell the world about it! Some uncertainty on how i can stay in touch with you… send me an email! I want to know you! Noemi: Taking away insights from discussion on integration. You are still learning and improving the company! Gabriele: Taking away advice from susan, and inspiring to see everyone working together in new ways. Laurent: taking the agenda model with me as a way to engage organizations. Very useful. Julie: taking away the questions on integration/collaboration. Things are becoming clearer, but i still have so many questions as a collaborator. Next, i want to work on this with you, and contribute to the making of the handbook.
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