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Organise a meeting! The hosting of meetings is shared by all Percolab members. If there is a topic you would like to bring to a meeting and host please pick a date that makes sense and create the meeting. (It goes without saying that collaborating with another member is a great idea).

Past meetings

Percolab meetings

International meetings take place the first Tuesday of the month from 10h-12h Montreal time via Zoom. Local hubs participate as they wish (at least one person) and guests are welcome.

Local hub meetings are open to members of other Percolab hubs, Percolab collaborators and other guests.

  • Montreal hub meetings take place every Tuesday morning (except the first Tuesday of the month) from 10h-12h EST at Ecto coworking.
  • Montpellier hub meetings take place every Monday afternoon from 14h to 16h CET at The Island coworking.

Guests are welcome because we want to share our culture and invite in more collective intelligence. As there is a limited number of spots, please confirm your presence with your Percolab contact person (sign up system forthcoming). Please attend the entire meeting, understand that you will be invited to participate and be respectful with what you are privy to at the meeting.

Recent proposals

Rencontre : 2018/03/06 10:00:00 AM (international meeting)The date of international meeting will change to the First Monday of the month: 3:30-5:30pm France time, 9:30-11:30 MontrealAdopté
Rencontre : 2017/09/02 10:00:00 AM (Team Retreat)In regards to Percolab Coop purchasing Percolab Inc, the founding members of the Coop (Ezra Bridgman, Elizabeth Hunt, Cédric Jamet, Paul Messer, Samantha Slade) have agreed that Samanta Slade and Paul Messer will not be involved in any discussions or decision-making about the Coop purchasing Percolab Inc to avoid any conflict of interest considering that Samantha Slade is co-owner of Percolab Inc and Paul Messer is married to Samantha.Adopté
Rencontre : 2017/11/07 10:00:00 AM (onboarding)Percolab's onboarding status are: ally, collaborator, committed member and full member. Percolab's onboarding process includes: intentional letter, objections?, contract, announcement and ritualAdopté
Rencontre : 2017/11/07 10:00:00 AM (onboarding)
Rencontre : 2017/06/13 10:00:00 AM (Explorer comment nous mieux nous organiser pour certains rôles réseau social, webmestre, éditeur web et portfolios.)Allocate a max of 7000 $ to be managed by the steward of the «  being seen » role to contract a 6 months agreement with an external collaborator starting ASAP, that includes a non-transactional element to learn about percolab culture.Adopté

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