Weekly meetings

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Decision making

LOCAL Statutory meetings

  • Local meetings take place at least 3 times a month, ideally at a regular time.
  • Local members are required to attend 70% of local meetings. Attendance can be physical or virtual.
  • All meetings are open for attendance from members of other cells, collaborators or guests. This is managed in a way that ensures openness but does not compromise the organizational culture or work (for example limiting the spots)
  • Meetings can deal with all types of things and must adhere to local regulation
    • Strategy
    • Sense making
    • Operational things (sharing information, helping each other, sorting out logistics)
    • sharing/learning - Trying out something
    • Collective decision making can be part of any meeting
  • All meetings are documented in a collective space (ideally public) and all decisions are logged. This is a rotated responsibility, but everyone has a shared responsibility for documentation.
  • Hosting a meeting is rotated amongst members in an organic way, knowing that all members must do their own fair share of hosting (hosting is a key leadership skill)
  • Proposal for a meeting theme/content is self-organized

International meetings

  • Take place first Tuesday of the month at 10h-12h Eastern time (Montreal time)
  • Who attends, hosts, documents is all organic with following principles:
    • Minimally one person per local hub attends (more is fine if there is available space)
    • The local hub has its own self-managing system for determining who participates and how the information is shared back to the local team
    • Topics deal with issues that connect hubs. Anyone can propose and prepare a specific topic.
    • Guests are invited if there is space
    • The notes are documented in a shared space available for all.