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interesting quizzes ( Take a plentiful supply of tampons and contraceptives. In certain places you visit, when you need them the most, they may not be easy to obtain, or will be very expensive.

And, unfortunately, many mom to be blogs don't make money. A recent survey of 100 bloggers showed that only 5% were making more than US$2000 a month... more than 50% were making less than $20!

Other ideas, also look into networking websites as well as personal blog websites (e.g. Blogspot), websites of clubs and organizations that would probably make use of their products or services e.g. a fishing supplies store can look for the website of their local fishing club for possible RSS marketing.

So, to recap the key points in creating a winning blog. Set yourself a realistic goal to reach a certain readership level by a particular date. This will give you something to measure your progress against. Blog about something that you really like so that you stay interested. Write new blog posts regularly so your blog is constantly indexed by the search engines and your readers always have something new to read when they return. Keep advertising to a reasonable level and choose relevant ads that will appeal to your readers. And most of all, be patient. Give your blog and your readership time to grow.

If you are good at cooking and enjoy the sea, try and land a job as a cruise chef. A cruise chef is a prestigious ob which pays a lot and allows you to most read popular blogs on the internet -, all kinds of destinations. If you do not think a job as a chef can be suitable for you, you can look for other positions in a cruise ships' crew. You can be a gym instructor, a day care organizer or a theatre actor. Since cruise ships today offer a lot of services to their guests, the scope of employment on board these ships has also multiplied.

But convenience isn't the only factor to consider. My Space is also a best online blogs (check these guys out) place to market yourself and your talents or products. You can gain precious visibility by cultivating a following. This is done by adding people to your Friends list. If you make yourself available to respond to e-mails and comments, you will keep visitors coming back frequently.

top fashion blogs Stay Busy- If you sit around thinking about the good times, you're only going to resent being home and get depressed. Go out, get a job, get a hobby, join a gym. Even if you are super psyched to be home, the first few weeks are always rough as you adjust back into "normal" society. The best thing to do is to stay busy. One great way to stay busy is to be a tourist in your own city. Since you have been gone so long, things have probably changed. Go explore your town like you would Paris or Sydney. You're bound to find something new and you'll be able to feel as though you are back on a holiday while adjusting to home.

You can create a post in a positive manner at first and then complete it with an open question so that your visitors will respond with their opinions. Most people like to express their opinions, so why not use a current topic and let them do just that? 2. Research data is highly coveted, which means that any detailed information that you can share with your visitors will be very much liked. Whatever it might be such as charts, graphs, details or any information that will help the reader in a specifc subject. In a way, you are only giving out specific information that you found and put together. Nothing really extraordinary, but if done correctly, your readers will really enjoy your blog posts.