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Rencontre : 2017/04/18 10:00:00 AM (Agenda agile) +Rencontre Perco 17 avril Présents = Laurent, Ezra, Nehemy, Anique, Noémie, Cédric, Elizabeth, Laurence, Stéphanie, Paul Absents = Sam, Comment on arrive aujourd'hui? - Agenda = agile 1. Anique - LMIA / Intégration Work sponsorship - bureaucratic process COntrary to what was said the april 10th - Percolab needs to employ Anique if we submit an LMIA. a. Overview of LMIA process living here for 3 years inelligible for residence because work has been small part-time contract LMIA - application gets sent to MIDI (Qc) and centre services canada (fed) - not automatically approved - job description to be written to highlight why I am needed - work with someone from core - if approved, takes a few weeks - Integration w/ want to be transparent and responsive Percolab steps - assign a person to work with A. - have authority for hiring / financial decision - available for 3 hours between now and the 24th - clarify job description / role - background - community dev worker - we need to use the language of the immigration - needs to be under the Inc. - provide details for the LMIA - adapting for the form - crosscheck - Paul's LMIA application - provide adequate documentation from Percolab - consent for integration Anique - senselab COncordia - - multistakeholder and community engagement - international experience - research / creation, need to go back to the field and practice - experiemntal documentation - non-hierarchical dialogue Decision - making process Financial and legal obligation for percolab? there is a disconnect between percolab's principle of being responsible of our own erning / vs salary expectation Percolab inc / Percolab COOP - if Anique is brought under Inc, does it mean that the coop is liable? Concern = there are no real projects Request - understand legal and financial obligations Next step = paul will work with Anique on the LMIA process, until next week Next step = Consultation avec avocat d'immigration 2. Intégration - cercle commence le 26 avril, jusqu'au 21 juin - tous les mercredi de 15h30 à 17h30 3. Évaluation Le CTEQ va revoir notre application dans la semaine On peut commencer le processus d'évaluation Si on n'est pas éligible à la subvention on démarre l'évaluation de toute façon 4. COOP Finances - we have a bank account - we have a pay service - 5. Régie interne = points en suspens à régler - chevauchement entre rôles du CA et nos rôles - quelles modalités - ristourne - quel est le mécanisme? - Est-ce qu'on veut rendre la régie interne open source? - Colleen wants to do a crossover régie interne meeting where they take a look at our RI and us take a look at theirs - on organise une rencontre? - Qui décide sur qui prend les contrats? Sur quelle base? 6. Projets - comment je peux répondre à une offre en faisant une proposition comme percolab - Cohorte intégration? - Quelle marge de manoeuvre / agency? 7. Noémie - mémoire - réappropriation citoyenne des espaces urbains - en quoi ça remet en question la fonction traditionnelle des urbanistes? - rencontres avec des groupes / entreprises 8. KUMU - Portfolio / CMS - importing and sensemaking data - what categories are necessary for portfolio? - Portfolios 9. Social thing for Stéphanie - 28th of april 10. Stage Laurent - projet à mener par le stagiaire - quelque chose avec les rôles? description, tâches, méthriques - un beau projet à faire avec ça avec expertise ressources humaines - documentation - demande explicite pour un mentor / vis-à-vis - Elizabeth 11. Who knows what where 12. Percolab strategy with ecto governance?  +
Rencontre : 2017/04/25 10:00:00 AM (Percolab website session) +Purpose = what is our strategy for a website strategy? Check-in = How do we like to be greeted? - An insanely long hug! - Eye contact, shake hand - depending on how much I really know you I will touch you less - Discern what is the zone of intimacy - cultural - where I learned was Indonesia - eye contact, touching hearts - sometimes massive hug - Winking - adapt your greeting - degree of familiarity for a secret code - hosting = greeting somebody with comfort - Geste with warmth - greeting that breaks the ice - in Argentina no matter how many people there are you kiss everybody on the cheek once - breaks a distance before even beginning a conversation - Costa-rica - everybody greets everybody - create a block of time for greeting - Pas de hug - la bise pas hyper important - un regard, un sourire - politesse - As a child when I walked in a room you were expected to greet everyone - I like to go by a handshake to acknowledge who is here? Today’s agenda - Website strategy (Paul) - Integration proposal part 2 (Anique) - Touching base on stage - Vendredi - Transformer Mtl - Integration circle 1. We have 2 issues -> strategy for the strategy -> website part of a broader communication strategy - Conversation today = how do we unpack that? Who can help us interns of this wider thing? Do we want to put a budget on it? -> Where do people themselves in that picture? What are some appropriate solutions? - Alice - was referred to us by MESI - PR specialist - 3 things we wanted to do - 1) physical tools to help client think through their strategy 2) collaborations together 3) support us. She wants to do work with meaning, she has thought out her offer. Strategy wise she would be really good to connect with - I have had the experience to do develop communication strategy, as a client. I would be able to inform and facilitate a lot. values, atmosphere, sense making. Think about audience - who we are are, what are our values. Articulated for the needs of who we want to work with. Each of us being a steward of a particular area. - Mon expérience - stratégie processus qui prend du temps. Comment on séquence les choses pour pouvoir bouger tout de suite? Positionnement image, valeur, qu’est-ce qu’on peut mettre sur percolab maintenant? Site web un morceau. Dépendaient de combien de temps ça dure - peut être patch-up solutions. As a communications spécialiste I Think I can be a good feedback person. I am interested in following the process. - I was thinking about what it means to hire someone to do something. This conversation has been floating for some time. When you are spending money, we commit to the process and the deliverables. - How do we commit to what we are delivering externally. That has to be fore grounded in the process. - One of our strengths is process design. This is what we do. What would the circle look like if we took the time over a period of weeks to go through that process. Maybe there is something that is both about practicing ourselves and do this with a deliverable. We’ve been trying to do it piecemeal. We’ve been having conversations but never following up on it. Let’s do an 8-week circle on this where we can identify micro-deliverables that we can bring to the group each time - We work in appreciative. What do we do well in terms of communication? All I hear from our conversations is that we suck at branding. This de-energizes me. What do we do well? Instead of thinking as a deficit. What do we want more of? If we are floored by August can we just be inspired instead of comparing ourselves? Bringing the examples from inside and outside. Work from an appreciative lens. Can we steward this all together? Yes, can we do something with people also from the outside. - Concern - we don’t know yet about how does the evaluation go - I am antsy about taking decisions. External deadline = launch party - will help us get it done, deliverables outside. - what is the actual need, other than having a cool website? What is the hole? Getting clear on audience, the purpose, what does the business need? Have everything stem from there. Website - to get clients / to recruit collaborators? - Is it a platform for sharing information in general? - Everyone is holding little pieces - where is the leadership coming from? When the evaluation is over, this is our next piece. Are we doing it internally? Externally? Yes and? There are people around us we can invite in ex: Mary Alice. Having new clients is not the issue. The issue is we are doing good work, are getting known internationally. How can we crack the bubble of where we are, to attract. Our workshops fill quite easily without massive marketing. - Part of the strength of the chaos of our website is that we can we say yes to anything that comes to us. My fear is over-positioning ourselves. We are a fractal of what we want to see in the world. We are able to flip events - facilitation and hosting, the simpler work we do should not get lost. We need to reflect all the layers of our work. We are at different places professionally, our clients are at different places. How do we make sure we do not lose the energy of the current chaos. - Portfolio - process based, and infographic work. What would it look like if we mapped it out using our process. Mapping out interrelated universes of percolab is key - Less is more? Do we need to put less things on the website? - Avant de prendre qqn de l’extérieur, vous devez savoir quelle image vous voulez montrer. Qu’est-ce qu’on veut toucher? - Holacracy (book) - we all have different skills and potentials - trying to convey that to the world can be confusing and a lot of info. How do we focus? What is the thing that unites all of our skills and broadcast it to the world? - Lessons from enspiral - website has always been a huge challenge to articulate what unites us in a way that resonates with all of us? The thing that has worked is our medium account. The more offers we can get on there - diversity and common thread / DNA - the expressions of that are very diverse but can be related in a single platform that is not the website. Blog / Medium is the easiest thing to manage. A website has to be kept alive. Integrity - how can you put this together using what percolate does and our strengths? - We spent 3 days listening to the turtle island institute and we mirrored back. What we mirrored back is theory of change - and we need to bring it back. What is our theory of change? - Be explicit - on the mapping, turn it into a visual. - There is a people thing. multiple things. Does putting the individual forward distract for the collective? - What is our menu for people? Create our own team, based on needs. - Thinking less about overwhelming people with possibilities, more about what percolab supports / stewards? What does percolab create sense - Clarity - the emphasis should not be on individuals but on the team, the collective aspect - that is our strength. Nobody is static - everybody learns.we can floew seamlessly form mandate to mandate, replace one another. - Are we a fruit salad or a smoothie? - give a sense of What the experience is lik - Be working with a collective rather than an individual - painting a good picture of that is key. Happy to share some of what we have put together for this at Enspiral, for the client. - I like our blog. When we do it well. I like the idea of a shared medium account. Lowering the barrier to feed. Clarity - Explicit theory of change - strength of the collective, mapping the connections between the diverse things we do - Website needs to help whoever reads it understand who we are and what we do and people can feel like they are part of it. - Work from our strengths and what we want more of - Do a process to ourselves and take the time to do it well - We didn’t do it before because we have contracts - how can this become a priority / what makes it a priority? - Take our work out and make sure we have fun sharing it - Show what we’re like to wrk with and the big possibilities that creates - Show the fun we have to work together - fairy blogmother, monthly blog jackpot - making it a game - Processus long, mettre un budget dessus, pour qu’on puisse s’y impliquer. Pour que percolab se diffuse encore plus loin. Site internet c’est la première chose qu’on voit quand on ne connaît pas - Things have to fall under a banner of communication strategy. What makes sense for me is getting each individual strengths out there so that it’s communicated and should be understandable to a larger audience - I’m trapped in the process that clients get trapped all the time - what are we going to do? — Dive into participation, common space. Huge mapping, bird’s eyes view on all the things that we do all the same time. Leaving the trap of deliverables, allow divergence and trust emergence. - We can even talk about this as a practice - we do this to ourselves, we can talk to the world about this - I need to blog to support the visual lab - how do we have it so that we don’t brand individually - how to bridge tension between individual-collective. The collective medium thing is the one thing to take from this conversation. - Role of fairy blogmother - see how that fits into social media role - no one has this role. The blog is part of the gap - Need to have another conversation - core conversation? - What do we want? - Who we are - the way we work int/ext - the experience - the impact 2. Friday - Potluck! Games! - Music - 7 tables conversation - Stephanie’s birthday - Zoe - cake 3. Integration process - Role for immigration process - LMIA - obstacle - Work skills program could be an option - still clarifying financial and legal issues - Proposal for integration = next Tuesday for decision process - Concerns around absence of collaboration so far 4. What is going well? What would you like to change going forward? - Ce qui est bien - le fait d’avoir les rencontres du mardi pour bien comprendre comment fonctionne Percolab - participer au projet de la BANQ - Venir avec un projet est important - avoir les temps de pouvoir le faire et être appuyé - avoir la possibilité d’être sur un autre projet pour apprendre sur les pratiques - BANQ - loved participating - I have not been able to get up to speed to other things - love the proximity with other people in the group - excellent experiences - Early I would like to have more of an idea of what I can contribute - grey zone. 5. Checkout What makes us a good collaborator? - Chloe is light hearted and fun and brings a lot of energy - Elizabeth is always located in the long arc of collaboration - learning together and building working relationship - Cedric - is adaptable and appreciative of the people he works with - sees the best in them - once he has the trust he can flow and see the best in the other, whatever happens - Ezra - is really good at following up, focusing on deliverables, and flowing with people. He is also a life spark for every project I have been working on with him. - Collaboration pushes Paul to do more and do things he would not do otherwise, be more of himself - he is a solid point of ancrage in space - Laurence has an attention to detail an see what is missing and reflect back - speed in working - Nehemy is adaptable - Noémie is seeing the common thread ans see what is essential. She is good at bringing different ideas together and have convergence - Anique is a good witch and generous and intuitive (listening) open mind - you listen and draw connections - Stephanie relates, sees the momentum and what has come before, and you can anticipate what is coming  +
Rencontre : 2017/05/02 10:00:00 AM (Integration checkin test with Meghan) +Session feedback intégration Besoin de nouveaux membres d’avoir du feedback - provocation à pratiquer notre culture de feedback On connaît les méthodes mais on n’est pas en train de s’en servir autant qu’on pourrait ou le devrait Idée = rôle intégration qu’est ce qu’on fait pour tester après les 3 mois ensemble la session de feedback Comment est-ce qu’on évalue l’intégration de quelqu’un? - qu’est-ce qu’on fait en intégration à ce stade? Autre défi - être ensemble en mode international Proposition - Tous les 1er mardi du moi - faire une rencontre qui dealent juste avec ce qui est international — Check-in - What is an example of feedback you received that was helpful to you? How do you like your feedback? - Lâcher prise. New insights are emerging. Potentially life changing! - Qu’on reconnaisse ma vérité et mon expérience vécue. Juste que l’autre nomme ce qu’ il voit. Recadrage. - Feedback surprise. Ce qui m’agace c’est quand on me dit quelque chose que je vois. J’aime découvrir un angle mort grâce au FB - What is feedback? I like my FB introduced and consented to, constructive, contextual - What I saw is… And then have some space where I can decide how I integrate it. - Consentement - a différents moments de notre vie on peut recevoir différentes choses. Consciousness about our ability to receive. - Feedback constructive - quand on le demande - pas quand on est pas prêt à le demander - quel est le contexte pour recevoir le feedback - transmettre qqch de juste, de direct - qui prend en compte le récepteur - Quand on le demande, c’est fun de le recevoir. Feedback positif anytime. Quand c’est un feedback personnel, plus de soin à prendre. Lié a quelque chose de concret (ex: un projet). - Une note n’est pas un feedback! Offrir du feedback est difficile, mais si on ne reçoit pas on ne peut pas apprendre. - Feedback can be a gift. A mug? - J’aime recevoir du FB ponctuel, immédiat, au moment où on fait quelque chose, instantané. Feedback honnête, direct. — Feedback - Nos questions = What have we lived together in the last months? Comment on a expérimenté le travail ensemble? Comment on se sent par rapport à mon intégration? Qu’est-ce qu’on apprend à travers cette intégration? Comment ça se passe pour moi d’intégrer quelqu’un? Apprendre à intégrer… => feedback sur l’intégration comme processus, feedback personnel - 2 questions intéressantes et différentes Besoin de réciprocité Deliberately developmental orgs = Props to help you structure your feedback. Trying tools to facilitate and help the process. Using index cards. Each card bears a theme / question. Intention = - Practice our fB culture - Thinking about our integration process - International aspect. Needing to be a team. How do we remove the aspect of group evaluation? Giving a pile of stuff to someone, that is not wished for? What is team feedback? Quels sont nos rituels de feedback? Pour parler avec la clarté, l’honnêteté et la grâce. - Création du contexte (rituel, smudging) - Bâton de parole - 2 questions 1. Apprentissage 2. Appréciation / remerciement -> Temps d’anticipation pour intégrer qqn. Impact sur la dynamique d’équipe. Quel est le recul dont a besoin - préparation, qu’est-ce que ça implique en terme de structure? Recul méta sur ce qui passe dans le fond. Ce que j’apprend - quand une personne arrive dans une équipe ça change tout. On aurait eu besoin de plusieurs mois de gestation pour savoir comment être ensemble. -> besoin de nommer les choses quand on les voit. -> remerciement - courage de plonger. Courage de nommer. -> envie d’ouvrir est envie d’accueillir, qui ne se fait pas aussi facilement qu’on le voudrait. -> accueillir quelqu’un ici pose la question de l’organisation de la place physique - comment se donner des moments pour être ensemble? Des espaces. Intégration question de place. -> quelle place? = aussi aspect financier. Quand quelqu’un arrive, comment prendre soin de ça? -> comment créer plus de place, pour être dans l’authenticité de ce qu’est une entreprise? -> partage de questions fortes: intégration puissante en termes d’humanité, moins dans le terme de l’entreprise? Comment rééquilibrer ça? -> processus d’intégration - besoin de clarté collaborateur / core team - besoin d’un agenda / checkmarks -> integration more defined every time someone stepped in. Evolution -> from family to circle - what are new patterns that are created? Every time we welcome someone, this person is changed and the circle is changed. -> circle paradigm - how do we learn to hold a business as a circle? Comment tenir le cercle ensemble? Comment créer la place dans le cercle? -> stewarding the circle while bringing vulnerability - a key aspect of being integrated. -> business - higher potential of the circle - how do we switch from the family metaphor? -> what is integrating percolab locals? Just as people find their honorable living, business needs to find the sustainable model in parallel? -> stuff about generating money? Is my offer clear? -> what is the percolab culture book? What is a guidebook we can create together? -> Nomadism can be about place or about ideas? Reframing nomadism. -> Expérience d’intégration - intérêt pour penser / créer un livre-guide -> différents temps / saisons / rythmes pour l’intégration -> être en initiative - être en pouvoir - envie de prendre des risques avec le collectif - questionnement sur comment c’est perçu par l’équipe -> Clarté - Core / collaborateur - dépend d’avoir une perspective pour prendre le lead sur un projet. -> infolettre - avoir de l’énergie autour d’une chose crée de l’énergie autour de cette chose, qui est susceptible d’embarquer d’autres personnes -> Entreprendre c’est apprendre / apprendre à entreprendre - ça prend du temps et de la persévérance  +
Rencontre : 2017/05/09 10:00:00 AM (Régie interne avec Colleen Lashuk (comparaison + discussion)) +Sujets pour sprint d'écriture - fab lab caravan - blog - modèle compensation percolab - need + purpose percolab - what is visual thinking? - examples - visual check-in - transformer Montréal - reflections on Art of Harvesting - Bio - internship experience - intersection community economic development program + percolab - conflict management: what have I learned? - what do new interns need to know when entering percolab? - contrat d'apprentissage - théorie co-design Montreal - Partie 2 mémoire - self-management workshop - 2e direction contrat membres auxilliaires - onboarding collaborators in projects - nacelles 1-pager - dialogue Canada - pratique du Slam + hosting - Ulab - Kahnawake  +
Rencontre : 2017/05/25 15:00:00 AM (Finance) +Finance meeting - 5 25th Proposal - Ezra, Elizabeth and Cédric to make a proposal for their payments into the coop by mid-august - make a proposal to the team PROPOSAL - ROLES 1. We are a creating a new role of financial reporter for the coop that will be independent from the inc 2. Elizabeth will take on the role of financial reporter for the COOP. Expenses - Phone bills from January - Expenses from projects - that is from the project budget - Trainings - Expenses folder in R- Bookkeeping - Needs documenting = receipts - Cédric - documenting the computer agreement - for amortissement, etc. - Document expenses in wave (create bills for expenses)  +
Rencontre : 2017/05/30 10:00:00 AM (Agenda Agile) +Rencontre percolab 30 mai Agenda agile What’s got you excited? Ria - Percolab - spotted zebras - collective infrastructure - they are ready to become part of percolab Short term - UX test for an cription app Agenda Agile - assurances (cédric) Différence in price - package de base / package avec cybersécurité / clients US - Ecto (Paul) -> The AGA on the 14th of June -> need for percolab members to be there - Paul to step down as president -> Open space - percolab to facilitate - -> Percolab is a co-initiator of Ecto and traditionally there has always been a percolab member in the Board, we have investment into the space -> as a principle, percolab est investi dans la gouvernance de son espace de travail -> steward of collective ownership - we bring in ways to work collectively - - Storage Room (Paul) Interim clean up / system change / future of harvest / marker cleanse - Partenariat Nacelles (Sam) Comm1Possible et Percolab collaborent et prennent soin ensemble de Nacelles comme un commun au service de l'auto-détermination et du pouvoir d'agir des collectivités et des individus face aux enjeux complexes qui affectent nos communautés et nos villes. - Régie interne (Ezra) Questions en suspens: -> ristournes (what are the values we want anchored in our constitution) - honoring our non-transactional work (=roles) and contract work (the more you use the coop the more you get ristournes) -> votes - Denis nous enverra la régie de sa COOP / syndicat de copropriété pour comparer -> la régie interne sera publique, suivant nos valuers de travail -> comment octroyer un contrat? (PRINCIPE: qu’est ce qui est au service du travail? Priorité à la réputation. Construction de capacité (perspective systémique). La personne-contact. Espace de bienveillance collective. Honorable living. Find solutions collectively through conversations) -> CA. Arrimage avec rôle; éligibilité; non-mesures observateurs; à nommer dans la régie interne -> engagement dans la gouvernance de notre espace de travail Prochaine version avec ces points dans la régie à mettre à jour - Entente Coop mise à jour (Sam) - Portfolio (Anique) Design session on Friday morning for layout web, so that people can just plug-in and input their content New system can be more automated. - Kanban (Denis) Karine et Denis pour une conversation avec Cédric - Co-design (Cédric + Noémie) - Integration circle  +
Rencontre : 2017/06/06 10:00:00 AM (Percolab narrative) +First international meeting! New people, getting to know each other. The art of being seen. Listening into our patterns and struggles to be seen. Branding = breaking free from this patterns. International. No elements that are local specific. Branding is core to that. Practical needs for international conversation. Surprise - opened meeting up to other people. For me, it was opening to be together. It's wonderful to open internationally. Check-in What I like about being seen? / Qu'est-ce que j'aime dans le fait d'être vu? Quand j'utilise ma voix. Je peux avoir un impact. Avoir un impact positif. J'aime le fait que ça fait un effet miroir. Je mieux voir l'autre et de mieux voir moi même. It's connects me to the relations of where I am and attunes me to what is present. Some houseguests, they wern't sure if we were here. Philosophical conversation - am I really there? What I like about being seeing is to know that I exist. Karine: c'est d'avoir la confirmation d'existence et de pouvoir entrer en relation Ce que j'aime dans le fait d'être vu, réactualiser mon identité par rapport à ce qu'il y autour de moi. People give words to the potential that they have, things are really deep that maybe you don't see but they see it. Une dimension de considération. J'aime être considéré. ezra: dance battle, de partager la réation la force de la créative. lip sync battle. Next retreat : lipsync battle. La validation. Quand je suis vue, je me sens validé. Je parle avec les mains et le langage corporel. Quand je suis vue je sais que je suis bien comprise. Mon langage est plus non verbal. Graduation hier. Vivre des rituels et d'être vu dans un rituel. C'est réaliser ça qu'on ne fait beaucoup ça dans nos sociétés. Le passage, le fait d'être vu. J'en parle et j'ai le coeur qui bat et je tremble de partout. Le fait de pouvoir voir les autres et de voir soi-même. Que les autres voient les possibilités en toi. Commencer à voir ces possibilités. La responsabilité qui vient avec ça. Prendre responsabilité. Entre 22 et 25, j'avais un blogue sur cette question because I was negotiating my identity. What I put out and dealing with what is reflected back to you. The loss of subjectivity, turning potential into an object. The bulnerability and the empowerment. I don't know if I like being seen but it's a daily exercice. Sometimes it's pleasant, sometimes it's not. I'm practicing writing on the internet. All sorts of wonderful surprises happen when you are seen. Ex. Susan who saw my article, and the next thing you know we are in potential and relation. Mutual strength, collective power, transformative potential. All of that happens by being seen - the necessary condition. FIRST ACTIVITY We've been fumbling with narrative. Asking what percolab - we're stumbling. We are talking on board the way we are supposed to be talking about things. But that is not our paradigm. How can we settle that down to a place wheree we are owning our paradigm beyond the boxes people in organisations are trying to oput us in. The transversal to everything that we are doing. We are looking at the future of different things. It doesnt matter the sector, whether it is a service or a product. The future paradigm. That is a hypothesis. This is a thread that may lead us. It that a big enough container to hold everything we do and what we do in the future. quels sont les 3 changement de paradigm future qui m'appelle? Connect with yourself as an individual. What are the 3 futures that ring true for us / resonate with us. Share without justifying. Knowing that you would perhaps have different answers in an hour. And let's be welcoming for what comes out. Relations / Mindsets / Power Future of work tools / future of HR / future of management The future of participatory design / organizational culture / visuals of.... (communication) Entier / jouissif / juste creatif et expressif - / an honest and caring future / where organisations don't put our planet in danger. la future de la citoyenneté / reconciliation avec le clan de la vie / futur de la villle / futur de l'inclusion community partnerships / / participatory spaces in the digital and urban engagement / vivre ensemble / confiance équité / frontière / famille secteur public / faire ensemble / le futur de l'éducation la gouvernance / les interrelations / le travail future of learning / the future of dialogue / radical responsability habitat / community / the possibilities of drawing The future of co-creation / the future of local innovative projects / the future of governance. Qu'est-ce que ça nous dit tout ça? Alike yet different we were. Really different but alike at the same time. The connections between them. An ecology. Acknowledging the difference and the diversity and highlighting where the symbiosis is. I was enlivened by every answer. Every answer was so exactly the person who was giving it. Tout ce que j'ai voulu écrire à été nommé par les autres. It seems like a lot of work we have ahead of us. At beginning - I have so much changing in my life. Finally, there are some that are more or less far. Thank you smile. BRANDING ACTIVITY One of 6. If we thinking of percolab in 5, 10, 15, 20 years. 4 different answers. What are we seeing, imagining, dreaming, wanting. Check in with ourselves and answer those 4 time questions. What is percolab doing at each of these key dates. In 5 years, it's not unlikely that we'll offices in the states and europe working with changes communities and working with communities to change them. South america, asia, hitting regional entities. We're all self-autonomous. The federation of planets. From Star Trek. 17 international. 10 years - a camping trip for over 1000 people. 15 years. Accompanying the highest levels of government in organizational change. 20 years, running a university. 5 ans. Plein de collaboration international. Rhizome décentralisé qui grandit dans tous les sens. 10 ans. Percolab academy / housing coop. 15 ans - reinventing non profits. 20 years - children. 5 - international. 10 integrating collaborators. 15 years - a network of percolab school. Becoming more invisible. 5 years - greater diversity of systems that we intervene in. 10 years - integrated in organizations we work with. 15 years - youth. 20 years - invisible. 5 ans. Vraiment à l'international. On travaille vrimaent ensemble. co-crée un cursus universitaire. Dans 10 ans. Réseau transcontinenal. Ancrage sur les 5 continents. Un laboratoire social. 15 ans. Je commence à être âgé. 20 ans. Contente qu'il y a une équipe (à valider @nadine) 5 years. We work on the level of the U.N. 10 years. We write more books on what we have learned. Fits well with the other part. 15 - dissolve into other businesses and business structures. Accueillir profondément les idées divergentes. Un réseau - 5 état. 10 ans - gouvernance étatique. 15 - diversité et inclusion. 20 - pas figé dans un discours. on fait des mandat (systemique strageqiue). on n'attend pas que les mandat viennent vers nous. on pars à convaincre les acteurs qu'on a ciblés. less recieve, more push 2022. Montréal coop. MOre than 80 members. Satellite. EU. Activists. Base salary. 2027. Shit hits the fan. We are working with policy makers to shift systems of governance. 2032. A way of life. From workplace. There's no one organisation, it's a mouvement. More in North America - E.U. - Austral asia. Hubs are expanding into places likes europe and asia. 5 projets. Consolidation de percolab europe (juridique). Coop à Montréal qui porte ses fruits. 10 ans - en campagne. Dans les écovillages. Moi je compte vivre dans un écovillage. Créer une activité qui roule en dehors des ville. Des huttes, des cases. Dans 15 ans - la nouvelle génération de percolab. D'autres outils, d'autres pratiques. Dans 20 ans. Une base solide. Nenuphar (?) Lotus. Beaucoup de sérénité. De plus en plus de mandats à Montréal. Amérique latine. Afrique. Le modèle de percolab - peut être enseigné aux universités à travers le monde. 5. International community, collective tools, business tools. 10 years. Breakthrough innovation culture will be mainstream competence and we will develop new competence. 15. International business commoning activities. In 20 years. Living in a world where economic models make more sense. More core to our work. Percolab as an international practioners group. Leadership. 10 years. Strengthening. 15 years - international coop of 1000 members. 20 years. Percolab style dojos around the world. When we hear that, what are one or two things we want to grab onto? The satellite hubs, expanding geographically. Infusing into, such that percolab infuses into different systems, alter university dojoesque thing. Uncomfortable with perco colonization of the world. Expansion for the sake of expansion. Bigger is better. Inspired by diversification. And generationaly. Satellite - emerging locally. Utilizing certain percolab approaches, techniques, structures. As our practices becoming mainstream, we don't cease to stay on our learning edge. We don't seem to become comfortable with what we do. Transmettre d'une manière ou d'une autre. Rester dans une pratique. Qui se multiple, qui se répand. L'apprentissage. Our responses had two layers: the big core, or a contextual response to a local context. It might not be percolab. People connect or relate to. In their own local contexts. I had this moment where someone asked me if I know about the university of the streets café....I did. I look forward to the day that taht happens for percolab. It takes support. Where to can come her for support and not have to reinvent the wheel. Contributing to the commons. I am trying to see what percolab offers that is different than art of hosting. There is a stronger emphasis on....on able to hold a larger process. Applying the practices every day within the team. Often it is not ongoing. Here, it is ongoing with everything. There is something crucual there. Je vois beaucoup de gens, beaucoup de projets. Je ne porterais pas tous ces projets, mais je serais heureuse que ça existe. Cette force avec plein de personnes. The notion that as we grow, it's with others. It's not like a model that we go apply. This model will grow depending on how it sits. As it gets bigger. And brings other people on, it's enrichened by how people are working and how people want to work. De penser déjà à l'intégration de la prochaine génération. Une pensée en émergence. The reason why this activity is in a branding process...if it's strong it can carry through for 20 yeares. Trying to think on a longer scale. These are the things that are emerging. Wider and deeper. holding as we go into the branding process. Will send out steve job's. Thinking about branding from a different level. EZRA YOUR NOTES ARE SAVING THE MEETING FOR US! MERCI : ) What does percolab look like by the end of 2017. Hopes for the year. International workshops led in europe and in montréal. I see a large graphic facilitation workshop with Paul in Europe. Making the two entities closer (legally?). I would like that we have an international percolab charter. Like the fab labs. That means that if you want to plug into the infrastructure, this is what you are plugging into. One of my hopes is that Montreal comes out of the center. Montreal holding its part in a wider sphere. I want the coop to be up and running. Super small but super concrete. And that we've celebrated 10 years and where we are locally. We take that moment collectively together. That we have operational circles qui sont intercontinentaux. Être en co-apprentissage ensemble. That this year has seen more positive integration stories. That That people have integrated well and solidly. And connected to Cedric. That there are internal and resilient ways to connect. Hola plus étoffé. Pouvoir le diffuser. Plus d'espace pour le possible. Plus de proactvité. More comfortable with international aspect. Budget international. Bring people. We fly people across and do the work with them. Because we are confiedent with the international brand. By the end of the year, everyone in the center. Understanding the infrastructure and the culture...taking up all the space within the coop. We want our Belgian coop to be established by the end of the year. We are wondering how we can brand ourselves. Branding a commoning practice instead of just branding a business. It was a pleasure go be here for the past hours. It's confusing. It gives me a taste for more. Thank you for letting me in.  +
Rencontre : 2017/06/13 10:00:00 AM (Explorer comment nous mieux nous organiser pour certains rôles réseau social, webmestre, éditeur web et portfolios.) +Roles Check-in on roles There are functions in he whole that are not tended to because we are unable to put them as priorities, for various reasons Communications - « being seen role » - Social media - Blog + translations - Home page content - Holding + publishing portfolio - Infolettre We are holding back from being seen That is not in service All the roles are away from transactional culture at the moment Discomfort to get external help Importance of alignment Importance of being seen - can we get help with that? Lots of wisdom about being an outsider doing this Have someone from inside to steward, with the help of someone from outside Someone from the outside needs to « get us » What is non-linear remuneration? How do we get in non-transactional way? Ex: - Capacity-building - Can we pull them into projects if their skills come in service? Reflection on value - what is non-transactional value? What are our metrics? Pull them from current roles Have clear expectations Agreement with person - based on deliverables and not on time Have a time limit - 6 months? With evaluation / feedback period 2 different proposals: role / proposal Emploi Qc: we can get funding for a 6-months contract PME PROPOSITION the social media role is transformed into a « being seen » role that integrates translation of blogs and portfolios, holding publishing finishing blogs and portfolios, updating the home page in both languages and explores the integration of the infolettre role International role Agreement - being seen - expectations - blogs - members retaining their voice / authorship - 5 backlog + 2 a month - portfolio - always collaboration with project lead - 10 backlog + 2 a month - Twitter - x amount of followers - Video ? - Team support for polishing texts post-projects (ex: mini-reports) - upping communications following up workshops / events Writing style Look / feel Always in collaboration with the role steward 26 weeks, 1 to 1,5 day a week PROPOSAL Allocate a max of 7000 $ to be managed by the steward of the «  being seen » role to contract a 6 months agreement with an external collaborator starting ASAP, that includes a non-transactional element to learn about percolab culture. Clarifications: - The contract will be made from the coop - Ex for non-transactional element: attending team meetings - be with us in something, be part of the community PROPOSAL Elizabeth proposes to write up the role by June 22nd, have it validated by the team, write up the agreement, and steward the role.  +
Rencontre : 2017/06/27 10:00:00 AM (Arrimage CA - Rôles, “Clôture” stage, Prochaine étape du cercle d& +Check in : Découverte de la semaine Second cheveu blanc Video sur la participation des jeunes – découverte = qqch qui etait inhabituelle par le passé – les inclure n'était pas la norme. Entrevue : demande, demande, demande. Parc de la Mauricie – premier canot au Canada. Culinaire : ancienne coloc coréenne a apporté de la nourriture coréenne Parade de la St Jean while trying to cross St Denis. Discovery – whether intention is clean or not, real power in visual metaphor represented; mess to sort out. Lever (threshold?) between the extraordinary and pragmatic – not willing to accept anything less than extraordinary in my life. Agenda Qui Quoi Temps Avec qui Ezra Arrimage CA - Rôles 15 everyone Noémie “Clôture” stage 6 everyone Anique Prochaine étape du cercle d'intégration; entente temps partielle 5 qui veut Constance Présentation projet de mémoire 10 (36) everyone Paul Cleaning as practice 20 (56) tout le monde Elizabeth Workshop “catalogue” 20 (76) Tout le monde Paul Finances 15 Core Paul Being Seen 5 Tout le monde NOÉMIE Ma vision avant vs la version d'aujourd'hui de percolab avant. C'était vague. Vous travaillez sur l'innovation socaile. Outils innovants. Sans hiérarchie. Diffuser notre savoir faire sur la collaboration dans différentes entreprises. On fait plein de choses. C'est difficile de répondre vraiment. Tout tourne autours de la diffusion et de la manière de travailler (que les gens ne pensent pas qu'on puisse faire dans des entreprises); en utilisant des methodologies et technologies qui mettent l'humain au centre. On travaille de manière autonome. Comment ca m'a servi – comment les pratiques affectent l'urbaniste les structures ici permettent de mettre en branle des processus et amenagements urbains mais ne passent pas forcément par les urbanistes. Usage des projets ruelles, BANQ affecte sur 3 points: échelle – larges vs. Citoyens sur petite echelle, localisée qui fonctionne aussi plus largement gouvernance – ajoute une couche, soit les citoyens, faut réussir à travailler avec ces personnes t faire passer le dialogue et amener le langage différement approche différente – approche apprenante, réfléchie et qui évolue au fil du temps. Derrière ca peut peut être adapter les formations que l'on obtient Proposition pour la semaine prochaine : pourrait montre la nacelle en équipe. Will be in RDP, though. Besoins? Surtout l'écoute, besoin de faire un retour sur le projet. Anique prochaine étape du cercle d'intégration After final integration circle, went to potluck and did a résumé of what could be next. Seems to be an interest in exploring entente temps partielle or way to adapt core membership in consideration of a number of different incoming members. Open question of how to go about that “next” - Laurence open to renewing or adapting the entente to include a temps partielle membership. Elizabeth will support from the core. Depending how Nacelles goes – have a check in in 3 weeks v. part of process of adapting – Elizabeth will be part of process. How to note any updates stemming from Steph integration – add as comments. Paul sending email about fllow up to integration circle process. Who else should be included? Sam was pointing out that 4 people are integrating (Meghan, Steph, Anique and Laurence). Constance Présentation de projet de mémoire Fait un bachelor en gestion des opérations. Imposition des tâches et gestion du temps ambigue – partie sur comment l'individu peut ralentir son travail lorsqu'il le souhaite... comment, lorsqu'une personne a une marge de maneuvre, qu'est-ce qui fait qu'il la prenne ou pas. Voir ce que les employés font de leur temps et pourquoi. Intérssée à voir es résultats de l'auto gestion – entièremetn comme ils veulent, contraintes du groupe, gestion du temps, quoi amener de plus. Entrevues individuelles de chacun + session de groupe avec thème à déterminer pour voir comment, tous les employés ensemble. Résultat : article (publication académique puis billet de blogue ou autre) et cadre de management. Directeur s'intéresse aussi au sujet. Ne verra qu'une entreprise en détail. Assez libre par rapport au temps, en général un mois, pas avant le mois d'août. Constance nous enverra son résumé de recherche, et nous permet de la relancer sur les items qui nous seraient réellement utiles. Comme c'est l'été, on sera un peu éparpillé. De plus, toutes les rencontres ne sont pas dans l'échelle du temps de sa recherche. Voir Crédo, CoCO, voir organisations avec d'autres notions du temps. Réponse de notre part – quand on peut, dans les prochaines semaines. Mi-juillet. Nous envoie son résumé de recherche, et nous ferons un processus décisionnel. Paul Being seen What are the opticals we are currently working on : Blog Medium What is the actual thing we need to be doing Need some help (just wrote 2 articles – 8 visual check ins, visual practice) Sharing our favourite photos. A slideshow. Our financial year has just ended. Making a slideshow. Hello, service we offer. It shows the projects that we do. Image needed for self-management. How can we find a high quality self-management photos. What are we doing to be seen. Having project updates as an option for our weekly meetings. Every time I am asked to do a work they are intro to collective intelligence and to collaborative leadership. Starting to do self-management. Three different kinds of workshop that we do. 1) we go into an organisation and we provide a mini organisational retreat. We work on their stuff. Practices and moving things forward . 2) Conseil de la culture. A network organises something in their community and recruit people. 3) In house workshops. That's the diversity of what we do. When the atmosphere booklet was shared....Three parts to this. A workshop toolkit. Being clear and explicit on the offer. Descriptions with photos. With a PDF. The template. Cut copy paste. Every time we give a workshop, I send a document afterwards listing the practices. Instructions, frameworks. Percolab colours and feel. Also a way of integrating people. Who would be interested in working with this on me. Brainstorm of workshop topics. I would like for it to be really nice. What's the meta data for each workshop. That as a template. Populate that. How do we present that in a simple way. Timeline. By September...having the tools in hand. I've bene putting together. These are people who are interested in workshops. My client base of workshops. We've done a workshop before. One of my shifts. When I was in Nova Scotia. I did four days training with a group. I still would have had so much more I could have done with them. After 4 days! Everything was getting more and more...bringing them more and more to a place of self-organizing. The 4 D mapping launched them to a whole other place. We can do the whole day on....introduction to consent based decision making. We tend to throw everything in. We can break self-management into different practices (ex. A whole day on structuring meetings). I want to take what we do and dig in. Where is that one part of the of the day....complexity. Ideas for workshops? Visual thinking, design thinking, graphic facilitation, wordpress. Participatory video. How to interview people. Paul Shore. Harvesting. Finances – relationship to $$$. Rad bookkeeping. Seeing l'ensemble of the capacity that is produced. If no one ever contacts us for radical bookkeeping. Co-design. Art of hosting. Philosophical thinking. Frameworks. Imminent critique. Decolonize your work and your workplace / Anti-oppression. How do you make that language accessible. Ezra Régie interne ADN et lignes directrices de comment la coopérative fonctionne. Comment les 5 rôles classiques du CA peuvent être arrimés aux rôles. Sidebar : Isabel du Réseau coop enverra des suggestions au gouvernement sur comment les coopératives peuvent prendre des décisions. 1 Which roles could be connected : President Proposal : role 30 Vice President Proposal : role Secrétaire Proposal : role nouveau, hole we have currently to ensure we're meeting, don't currently do that Trésorier Proposal : role 9 Other option : don't map it Other option : higher level thing we can map Other option : People from categories around a CA role can assign the CA rep to the board from within the category. Also need to think of : not having one person in 2 CA roles; discomfort = people AND roles have changed – hard to think of this for something so far in the future; need to update this each year and list the responsibilities of each person; Would you want to have it tied to categories of role or a specific number? There could be different ways of doing it, and ... Need : path to finishing the régie; needs to be coherent and legally accurate. What are steps to completion. To do : move it to Loomio. 2. Catégorie de décisions du CA : Eligibilité des membres (not addressed) Paul Cleaning as practice Tolu's funeral on Saturday - And then we cleaned the storage space  +
Rencontre : 2017/08/01 10:00:00 AM (international) +*website like an international team. * open ears, sense on what you guys are working on. *how is it all growing together *take care of relationships - no expectations *get to know you a bit better - how can we present ourselves as an international team? *website and international things *how will we be integrating our language, cases and our work? ===Website context=== Developed organically over past 10 years. Everyone in team supports it. Roles around web site for technical support and maintenance, for blogs, for portfolios (how do we make visible the work we do?) , for team page, for branding and narrative. International / languages Inspiration - art of hosting website / enspiral website Which bits are translated and core to all locations, which bits are localised? ===4 breakout groups=== *bio/profiles. a word associate not the word we want to use. new words. nadine ezra *narrative branding. ann - cedric - nil *structure. chloe - helen - elizabeth *web - how we can present ourselves and the cells same time as clear as possible -ilona - sam ===1. Narrative-Branding/Story=== *What is the hero journey of Percolab? the collective story it holds *interview each other - finding the cracks - how did we come to want to work in this way? Our stories of walking out and walking on. identify the collective cracks / motivations. Narrative emerges through collective sense-making process *benefit of interviewing each other- collective story - embody collaboration = interview each other so we could get to know each other. what do we see as a collective. our work out/work on stories why do we work with percolab. this assumption we need to learn how to collaborate together. how did we each individually come to that. individual stories. internationally connect. via our stories. between teams also - local cell narratives. why we decided to create percolab and then seeing collective patterns emerge. global narrative is not prescribed but comes from collective sense-making process. ===2. web - how do we present ourselves?/differentiating factor=== * All that we do internally (pioneer practices) should be highly visible on the web site. Two differentiating factors * "International": Percolab team is multiple hubs in different countries united by a charter; the international community strengthens and amplifies the work, the learning and the potential. We collaborate on an international level and cross pollinate to the local levels. *"Pioneering next stage organisational/company practices" (innovate the talk) - *Walk the talk - we have an organizational context with which to live and experiment new organizational ways. we Innovate what a company can be from next stage financial models to company culture. No formal int’l structure, self-organising hubs agree around charter. No-one can call the shots. Local cells figure out a way to grow this thing together based on trust, trust in the cells. We really believe that with good conditions and containers, people can take care of themselves, their cell and the international infrastructure/collective. *We are working with a next stage organisational paradigms **Living system paradigm **Working from the framework commons, keep in the commons, out of enclosures **Self-management: completely self-managed organisation + collective structure, nobody is holding the thread at the top. **AoH-practice: foundational practice, hosting self, self-reflection *We think the service offering on the home page could use terms more like these **Teal - self-organization - self-management **Prototyping - bringing prototype mindsets into organizations. + innovation **Running meetings differently **Placemaking - Nacelles - vivre ensemble **Meaningful conversations - **Breakthrough solutions - innovation **Training **Working cultures - for complexity and creativity - Visual thinking *Slack note - use it for local cells and international within the same slack group ===3. Bios === Everyone come up with their own title e.g. Paul = everything designer, key words and bio (100 words). Maybe this could be done without the person in the room? How can the process of writing the bios be less painful? Interviewing each other? Ultimately it is everyone's responsibility to get their bios on the website Someone could have a "nomad" label... Also: having only 1 page for the team & the contacts. The contact page could present a map of the world with contacts and with a zoom, each cell and its members. ===4. Structure=== *headline - international network of practitioners walking the paradigm shifts together *What we do - trainings, services, portfolio, what's it like to work at percolab *Who we are - bios - native languages *Where we are - see cells/network - for potential clients - trainings - potential collaborators *How do we operate as an organization - percolab as a model - knowledge creation around self-management *Why do we do it *Local and global How do we present ourselves as an international team? while maintaining groudedness in placebased colour. Which core content is translated and what is purely native language How do we show the relationships between the parts. - UX of website - how are visitors to the site welcomed into conversation with Percolab? + Percolab - international, place-based. + Individual identities, collective one. Outward-looking bios. + How do we have real clarity around what we do - easy for a potential client to know why they should engage us + (Sam) how do we deconstruct the boxes / silos between events, trainings and consulting services + Communicating the breadth and depth of services / expertise (T-shaped offering) in a coherent way  +
Rencontre : 2017/08/08 10:00:00 AM (Debrief Nacelles) +'''Checkin''' * Lancement de début de qqc. Qui va avoir longue vie l'année prochaine. * expérience intéressante et bons résultats. - compte rendu. *bonne expérience – au réunion pour voir comment * comment ça fonctionne à percolab * la magie de cocon qui est créer par les nacelles. * qqs mots à vous lire. * le plaisir de voir les sourires se créer sur les visages de gens qui ils on vu, contournées vécus des nacelles. * conversations, ville mtl., comm1possible, nouveaux arrivants à montréal., et leurs expérience. Toile. Désir à continuer à voir les niveaux divers de ce qu'on essaie de faire. *puissance – contexte - *big possibility opened up and lots of way we can create with it. How do we communicate that it is a commons for a community person. How can we signal that in beautiful and subtle ways. Different ways we can program them? These objects have a direct impact on how people move through a space and use a space and the scales of intimacy of the space. *data collection piece – sitting back and listening. Group work - structured around report '''Check out''' *Clustering around - drawing people in. People are attentive. *« Le dispositif fonctionne » *Par raport à la récolte – à l'extérieur de la nacelles pour continuer à tirer plus d'informations une fois que le moment vécut (nous on dirait - faire vivre davantage la magie en sortant) interaction – gens - attentes. Définition d'inclusion – les exépériences vécues des gens. On crée une expérience en mettant des gens dans une nacelles. Les nacelles permettent au gens de tous vivre sur l'instant. Ambiguité tension – nous sommes en train de provoquer une expérience d'inclusion pendant que nous cherchons à récolter des informations d'inclusion. *Détails pratiques – pour des gens qui font l'animation. Des leçons à partager. Dans un billet de blogue! *L'inclusion on a tous vécu l'inclusion et nous avons tous vécus nos propres expériences d'inclusion. Nos attentes. *Reciproctié et la magie créer dans l'environnement. Un moment de magie est puissant. On donne et on reçoit. Comment être engagée dans qqc la magie de la reciprocité doit s'y trouver là encore. *Who does inclusion? shifting to a community held responsibility. Link with the commons. Nacelles as a really amazing example to take a public space and create a space of commons and community within it. Potential within that is wide reaching. Public – commons-community - repsonsabilities and opportuntities are. Lines of flight. We co-created around inclusion. Entre binam – percolab – avec les conteurs  +
Rencontre : 2017/08/15 10:00:00 AM (Agenda Agile) +Percolab Meeting 15 August 2017 Present : Chloe, Solene, Cedric, Nadine Agile agenda : 1. Percolab website (Nadine) Need to add page which is for the Training Centre in France. There is mandatory information to add there. Nadine could add the content and Paul look after the visuals. We also need more information - like on a wiki. We need to be completely transparent about who we are, what we do, what trainings, how do we do these, who are our clients, what results to we have. The French administration requires this. Content structure needs to be developed next week. The information needs to be live before the end of September. Could be part of Hola. Ask - help from Paul for website page. Chloe could support if Paul is too busy. 2. Percolab Summer Camp 2018 (Cedric) The opportunity to do a summer camp for new paradigm humans / work / relations look like? Exploring big questions around building collaborative capacity. Somewhere beautiful in nature. Link to integration - how can we include more people in Percolab culture? Including families. Putting out this idea to start the conversation with the team to start making myself accountable to progressing this. Nadine - maybe the first step could be to open conversation in Slack? Open a new channel. Action : Cedric to open Slack channel. 3. Integration Circle (Chloe) Recently moved to Montreal from New Zealand. Feeling very settled and keen to embed into Percolab. Talked with Paul about integration circle starting on week of September 11 at retreat. Integration circle = 6 sessions over 7 weeks with Percolab core hosting people who are wanting to get into business with Percolab. Defining offer, opportunities for shared learning and creativity. Prototyping this, ending in decision about formal engagement. Purpose of circle : 1) practice together - work with members from the core team on mandates - what happened what did we learn - what do we want to do 2) support team with the roles as collaborator / with roles (without holding roles ex Fanny) What is required to keep this thread alive now that retreat is not happening on those dates. What can I do to support? Needs 2 people from Core to hold it. This will be the second iteration of the circle. What was learned in the first one? Hasn't been much space dedicated for this sense-making yet. What have we learned about inclusion and integration in the last year? Action - Chloe to put a call out to team about who would like to be involved in conversation about reflecting on integration circle process and prototyping / hosting the next one. 4. How does Amplifier project work? (Solene) Where has project come from? This project has come out of the listening platform initiative. Big ethnographic study on community feedback. It is a team rather than an organisation. So Percolab is doing the admin support and also Sam is doing coaching with the lead of the project on what is listening, what does it mean? How does the Amplifier team be a fractal of the community they are engaging with? What we have been looking for is someone to look after admin of this project - doing invoices, managing project. Doesn't necessarily connect to the usual way Percolab projects work. Way Percolab projects work? It is very varied. Like every company giving services, sometimes we answer to tenders, or to clients getting in contact directly. Sometimes we also work with partners. Tender vs direct contact depends on the size of the budget. Percolab teams form around individual projects. Could be an event, training, or a shift in org structure. Our work is always in the form of support - help people to do what they do better and innovate. Scenario - the city puts out tender to run co-design process for public space. Percolab wins the tender. We look at the size of the budget and what activities we will do e.g. building, facilitation, harvesting, design. These activities get split into roles. This process is open and finances are transparent. Out of every project 25% of the budget goes back to the centre. This covers things like ECTO, phone bills, trainings, special projects. The two ways to make money are to lead a project, or collaborate on a project. Anyone on the team can bring in projects. Some of us have privileged relationships with clients we've worked with in the past who come back to us with more work. Action - Cedric and Solene to sit down together to talk about operations of Amplifier project. 5. Exploring emergent communications on Nacelles (Cedric) What are emergent comms? Where the message and meaning is not fixed - we are still learning what it is. Nacelles projects good opportunity to practice this. We had a prototype event where we harvested a lot of things - beautiful photos, moments, poems, other data. We have been commissioned to create this report for the city, how else can we talk about this? How do we explain Nacelles to people? Solene has written up summary from meeting she had with ?? talking about how we experienced the Nacelles at Nova Stella event. What did she expect from Nacelles and what could be improved in the future? We had 3 Nacelles in the streets but they were not differentiated so people didn't know which Nacelle to go to, or to expect a different experience in each one. This could be interesting to play with. Would be great to have a conversation with Clemence, Estelle and Hafid about Nacelles programming first to see what they have learned. On the Composs1ble website there are some stories but there is much more learning. Part of the intention of the partnership is to learn together. Cedric - what I understand from last Saturday is that there isn't one story with Nacelles, but many stories. How do we put these stories to the public in a way that is rich and inter-subjective, and also clear? Something that could be interesting to do would be to have some interview questions to ask everybody who was there on the day and involved with the project. Solene - we need to document what we feel about that. Action : Cedric to lead putting together these thoughtful questions. Solene to collaborate.  +
Rencontre : 2017/08/22 10:00:00 AM (agenda agile) +Check in question: Where were you during the solar eclipse yesterday? Who - what - duration/time - with how many people Samantha - branding-positioning percolab - 5 minutes - everyone In chicago, met with someone who offers coaching. American business savvy. Marc Levy $15,000 USD - paid Virtual coaching sessions, starts thursday 1pm and next week too. One person joins sam. Wednesday September 6th, 10:30am. Karine and I agree to be in one session for me to be with Sam and pay something like 1500 Intriguing and interesting work. Permission to film and video every coaching session. Only 2 people per session, but with a collective benefit. How can percolab be positioned and branded in a way that we have a common way of talking about our work. Goal: nobody freezes up when asked ‘what is percolab’? Sam will create a channel on slack specifically for this coaching process so everyone can follow and participate Cédric - Nacelles + ecto + street fair - What are we doing? - 5 min - whoever wants to ecto has a kiosk at the street fair. it would be an opportunity to get some visibility and get other ecto members to experience the nacelle. Q: What is the purpose for percolab? (seems fairly clear for ecto) Q: How would the nacelle be animated: around social inclusion, co-working..? Q: Can we prototype the nacelle as a mini co-working space? Q: Do we have the capacity to work on this right now? Q: Is it enough that just one of us works on it? Every time someone sits in the nacelle it’s a business opportunity - learning from HR yesterday (Sam). Need a clear intention, what text on the wing? Remove 375th sticker. Postcard idea: description and contact for percolab. Concern that without animation it’s just a cool piece of furniture (which it is), can we sit out there for 2 days? Paul away thursday friday at fab lab but could print some vinyl stickers if needed. If we have a handout it would work (Paul). Let’s do it one day - Thursday. This is our get ready opportunity. Cedric + Solene others will coordinate materials to be printed and be there to set up! Karine - workshops in November in Europe - Paul, Sam,.. - 5 mns - everyone Sam is coming to europe 23rd november in Paris. Have been trying to get Paul to France for a long time and respond to the demand for a graphic facilitation workshop. Paul would like to go visit Hafid and Nacelles in Toulouse Lausanne is also a possibility. Laurence: 16nov - 16 dec Marseille, Suisse, Belgique Anique in brussels by then 22-24 nov in croatia if accepted Meghan: Valencia beginning of December Nil: Carlotta, my friend I’ll be facilitating the money workshop with, is a Graphic Recorder and Graphic Facilitator. Here her linkedin Potential collaboration? What about a retreat in Europe with percolabers Question about English/French workshops or French only…. Paul - Toronto partnership work - 5 min. - 2 people Two things happening in toronto: ET group - unleash - technical infrastructure for offices. Interested in expanding to how people work together (work, space, technology). Need help to look at working culture. Working with deloitte but not having good result. Onno (connected through Unleash and Art of Hosting , currently in the Netherlands) talking about setting up a percolab toronto cell. Who is interested in exploring these two things with Paul? Paul has written about past work we’ve done in this area of work culture and space. Petite enfance for example. Sam happy to be on the back end of this but already trying to reduce workload to make more time to write. The work we’ve done up until now has been edgy and exploratory and successful. Lots to build on. Timeline - meeting sept 7th. Already done 2 pitches. Laurence, Cedric, interested to talk more Space + culture = Nacelle Paul - retreat in Quebec - 5 min - all Retreat canoe camping 11-13 September was set and booked but Elizabeth is unavailable. it gets complicated when we try to move things because not everyone is always available. Paul not comfortable hosting a canoe retreat without Sam who is travelling many other dates. Logistically is just very tricky. 1,2,3 September sam is also available. There is a retreat channel on slack, we can continue there. Doodle the two dates and we will make a quick final decision. Anique - recent Nacelles activity internal feedback reflection - 10 min. - who wants Resume of the conversation Samantha - Nacelles investment - budget - 10-15 min - 1-2 people Expenses - materials, transportation, CNC, workshop Comm1Possible Storage Labour - designer, coordination, technica IT, sanding, varnishing, moving investment - 1 investment 2-3 regular investment costs. going forward for each nacelles. Sam - website update - 30-60 min - whoever interested. Percolab France: Nous sommes une centre de formation qui nous donne des droits et aussi des contraintes. 21 critères à remplir pour maintenir ce statut. Nadine et Karine vont travailler la page ‘ateliers-europe’ avec un texte et titre qui répond aux exigences de cette réglementation. QQchose dans hola pour garder des documents pénibles : réglementation interne, Besoin d’aide pour créer le site web. Est-ce que ça demande une prestation de service (france vers canada) sémantique : c’est Yoann, quelques heures, sinon non! Faire une page atelier différente : séparer le contenu des dates et lieux, on l’a perdu, il faudrait y revenir. Point très négligé et il y a une urgence. Nadine et Karine prennent le lead sur le sujet. Centre de formation, s’il faut. Niveaux locaux… stratégie sur le site web pas bien claire encore; s’inspirer de AoH. Need for a catalogue of workshops! Bring content and exp of web sites for Paul Check out Nil: I am really thankful, once again, by the feeling I get when I’m in connection with you all. Before the Team meeting, I’ve got a fantastic session with Cederic and Anique around the Money Workshop. I’ll be back in work mode next week, and then I’ll update! And please, send me the postal address of Percolab Montreal and France via Slack!  +
Rencontre : 2017/08/31 10:00:00 AM (Bios etc) +Work session to co-organise the retreat Checkin - some information and rumblings to share? Retreat *gear - go around - what do i have and what do I need? *share where is our ease at canoeing + camping *travel - who are our drivers/cars (who goes in which car is self-organized) *food - needs to be have a key host (elizabeth) with support from sam/paul for equipment and kitchen basics *budget/cost - we will practice shared economy with a transparent budget *departure time - agreed on 9h30 *agenda - agreed that we would check in upon arrival at destination (the island) and see what emerges Check-out What am I wishing for at this retreat?  +
Rencontre : 2017/09/05 10:00:00 AM (Percolab charter) +Check-in: Who are you and why are you here today? Cédric from Montreal - coming back from the canoe retreat. Here to connect with the international team that is growing. Connect. Onno from the Netherlands & Toronto- here to find out how the retreat went and move the charter forward Ria from Belgium - missed the last international call. lots of questions around how this all works, who is making agendas for the international meeting? and other questions Nadine from Montpellier - very interested in the creation of new cells, in europe in particular. there is a need to give a clear and beautiful picture of our international structure An from Belgium - want to follow up on this international network. Mr. Ezra from Montreal - has been working on the bios page, still big questions about what is a collaborator, a cell, etc. Anique from Montreal & moving to Brussels - feeling very moved by the retreat, to be in nature, with these people and these movements of thought. becoming more specific about how I can engage with percolab and practice what i would call ‘the otherwise’. here today because it’s a continuation of my participation in this organization and invested in the future of european cells. Solène newbie in percolab in Montreal - also at the retreat. Here to understand how percolab works and what the values are. Here to listen and understand the charter. Hélène Montreal - in a position of observing, finding my place. coming back in after a long vacation Meghan: I don’t have a fixed address, want to be part of the international team. Let’s sink our teeth into the charter - let’s make it happen! Paul Montreal - how can we share the learnings from Montreal and put it together and share it with the international circle. Some more? Onno: My heart is in Toronto - how to move that cell forward? About the Art of Hosting in France (make it international? with friends of Spain, Lille) - and in Belgium. Dates for a France cell retreat - open invitation. Read through the charter individually, then share Something that is: A question note worthy and important a concern a recommendation The charter draft: Breakout conversations - in pairs discuss and then come back to the big group Let’s hear back from one person in each group, then open it up to circle dialogue Anique + Cedric: no clear recommendations (yet). Point 3: governance of the commons - can we be specific about the process? being explicit about boundaries and the openness - light and iterative. embodiment: be really specific about what we all mean about ‘the new paradigm’ and ‘common good‘ relationships between cells and commons: identity? - are we flexible around people’s involvement in the cells? how much opens that up into the commons? if you agree to be in a cell are you agreeing to take on international roles? collaboration across cells? in the charter, or in a separate document? do we need specific pragmatics? can we have knowledge sharing into the charter? simple infographic of the charter? - what is the flow? access point? first step? Nadine and An: international roles is also one of our concerns responsibility for personal level - interesting to put in what if a cell wants to leave. we have a lot about integration but not enough about separation. do we wait until they leave or do we think about it now. (learnings from individual or personal departures to be applied) to take care of our alignments (personal, cell, global) over time. include the necessity to participate in an international gathering? its not a short process. the website: about integration and joining the percolab website: to which level information of a cell is presented in english/french (int’l), from where information is in the local language (if not e/f), and how does that show in the structure of the website? people could see that in Belgium is a core team, also in France etc - percolab inc owns 50% of the shares, when percolab france was started???. Meghan, Ezra, Hélène: what if cells want to leave? do we want it to make light, or serious?!? what can we learn from the personal level - integration and departure international roles, or network roles (different than local roles): needs to be mentioned? clarification of members and collaborators. team members on the website: member based in France, member based in Belgium if you are a local member, then you are not a collaborator anymore. - if I move to another city, start a local cell - how do you start? - there is building a team - find contracts - entrepreneurial attitude needs some more articulation Onno and Ria: what does collective ownership mean international-commons? linking with responsibilities? is there a financial model behind it? - what do we mean around principles - can we be more specific? more practices related with it? - can we state it more like: we do it like that, we believe in… , like: we use circle practice as… - where can a new cell start? what could be the investment? - what is the review or re-evaluation process for cells? like we do with individuals integrating into the team, we have a discussion after 3 months and one year. Can we do something similar as cells? - Just as we have “why organizations are important of the new paradigm”, how can we include/ touch on why the network is important and what place does this have in the new paradigm?Maybe network as platform??? Paul + Solene: See photo on slack. Charter in the middle, things that connect us (art of hosting, circle practice, self management). Each individual as a member of percolab needs to have the collective in the center, take on a role, share your learnings, run a business and tend to the relationships. SAME for cells! We say that cells should set up what makes sense locally, can we also make clear recommendations - to explore first: Cooperative, SAS in france, more examples. it doesn’t say anywhere what domains we work in. What is the nature of our work. For example “we make cakes’, every cell can make cakes, but some put frosting on, some serve them on platters or as squares. If a cell wants to build microphones, maybe that doesn’t fit.. Individual → Cell → Living organization/ charter/ network. There is a connection between what we sign up to as individuals, as as cells and as percolab globally. Questions: What are our shared costs? We have a grace period as a coop, do we have a grace period as a cell? Contributing to the website, collective projects, like the branding now. Montreal is putting in a large investment into branding, in the future, how do we do it as a collective? How do we differentiate what the different services are internationally? Not separating people geographically on the website, but just naming clearly where they work or where they are based. “What’s the cloud?” Document and resource sharing, what do you have access to in different locations? (bitsync for example, online file sharing internally) Sit for one minute - share then in circle: Circle - what reflections do we have now. Meghan: lots of learnings we can take from individual integration, that can be mapped on the cells. Onno: what came up - how much we need to organise as a minimum, and let the rest emerge in the future? what are the themes that are coming up here? who has energy to take on a next step around it? thanks very much already! Nadine: make it as simple as possible! make it alive by doing it step by step, through practical things. simple documentation; take it one by one, make the integration practical. in doing things together questions will arise. Anique I love simplicity and aliveness. what could be a really simple way to move forward? can we do something where we have these different cells and the pragmatics - break down the core elements for the constellation and for each cell, so we can see it and hold it? what are the key ingredients that we want for each cake? eg. international network/ commons < -- > each cell charter/ regie financial model pragmatics/ admin integration platforms for sharing Paul: all we can do is to map out what is there. and what are the unknown territories? we need to name them. d What are the things we already know and what are the things we need to explore (eg. based on pragmatic need)? An: wow, so much ideas and reflections! start with doing, not so much trying to figure out what might happen in all possible situations… In doing and making first steps, being aware of not taking too much new things/cells at a time. Ezra: I always imagined an organization having a common model - there’s a thing and it’s completely different from what I’ve done in the past and I’m interested in exploring it. Ria: What I hear and what I want to name is: let’s see the fractals from individual people moving in/out of local cells and the local cells moving in/ out of the international circle. I hear simplicity, I hear practical starting from where we are. I’m very fond of that fractal thing. There’s must be principles that we can apply at all levels*. Cédric: it’s a half baked thought (like the cake), there is something around culture of feedback that needs to be named. what is our culture of feedback and what are our check-in points? less time on definition and more on reflective practices - that is the new paradigm we are touching. Fractals! (also visually satisfying to imagine). Care and also beauty being at the center. Check-out (a quick one): In one word/phrase, why does this matter for you? Nadine: social impact at large in our world Ria: life informing actions Cedric: increasingly thinking of percolab as a “hope-ship” Ezra: giving a gift to the world Paul: replicating nature Onno: connected energy An: building capacity collectively Meghan: alignment work and practices Helene: a gift because it is alive Solene:a dance building a house Anique: calling emerging futures into the present  +
Rencontre : 2017/09/12 10:00:00 AM (Roles and meetings) +Tuesday Meeting- Roles Check-In September 12, 2017 - ECTO - Montréal Cell (notes that have an easier to read format are [http://here]: Part of being a percolab member is sharing the work of owning roles. Check-in question - quand je pense a mon rôle, quel est mon feeling en ce moment (propre a ce context). What is your feeling around roles at this moment (in percolab or not)? Elizabeth - j’accompagne la gestion participative, comment switcher le mindset de mon poste à mon rôle. i haven’t cracked the nut on how to accompany that shift. Paul - responsibility and expectation Nadine - un cadeau pour faire grandir l’équipe Nil - responsibility, something for the future, care, sustained care Mireille - être main à main dans une chaine Romain (1) - Sam - who is taking care of the invisible roles? Solene - une responsabilité, une chance de prendre soin de quelque chose Lucie - un grand changement Meghan - disconnected Laurence - confusion, passer d’un rôle à un autre Anique - alive landing sites, allow movement and connect things Romain (2) - être au centre d’un environnement personnel et professionnel. ce qu’on peut donner, basé sur le bienêtre Ezra - balance between the pleasure or energy for something, and that some roles are less desirable (not sick, just allergies, no health worries!) Cédric - fun with metrics. des fois ca marche, des fois moin bien. un chapeau que je peux mettre pour avoir une couche d'intentionnalité. parallèle avec le rôle de papa de que porte quand je suis pas au bureau. jusqu'où je peut amener mon contribution Eric - roles means that things don’t fall through the crack. Hélène- l’énergie qui nous font vivre, et apprendre à travailler. le rôle d’être un praticien. comment faire le switch entre plusieurs chapeaux. reflection from Nil - the word role brings the idea of care, and sustained care reflection from Sam - it’s not necessarily easy, and that’s ok. let’s be kind to ourselves, and honest, and be better at naming what’s not going well so we can take care of the organization. Process proposal: Start by writing out the roles that the 6 of us each have (partnered with people who don’t have roles). Put a heart around the ones we have energy and feeling good about. Put a sad face on the one that is on the other extreme. On a scale of 0-10 how ready is someone ready to take it over? Are the processes documented? Some might be ripe to pass on , some might still be in our heads. 17 people for 6 roles Reminder: it’s about stewarding and not doing all the job Nadine on computer Paul in kitchen Ezra on couch Elizabeth bean bag Cedric nacelle Sam red couch Roles are about the successful functioning of percolab as it is and helping it to move forward. It’s not necessarily about doing the work, but you are accountable for the things that are written up in the role description Share back our inventory of roles. Elizabeth Bid watcher - sad face - 7/10 - local reading rfps, info is there, but it’s draining will be thrown back into the center Workshops - happy face - 4/10 - international or local unsure excited about the general offer of workshops outside of what we do ourselves Librarian - happy - 5/10 - international but not sure buying and organizing books is fun, new card deck is cool. new tool to catalogue the books we personally have at home so we know Rigueur - happy - 2/10 - international Rapporteur financier - neutral - 0/10 - local nothing prepared because coop is still in development Being seen - neutral - 2/10 - international woops it’s not in hola hard to contract out the work we have all stepped up recently and feeling hopeful Paul Webmaster - good feelings - low documentation lots of support Network - medium feelings - medium documentation domain names, access to emails Outils de collaboration - medium feelings - low documentation access to loomio, slack etc Archiviste - medium good - excited to make better documentation bitsync Gardien de la goutte - good - medium documentation template, percolab style Banker - do not like - well documented connected to bookkeeper no flow Heart bookkeeping role - not even mine! Elizabeth misses being banker (invisible role) Stewarding the purchase of the inc - local *interesting that we are getting more Nadine International partnership development we focused a lot on the development with Karine locally we need new partnerships, focus for october and november Strategic editing not happy because I haven’t had time to do them properly doing it by translating things that are important to our work in france, an indirect way to take care of this role National Co-working space Banker Financial reporting - sad face but I have to *national roles HAVE to be shared with karine *Fanny is joining to core team in the next month which will help Sam Partnership development - international - formalizing how being in partnership is creating bigger potential. putting that stuff online - being seen challenge Strategic editor - international - doing a crappy job not ready to let it down because it’s important Governance - international - not ready to hand it over has been global but this role is in emergence with international cells adding stewards working with yoann to restructure the wiki so it’s better for everyone Financial reporting of the inc - BIG SAD FACE - i need help - local would rather be on govt and partnerships, not doing a good job Legal protector - local hired a lawyer to validate our contracts Narrative branding - international roaring through right now huge branding provoking process Content translation - blah (invisible role) onboarding (invisible role) offboarding + relationship culture both have been written, need to be attributed, sam holding for now Cedric Bookkeeper - sad face - out of my league, big learning curve, but not sure if that is in service of the organization. ready to let it go Premier répondant - happy face answer emails that come into the info@percoalb box inform the team about emails that could be interesting make connections and hold relationships to new contacts Kanban - referentiel de competences what are the skills and competencies needed to thrive in percolab culture there is clarity but we need to practice it Legos - meh, un peu plat, not sure things that help us write service offers more simply standards that can be re-used lots of guilt - nadine has the same feeling enjeu de visibilite Course on that user: password: nilroda1 Portfolios il faut prototyper qqchose. needs to be simplified and iterated raconter l’histoire de nos projets Ezra Team profiles - happy lots of following up with people to get their faces and bios on the website not hard but requires perseverance THANK YOU FOR THAT! (nil) Lieu de travail - happy following up with ecto, filling out our use of the space form (passage) maintaining a healthy relationship very well documented (10/10) Video/Photo - none existent somehow very little work to do Stagiaire - well documented (8/10) - neutral feelings no current stages, but we can think more about how we welcome people learning, encadrement. helpful and interesting role Coop - unsure face - it was fun to learn about the legal structure but let drop a bit the transition. big complicated “hot mess” that elizabeth has been picking up 6/10 documentation Sometimes we are naming the purpose of the role clearly, and sometimes we could use a refresh of the write up in hola We are stewarding the work. We are stewarding practice. Invite others on what you are working on. Meghan Newsletter - picked it up with the self-management workshop haven’t done much since - guilt, sorry! keen to keep doing it and write up a fall newsletter workshops, happy to enter in. Process: make proposals to change roles. We will try to use the generative decision making process. Hopefully much of it is the short process (thumbs) but we will do it hte long way if needed. Process reference = Sam = (faciliator) Proposal #1 Elizabeth - I propose that Ezra and I fuse the two coop roles. (facilitator) - please clarify ownership of role or description of role Role #34 coop role includes purchase of inc, elizabeth and ezra do it together (facilitator) - thumbs, 99% up, Paul down Paul - the separation of description and ownership is not clear. I don’t like two people owning a role (facilitator) what is the risk to org Paul - The risk is two people holding one role, things can fall through the cracks, not sure who to go to Ezliabeth - I would like to give up my role of purchasing the inc. Informal role around purchasing the inc. Need support to keep doing it. Co-stewardship. (faciliator) - we are in a clarification round. What do you want? Elizabeth - I want the role to be well done. Subsidies and access to money. Status, lawyer relationship. (facilitaor) - this is an urgent and time sensitive role. If you took it on with Ezra, could you commit to take on the descion making together (hold it in an exemplary way as a duo). Paul - why not cedric too? (facilitator) - not ripe. lets continue with other proposals Proposal #2 Nadine - I have a feeling that our trainings and workshops are larger than the role that is currently defined. I propose a new role around training strategy, larger than workshops, connected to communication (website and newsletter). (facilitator) - we cannot adopt a new role without a description and an idea worked through already Meghan - very interested in joining that conversation Getting clarity Paul (monologue) - tempted to take back bookkeeper and very tempted not to. Timing with annual reporting is key. What support do you need Cedric? But also not enjoying banking role, reporting is the hardest part. Elizabeth - tempted to take it and not take it. Sam - what is in service of percolab? Paul - with the coop work to do, can I take bookkeeping and free up time for you Cedric - I would like to do more learning WITH you. Paul - no proposition. I will continue with banking and give cedric extra support on bookkeeping until the coop /purchase is done (and annual review) Cedric - strange timing to check in on roles. we worked well together until the summer, we can do it again. Also, the coop purchase is not a stewardship of two - it is definitely a stewardship of 3. Laurence - I wish I had more clarity after the meeting, Sam - after you sign a contract with percolab, you have to take on minimum one role. once you sign you are legally reponsible for the organization with your colleagues. taking on a role is essential to learning and being in service on self-management Solene - if I can help I would be glad to. I have experience avec la comtabilite. Declaration Elizabeth - I am no longer doing bid-watcher (#6) and nobody can make me. Sam - onboarding and offboarding (#41 & #42) are orphaned Need to get clarity on people integrating. We need to do a descision making and see how the cooperative. Carrying and sharing legal responsibility is essentail to the role. This can not be held by someone who has not signed onto the coop. Is this something that explicitly needs to be written in the international charter? It’s amazing that we haven’t had more proposal for changes of roles, we’ve had up to 19 in the past! It’s also because it’s the end of summer and this check-in has reminded us which roles we hold and what the extent of the responsibilities are. Check-out - what clarity you are leaving with today and a little bit about who you are Mireille - un an que je suis ici. digital, numérique, communication. découvert AoH récemment. J’offre mon aide avec grand plaisir. Solène - j’ai envie de contribuer mais maintenant c’est plus clair à qui je peux parler pour aider. connecté par les nacelles Lucie -connecté par compétences de crha. observation des interactions, étude de human systems intervention at concordia. Hélène - praticienne de AoH. ce qui émerge pour moi aujourd’hui est une réunion de praticiens. Romain (1) - contente de tomber sur la réunion des rôles, beaucoup de clarté de c’est quoi faire parti de percolab. lots of confusion in generative decision making. en processus transition, urbanisme, org communautaire, tripper sur les pratiques collaboratives. AoH avec Lupuna Meghan - clarity about who to talk to based on the roles they have, less shy to ask. glad to see the hola list come to life. Part of percolab since 1 year, mostly in montpellier, back in Montreal, for keeps! Nil - wow i have no idea what's going on, lots to learn. decision making not clear. more diving in! thanks for having me here. Nadine - clarity: i have a lot of invisible roles. really grateful to be here in this meeting today. thank you. i don’t want to feel guilty, but it’s good to explicitly say what we are doing for each other. i want to bring that clarity to our cell here in france. explicit is important! co-founder of percolab in france, have been here since the beginning. Elizabeth - 1) no more bid watcher 2) first blog post on tuesday meetings, should be automatically sent out and translated 3) this conversation was overdue! 4) besoin de faire ca autour des différents projets. member of percolab 4 years Paul - in addition to my checkin (responsibility and expectation ) I would add + communication + asking for help. also clarity on the temporality of roles. feels good at light for it to not be a forever commitment. member percolab 7 years this month! Cédric - 2 clarités: 1) perdu de vue la pratique de stewardship et ca me met sur le défensive (comment inviter dans un pratique collective) 2) comment on fait de la sense collective dans les patterns qui émerge dans nos projets. Laurence - 1 an collaborateur percolab devenir membre bientôt. ca reste encore confus ce que je peux prendre mais j’apprécie la dynamique. la prochain step c’est d’embarquer la dedans. Ezra - just did a clown performance and excited to bring a clown to one of our public events. I was paying attention to the ‘performativity of language’. Embarrassment, annoyance. Nice to be able to name when something is heavy and gross. Anique - I found this meeting incredibly productive. Feels very healthy. Inspiring. I have been collaborating with percolab about 6 months. Romain (2) - entendu par Hafid et Clémence des nacelles et toulouse. beaucoup d’ouverture vers un mode de gestion en tant gestionnaire d’un startup (4 personnes). des choses me parlent personnellement alors merci a tous Samantha - cofounder of percolab 10 years ago. a roar in my belly to shift to a role based system. what i liked about the meeting is seeing which ones are local, international, writing them up. huge forward movement that has been driving us. and now the being seen in our roles and being explicit, is facilitated by having guests. later on, what do we want to say about roles in our next blog post? making huge headway together. 3 month check-ins on roles is important.  +
Rencontre : 2017/09/19 10:00:00 AM (Projets courants) +Tuesday MTL percolab meeting September 19, 2017 ECTO avec Comm1possible par zoom easier to read notes here: Check - in: Comment est-ce qu’on arrive ce matin? Hafid: corps bloqué mais contente de l’installation ce matin. Hâte de savoir ou est-ce qu’on est et ou est-ce qu’on va prochainement. Récupérer votre expérience avec la nacelle et votre méthodologie Clémence: belle installation ce matin Estelle: un peu fatigué mais contente d’être avec vous Cédric: j’arrive en deux têtes, un avec les installations nacelles ce matin et un autre projet qui se développe Paul: still arriving. happy to be with people after spending 2 days alone. I’m here but not completely. Lucie: un peu en retard à cause d’un session de photo avec Ezra. weekend de maîtrise HSI très groundé, chanceux d’être la Nancy: première fois à percolab je ne connais personne. plein de curiosité, théâtre + facilitation grapique Elizabeth: arrivé après une grande voyage de vélo Meghan: aussi à vélo, très différent de montpellier ou la campagne suédois Ezra: utilise un nouveau application pour travailler l’intelligence émotionnelle Isablle: en retard ce matin, essoufflé, ca fait du bien d’entrer dans un atmosphère calme, curieux, ouverture. Storytelling around the Nacelles Nous allons raconter quelques histoires de nos expériences récentes d’installations nacelles et faire la récolte à travers plusieurs lentilles (lunettes). Histoires de 5 minutes: Histoire 1: Novastella ‘when the clouds parted’ Histoire 2: Vaudreuil ‘roch voisin n’est pas venu dans un nacelle’ Histoire 3: “vivre la nacelle” Histoire 4: Pierrefonds ‘the time we abandoned a nacelle’ Quelles lunettes? partners - partenaires (Lucie) l'aspect de l’agilité intéresse les partenaires. extérieur ou intérieure. la poursuite de conversation. inclusion. espace d’innovation nommer le nombre de personne qu’on peut attracter. sondage de marketing. location - lieux (Clémence + Paul) vaudreuil - thinking of the nacelle as a location marker in the process. we do a lot of work together, many events, the nacelle marks a certain place in our collaboration novastella - the weather is everything, ‘winter is coming’. only during the day, nothing at night. it creates a magnet to go to, and then they disappear. you feel it more when it has been taken away. positioning with respect to each other and so that the invitation is just right. clash with the culture of the event @ pierrefonds. very transactional culture that didn’t fit with the concept of the event. Dominant paradigm is spectator, transaction in a booth, or getting information and recourses (+ free stuff). No containers or framing to just meet other people in the design of the event. Quel est la pratique de design d’événement de quartier pour que l’impact est aligné? Même s’il y a de la gratuité et culturel, il n’y a pas de la place pour la réciprocité. Ville et banlieu: quelle était la différence entre la culture et l'organisation entre novastella puis vaudreuil ou pierrefond. Utiliser les espaces qui sont connu comme place de rencontre (en face de l’église au lieu d’un parking) framing - cadrage (Elizabeth) not so much about content but much more about the physical space. big clothesline and yellow papers framed the space @ vaudreuil the distance between the two nacelles turned a non-space into something inviting @ pierrefonds triangle of nacelles at novastella SPACE! on remarque l’absence des nacelles après qu’on est parti. little things around the space play an important role to literally frame the space harvesting - récolte (Meghan) arrêté d’écrire des notes parce que ca mettait les gens moins à laise plus du succès mettres des cartes index au centre avec des images index cards - much more accessible and helps polinate the conversations dans les 3 cas un panier avec des feutres, cartes index et info sur les nacelles : invitation pour les enfants et les participants carte d’empathie sans visage, les gens ont passé la journée Est-ce qu’on partage les chiffres des gens qui viennent? 413! plus loin que le rapport vers le partenaire. in vaudreuil we had a focused clear, harvest. What are the patterns of what citizens want to see in events. That was an intention from the beginning. (had we been running around the event with clipboards, we would not have had the same récolte) sit differently to think differently. reaction - réaction (Ezra + Isabelle) les gens s’arrête le début de conversation. une évolution de perception (jacuzzi vers possibilités, multi usage etc) les partenaires et organisateurs: convaincu, intrigué, grand taux de participation. en france, beaucoup de curiosité pierrefonds, créer un collectivité avec des micro-cultures puissant et connectant magic - magie (Nancy + Cedric) it can look like nothing is happening, but a real conversation around you personal experience with inclusion is significant. mais ca ressemble la vie normal. impressionnant! tu peux expliquer qu’est ce qui se passe dans un nacelle, pas la même chose de le vivre. un présence silencieuse à un magie magie de sortir tes notes (poème) de ton cahier puis de le placer au centre avec des cartes index rendent tout le processus plus collectif, puissant. le beau temps est un élément magique un ‘paul’ disponible pour aider était magique la pression et relief de finir la construction des 2 nacelles dernière minute déclencher les émotions la conversation se termine elle même, naturellement. ET que ca se continue ailleurs leaving the nacelle empty, waiting to see how people interact, and the quick rise of interaction that comes with the facilitation or intentional activity (l’animation) la nacelle est le forum, le concept est beaucoup plus englobant. ca peut se passer n’importe ou. reciprocity - réciprocité (Hafid) Early check-out team Comm1possible (11:10am) Hafid: les mot que j’ai retenu sont entraide, 413 personnes, invitation, Clémence: processus léger, invitation douce, anthropologique, être différent ensemble, continuer à l’extérieur de la nacelle, progression vers l’entrée dans la nacelle, l’élément attracteur Estelle: rappelle de ma première expérience observer une nacelle Other Aha’s! - what experience would you like to have with a nacelle? (slow check-out) Officiate a wedding with a nacelle! In my classroom at concordia! Citizen events to gather information - table de quartier de l’ouest de l’ile. la place devant ecto, nacelle pour imaginer la nouvelle espace gov’t of canada trippe sur les nacelles, pratiquer un gouvernement ouvert. Quand est-ce qu’on fait des réunions ouverte a la gouvernement du canada? nacelle permanent dans un parc avec une petite explication - parc lafontaine buddy benches à l’école, similar idea, go there when you are ready to meet new people. with conversation prompts (des cartes à piger) pour moi l’animation reste l’élément le plus intéressant. une nacelle seule est juste une espace public comme ce qu’uon voit partout à montreal (les espace ephémère). Whats interesting is the nacelle as a physical representation of our way of working. une nacelle gonflable! en hiver, dans la neige approprier avant qu’il y a un animation la dedans The details of the stories (récolte par Estelle et Clémence) histoire 1: Vaudreuil >service loisir et sport - consultation citoyenne sur programmation : commentaire et ressenti des habitants de la ville sur leur programmation culturelle. Mediateur culture:frustrés, veulent produire plus de choses, plus stimulantes, travailler avec le nouveau contexte de la ville (qu’est ce qui est bien? qu’est ce qui peut etre mieux) vaudreuil devient de plus en plus multiculturelle = veulent adapter leur programmation >fete citoyenne: un événement où tous le monde se rassemble, toutes les communautés + concert de roch voisine >JourJ: séduit par la nacelle >Prososition: créer des minis conversations autour de ce qu’ils aimeraient vivre dans Nacelles se réinterroger sur l'expérience événement aller à la rencontre de personnes qui viendrait pas forcément en consultation >Outils: - cartes d’empathie (qu’est ce que vous voudriez faire dans événement,qu’est ce que vous voudriez voir, qu’est ce que vous voudriez sentir, avec qui voudriez vous y aller, qu’est ce que vous voudriez apprendre ? ) cartes avec tous ce que les gens ont dit: suspendues sur un fil pour lire les participations >Nacelles: créer l’espace attire curiosité Histoire2: Nova stella >en 3 semaines: ecrire offre de services, construire 2 nacelles, faire un plan financier développer un processus de recolte anthropologique, un processus de mediation entre participants et compteur fait avec beaucoup de partenaires: bureau d’intégration, etre différents ensemble, terre en vue, >Le jourJ: pluie !! 3 conteurs ( 2 montréal 1 autochtone ) 413 personnes dans nacelles dans un processus participatif en 3h des contes + une conversations autour du parcours entre intégration et inclusion >outils dans nacelle + démarche: 1 modérateur par nacelle + un tableau qui indique le prochain conte >1 discussion 2 presentation 3 histoire 4 émotions 5 questions aux participants (type avez vous déja vécu ou initier un acte d’nclusion ) + 6 partage d’histoire et d'expérience, réel partage, pas un forum questions réponses 7 cloture naturelle + >nacelles: contenant d’inclusion + schématiser parfois exclusion quand trop de monde autour des histoires très inspirantes, fin d’une histoire “ je vais te mettre en lien avec ma fille” logistique: gens avaient plus de courage de s’arrêter seuls que quand on aller à leur rencontre >plus il y a du monde autour, plus il y a du monde dans l’animation Histoire “animation vivre la nacelle” >installation des nacelles dans les temps longs - nacelle pérenne dans un lieu, comment on les accompagne pour faire émerger les usages et a s’approprier la nacelle in situ la nacelle est la on s’y installe mais on sent bien qu’on pourrait faire plus de choses ensemble >échanges en duo “ dans quelle contexte on se serai amené à etre réuni ensemble dans nacelle = échange autour des points de croisements >échanges en 2 groupes pour construire les scenarios >on vient d’arriver au boulot, la nacelle vient d’etre installée >mise en scene une conversation : un endroit ou on va s’echanger des services, toi tu fais de la danse tu pourrais proposer un spectacle dans la boite, >qu’est ce que en un mot qu’est ce que vous avait envie de dire : curiosté, mongolfière, jacuzzi >à la fin checl out : en un mot maintenant qu’on a vécu c’est quoi votre mot jacuzzi à parloir comm1possible car on a ouvert pleins curiosté à multi usage histoire 4 >2 nacelles + 2 conteuse >installation avant 10h le matin mais conte juste de 14h a 16h ( 4h vide au matin ) difficulté au montage a 2 personnes >2 nacelles vides pendants 4h + intéressant de voir les approches et comportements des passants. des gens entre les 2 nacelles >500 personnes sur 1 journée, des tentes, des buffets etc beaucoup de gens qui connaissaient d’autres personnes, ils se rassemblaient par communauté culturelle, peu de circulation. agglomération de gens dans les tentes >Réussi à faire 1 conte 1 fois mais pas assez de monde à l’événement. > Abandonné les nacelles pour faire les contes dans la tente, où il y avait du monde animateur: créer un processus sur place, mettre les gens en cercle, une 3ene de personnes. cadrage sur c’est quoi etre là ensemble. créer une bulle ensemble dans la tente. pour la fin, demander au gens de partager juste chose. >questions: c’est quoi le travail qu’il y a besoin de faire quand il y a pas assez de monde ? comment travailler avec des gens qui veulent rester en groupe et les inviter dans la nacelle de cette facon là, etre avec le groupe quand mm ? Retours lunettes: processus léger, animation douce, récolte anthropologique, carte empathie, progression des installations dans nacelles et des échanges, prolongement hors nacelle, élément attracteur partage partage ! :) remarque de Clémence et estelle : on va vous partager nos doc de phasage d’animation ( vivre la nacelle ) et le nourrir de nos remarques et nos retour d’expérience. ce serait top que vous nous partagiez vous aussi vos processus/déroulés, les outils, design de dialogue que vous avez créer, les outils une fois complétés et vos retour d'expérience/ outils de récoltes, pour qu’on puisse échanger tous ensemble et amplifier chacun nos propositions et animations, faire notre retour, améliorer et construire ensemble :) :)  +
Rencontre : 2017/09/26 10:00:00 AM (Agenda agile) +Check-in: Who are you, how are you feeling, what is your interest in percolab? Nil: In Barcelona, met Sam in Hungary this summary and instant connection. This last weekend we had our first percolab workshop - the money game. Chloe: Feeling a bit tired and anxious today. Connected to Percolab through Enspiral in New Zealand. Just submitted letter to join the percolab coop. Julie: Friend of Zoe (Sam’s daughter), see how a meeting here works. Little bit curious. Meghan: Canadian from all over, integrating into the percolab coop after working with the team in Montpellier last year. Feeling hot and unhappy about the heat. Valerie : Enthusiastic to be here. Connected to Sam, Ezra & Cedric individually. Hélène: Feeling back home. Met sam and has been coming to meetings all summer. Last week at a job interview, was not feeling it. Found myself explaining percolab to them. Looking forward to further explore further my percolab links. Laurence: I will speak in french. I’m questioning how this meeting will go, it’s a bit odd. I sent my percolab integration letter yesterday. We can create the agenda as we go, an agile agenda. Name, subject, how long, with how many people? or we can just surface what’s in the room? A little intro on Percolab, and Percolab work Nil 5-7 min about decision making, how does it work? Nil potential work to do when I come to visit Montreal? 27 Oct - 8 Nov Laurence look at the contract and the integration process. Creating a part time version not sure about working on the contract in an open meeting like this - mg most of what is in it is available on the internet. Valerie curious to know what people are working on and what they are excited about. *** *** *** How does Percolab work Percolab un cabinet conseil en collaboration. We accompany people and organizations to work better together. A collective on consultants who work on projects relating to the future of work and the future of cities. -new competency for the human resources of quebec -the nacelles , urban furniture for collaboration -.. The website says: Walking the paradigm shifts, together - Practices, models and technologies for an emerging future Transparent financial decision about a project. How much do you want to get paid (min, max). Money comes in via the projects, contracts and clients. And there is also all of the operational work to support the organization (roles). Responsibility for roles is held by the core members. The person responsible for a role is in charge of making sure the work gets done, not necessairly doing it themselves. 3 month check-ins on roles to make sure they are going well. Add or remove roles as needed. Members of the coop are project managers, and invite collaborations. Similarly for roles, they hold the responsibility for the task but many people can be involved in making it happen. Each person brings in different types of work, responding to calls for proposals, maintaining relationships with partners. Can it be any type of project? - it should follow 3 key words -commons -self-management -art of hosting (AoH) Notes from an Interview with Samantha about Percolab. Harvested in Hungary, June 2017, by Phoebe Tickell Company is run as a Future of Work Lab. There is a certain freedom to the type of work people do but there is a certain coherence. It takes time to truly understand how Percolab works, you need to be around. Decision Making Too used for all internal decisions. Doesn’t always take the full process. The tool is to get to a forward moving conclusion. This tool is for that moment when the project needs to move forward, it is for after brainstorms, talks, conversations. It’s to be used when there is maturity in the process. This is not consensus, it’s consent based (I can live with this decision). Process (the facilitator needs to be hard-core sticking to the procedure): One person writes out the first proposal. This needs to be including all your assumptions. The group asks itself: Is this RIPE for a decision making process? People asks clarification questions. There is no order. (proposal maker needs to be really aware that people are “attacking” their idea, not the person) Reaction round: everyone must share their reactions. EVERYONE. The proposal writter, writes a new proposal, hopefully taking enough of each individuals opinion so the proposal can move forward. Objection Round: not everyone needs to object. Just those objections that express and refer to danger or strong pain. Opinions are not welcomed here, just true dangers or those things that wouldn’t let you live with that proposal. At the end, everyone needs to be able to Live with the Decision. **It is possible that, in the middle of the process, we find out that “the theme is not RIPE” It’s important to mention that this Decision Making process is connected to a mindset: in complex realities, we ought to be in movement, we ought to be open for change. We ought to prototype and iterate, and so this decision making process is not about sitting around and theorize but moving on, even if it’s a tiny bit. Some current projects Nacelles: furniture designed by a French company that can be assembled in a participatory way in any urban space in about 20 minutes. For gatherings and intimate conversations in public spaces. Held conversations and storytellings on diversity in Montreal. 2 weeks ago, Percolab held a public consultation in the nacelles. Next summer another project, cultural activities in parcs around inclusion for new arrivals to canada. A partnership with comm1possible. CRHA - Human resources of Quebec Creating a new competency framework for the HR profession. A co-creative process, 6 different workshops, association, universities. Including a fishbowl conversation with Frederic Laloux - author of reinventing organizations. Little video on Reinventing Organizations Long conference from Laloux Sam is hosting, Ezra is taking photos, Elizabeth will be doing a written synthesis and Chloe a visual synthesis. Integration of the whole team. Listening platform/interface d’écoute: Another project to listen to what the city thinks of itself Cedric and Elizabeth hosted the Social Innovation Challenge. Comments from it was that is was much more collaborative than the ones held in other places in Canada. Percolab won the call for tenders for the public space next to Ecto. Possible project in Toronto for redesigning the work space and a whole aspect involving technology. Paul is doing work in the fablab they are rehabilitating in Boscoville. Nil started a series of workshops on money. Based on the Money Game. Parallel with the Game of Life. Objective is to reassess your relationship with money. Transparent finances. Nil will probably be doing that when he is here and might need some help! Integration (part time, full time, the process) Check-out: A question you have and a certainty you have Julie: Better undersanding of percolab, still many questions Chloe: Question: What are percolab’s standard processes (after hosting this meeting). Lots of things not yet explicit about how we want to do things. Certainty: want to increase my fluency in these things Nil: Question: How can i truly steward what percolab is, without falling into my own assumptions. Certainty: ready to step forward even more. Laurence: Question: Est-ce que les rencontres du mardi is the best place for integration? Certitute: le fun d’aller experiementer Helene: Question: what can else i get involved in? Certainty: contente d’être avec vous aujourd’hui Valerie: Est-ce quil y a une frontière entre nos passions et notre travail? certitude: energisant d’être la Meghan: Q: How can we get the next integration circle started? What will the next one will look like? C: Stop talking about what we do and just do it!  +
Rencontre : 2017/10/03 10:00:00 AM (International stuff) +Framing : International meetings are about issues that are common to all international hubs. Two topics have been named - website and cobudget experiment. Check-in : We’re being coached collectively to understand and own our narrative to help us with ‘being seen’. What is something going on in Percolab right now that should be seen by others? Ilona (Belgium) - Thinking of setting up a huddle - a web platform to host online trainings and webinars. How does this relate to Percolab global - could this be of use to all? Samantha (Montréal) - Two layers - the client offering vs being an organisational platform freelancers can plug into. Putting these two on equal footing. Chloe (Montréal) - joining Percolab vs getting employed elsewhere. How our process is very different to usual recruitment Megan (Montréal) - Pitch meeting with Sam last week. There were some kapow answers that came that frame what we do in a powerful way. ‘We are process designers and skilled facilitators’, ‘If you want to collaborate call us’ - these could be right on the front of the website. Denis (Quebec City - Percolab Wannabe) - What can we offer, what can we add - what should be seen is the ‘win-win’ situation. Matching Percolab’s needs to what collaborators can offer. How can our organisation’s needs be seen? Romain (Montreal - Guest) - The generosity of Percolab needs to be seen. e.g. opening these meetings. We all learn a lot. The values of Percolab. Paul (Montréal) - Last week I was recording a process for 3 charities. This needs to be better written up and shared out. Hélène (Montréal) - Cedric talking about Percolab - ‘Percolab is about hope’ - the Nacelle, the Commons. Share these hopes. Elizabeth (Montreal) - being seen and adding beauty. Showing up as our whole person - not compartmentalising ourselves. I have 3 coaching clients. A couple of weeks ago I was coaching someone who was hosting a complex process, also had had his Mom die. He was apologising for bringing this to our session. By tapping into emotions and feelings we can be a better, fiercer, sharper facilitator. ‘When we say bring all of who you are we’re not kidding’ Laurence (Montreal) - I’m thinking about the ‘why’ - this should be upfront in a simple, graphic way. Nadine (France) - How are we integrating new people + new cells. These two layers are very interesting to me. The second is about our meeting. I’m in a new coworking space - a woman we met here was completely stunned by blog post about our open tuesday meetings. Ezra (Montréal) - Share our sense of humour more! Everyone is funny and we don’t share it. Fun and sense of humour could come out more in voice in our social media and website. Fanny (France) - We have different preoccupations to other companies. Karine (France) - Our great power of evolution and adaptation. It’s what we’re doing all the time and it’s great. (Added late via a personal check-in… Anique (Brussels) - The way we host individual and collective behaviour change through the shift into the new, generative paradigm Proposition - form breakout groups based on concrete things we want to work on for website or being seen. Notes from last international meeting for reference. 45 minute session. Nadine - website and presentation of local cells and team-s and teams in global network. + Ezra. Elizabeth - Collective bios for teams? Ilona - do we need Belgium site or can this fit under umbrella? Sam - I’d love to go into this question with you. Paul - Structure of trainings. Team, bio, global network (Nadine, Ezra, Helene, Fanny) Keep the contact page with infofrance@... and so on Team page: keep it like it to see a large beautiful team and indicate where we’re based + nomad for the ones Ligne du temps (creation, ecto, coop, self-organization, France….Belgium…. put the diagram to explain circles with associates and collaborators to help understand the meaning of the words associate and collaborators Web structure - sam, ilona, chloe, denis No need to have a local website Language. English plus local language. Standardised forms and templates with filters ie. training full list with filters online/in person, language, location Blogs and portfolios - what happens in one location we have capability to make it happen in another location. filters for language. Principle - who ever has written a piece of content links to team profile. ? Services. - put focus more on approach so clients can see if percolab is a match and a video how it feels to work with percolab. New page/Percolab organisational innovations. - how to get involved. how can people learn the structure, processes and models. how percolab is a ctiizen of a wider movement. - good global citizens. Language - local team is responsible for their local language content - and is welcome to take anything and translate it into local language if there is value for them. Next steps: standard forms for portfolio, events, training review of fields and filters and viewing options Trainings - (Paul, Elizabeth, Romain, Meghan, Karine, anique) General, subjects (we can offer), current offer (upcoming events) Types 2, 1, 3 day accompanyment. 1 off specific date with a network of partners themes - visual practice, collective intelligence, etc levels - intro, practice, practitioner location domains - business leaders, educators, non profits pricing - how do we see it, get a feel for our policies The breakout conversation - what structure? what’s the offer? people come to us something we offer collaborating with a network to offer for many orgs, bring cost down (logistics them, training us) le reseau offre a ses membres package of series (intro to collaborative leadership, intro to self management, intro do design thinking). How do we do a 2- hour light activity? Conversation labs - List of trainings we offer How do we differentiate a lab vs series vs one off? “lab” playing, testing. bring what you are working on, move it forward. not just static learning. Elizabeth: I would like a 2 hour work session to put order to all our offerings. What could be our print document for how to work with percolab. A user manual. Where is the training page on the website currently? Its f@cked Meghan - initial idea to have a catalogue of training similar to our bios - ex. 6 week accompanment with an organization for how to do visual thinking. le type d’offre le profondeur de la formation la participation Have a listing - simple paragraph long description of what collective intelligence is, format, etc and have “building blocks” Communicating to the client how it can adapt it. how to present a clear representation of how the client can adapt the trainings to their specific needs? we dont have to guess at all the uses for these trainings, but make it clear that they can be adapted and fit multiple audiences. As a user, people never click on the “and we do custom trainings”. Is there a way to present it as we do adaptive trainings first, and also here are some examples of specific trainings we do from time to time. I can offer visual practice to individuals, or to teachers, or do business. Domains is missing. A tag system? So you can filter location… Our latest harvest. Price? Unless it has a date, there isn’t anything mentioned beside context. How do we make it accessible? Writing in the service offer what our full price is, and then this is the price we are offering in solidarity. Les frais ne devrait pas etre un barriere a la participation. one sentence to show our values. prix fix, solidarity economy, mention it all. shared risk = we take $___ per person, minimum people. Positive experience! a separate page about our pricing policies, cancellations, contacts, etc. il faut qu’il reste simple. Contact page: adding info france.. etc on the page with a map to show where the maps are. Emails for teams e.g., Team page - info missing on what is associate and collaborator so people can understand why Timeline of Percolab with stepping stones for Percolab - seeing that it has been going for 11 years. Working with Percolab - how to get involved. Currently only in English. Would be great to have this translated into French. Checkout : What is my commitment between now and the next meeting? Elizabeth - hosting meeting to talk about workshops content Megan - attending Elizabeth meeting, brainstorming with Paul on website functionality Nadine - translating ‘Working with Percolab’ content into French Anique - attending Elizabeth meeting, continuing conversation with Europe cells Ilona - writing website bio Laurence - Paul if you need something for the website, flag me (hesitant to commit to more) attending Elizabeth meeting. Romain - i commit to send you an email to explain what I can contribute, what would interest me. Denis - I engage myself to be more active in my integration to be percolab. Chloe - I commit to writing a blog post comparing joining percolab to joining a more traditional company. Also mapping out the information architecture of the new website (pairing with someone else). Sam - need help to document CRHA process for a portfolio. Writing fresh content e.g. timeline, how to know if you are a match for Percolab. In the quagmire of this. Commit to finding a comms person who can get this fresh content up - sexy and feels like us. Paul - attend Elizabeth meeting, ensuring that this is a hands-on putting stuff on website work session rather than just a conversation. Community notices : France retreat Saturday 18 November - Monday 20 November near Toulouse Special offer of horses!!!!!!! Especially for Sam and Paul There is a slack channel #intl-retreat Paul is doing 4 dates for visual thinking lab - Toulouse, Montpellier, …. Email coming out today!  +
Rencontre : 2017/10/11 10:00:00 AM (agenda agile) +Check-in: Arriving today, what are you excited about to do, share, or say in this meeting? Feeling uncoordinated. Nice to have a moment to sort things out. Excited to see everyone. It’s good to have no idea what will happen. Documenting the process of joining Percolab. Visuals from Chris’ workshop Watermelon. Coming in with an open heart. Reprendre des responsabilités. Possibility of a role in Being Seen Big international project. Also, coaching process. Nacelle budget breakdowns, Rising strong - brene brown -recognize face down in arena -fumble through your story -revolution, owning your story What happens when gratitude is an obstacle When gratitude makes your ignore the big messy stuff Agenda Agile Cedric - talk communautes creatives - 5 min - whoever Elizabeth - Nacelle mise a disposition $ - 7 min - 2-3 people Sam - ecosystem/platform update - 8 min - whoever Elizabeth - coaching homework - 30min - everybody Paul - coop-inc next steps - 3 min - 3 people Elizabeth - SAP talk on participatory design - 2 mins 1. CRIEM @ McGill 12-2pm Laurence Simon book launch is at the event. We are invited to react and offer commentary on the subject - a very prestigious invitation! “Les communautés d’innovation, de la liberté créatrice à l’innovation organisée” Academic standard process - stand up and speak for 2-5 mins Do we want to do this or something else? Sub group check in with Cedric : Sam, Meghan, Helene interested 2. Nacelle mis à disposition Cost per day in greater Montreal Facilitation costs (not factored in: negative investment cost) We have we learned so far? Nova Stella 3 trucks A bunch of people Pierrefonds Van 2 people It’s a company of itself inside percolab. It needs a proper business conversation. Elizabeth will crunch some numbers and do a prototype for now so that we can pay the people who put in time. Elizabeth will hold this until a proposal for current payments is made, check in with comm1possible, document and then pass it off for formal business discussion Ecosystem platform project Hungary -> Ouishare, Paris -> masterclass on platform (tech, cultural tech, org structure) Platform for self management is going to happen in the near future. Who is going to be behind it? Thinking from ecosystemic stewardship OR corporate self-interest Who is positioned to do this? What would it require? Ecosystemic vs org benefit Challenge - no one pays for this work, it’s invisible. Sometimes it can even look like you’re trying to dominate this space by taking initiative on it. Have been meeting weekly Last week there was a retreat in Portugal. Sam didn’t attend but has been working with the people there. Next week’s workshop - getting practical and concrete. Do we go in full hog or drop it? Drip feeding it won’t work. Do we go and rent a house in NZ and do a one-month sprint and build some technology? We are right on the cutting edge of this. It’s about being opportunistic and timely. If we don’t do this right now, will a big company come in and make something superficial that doesn’t serve our shared purpose. Takes skill in co-creation and we have it. A real urgency and anxiety around things like this at the Platform Coop conference in toronto last week. Lessons from loomio will be pertinent. Chloe super interested. Notes well documented so far. Mockups are on real time boards. SAP Elizabeth giving a talk on participatory design. Need help making it sharp. How do we bring it commons based thinking. Potentially broadcast to 80,000 employees of SAP. Coaching homework “If you guys are about openness and transparency, how far can you go?” “What I hear from Percolab is that you have so much integrity then you’re a great prospect to go transparent. This will ease your way on a lot of things” What are our standard, linear processes and where are we non-conventional? Can we own both of these things? Can we name the little tweaks we do on conventional processes? E.g. panel vs collective process for sharing stories (Elizabeth) Different - diagnostic studies, analysis etc vs ‘working with’ collective sense-making What happens when a potential client calls us for the first time? Client needs: what is the context in the world around you? Are we a match? Shared language, values, understanding. How much are our worlds What are the deliverables? Process design (not making stuff up, using existing processes) Scale: We do all the thinking for you ----- We coach you do take it on yourself Unreachable outcomes in complexity that will be richer What is the curiosity with the client? What are the wider needs that could be addressed while we’re going through this process The value (ripple effect) of this work. #impact *** add: we figure out the best team for this process How we recruit (important to make visible to clients how ensure quality control). What does a client need to know to feel confident that people in percolab are brilliant? What is the journey of a new collaborator look like? How is it different or similar to a conventional recruitment process? How is it more robust? Ok so you want to start a new percolab cell, what is that process? Profile of our clients and examples - characteristics that help us see we’re a match for clients 1. 2. If you want different results, you need different approaches. Ready to work in complexity in ways that makes sense 3. If you want things done, you get things done 4. Practicing your results 5. You care about human beings and wanna work collaborative and increase collective intelligence 6. 7. Bold. to work with unknown 8. 9. Go deeper in the source of your challenges 10. You have the capacity to do it yourself Our competition - what they do well and how we are different (Owning our differences!). Q. Who are we losing bids to? Design thinking Consultancy and strategy Marketing and communication Architecture and urban design Training Event / experience design Organizational transformation and strategic changefa Social innovation Technology What they do great, what their limits are, what we can bring Does percolab complement the limits of our competitors? Google doc: How we do our pricing systems and conditions.What is the pipeline for people working with us, plus conditions to be able to ensure success. E.g. Mark - 1 on 1 training, every week, about deliverables not time - if after 2 weeks we’re done you don’t get a refund. lluminating this very clearly. Payments Pricing by time (b/c a lot of our clients work this way) Deconstruct value = time ----> deliverable = value Trainings, public consultation processes, event makeover Social impact (heart work): money should not be an obstacle to work with us Nacelle Conventional methodology and shared economy Framework contract: rates for types of work, deliverable Conditions We do custom design We push for inclusion (transparent reports, wide invitations) We work in service of the commons Something around the inter-chageability of the team For social economy, there needs to be some reciprocity. 2 claims We stop people going where they usually go and take them somewhere new instead We make collaboration feel alive and effective rather than soul crushing and painful Check-out: What are you happy for Sam frown turned upside down with this work We did some great work Concrete momentum Content popping up Reconnecting Redaction (writing copy) not intimidating Contente d’avancer Warm feeling from far away � How we recruit (important to make visible to clients how ensure quality control) Traditional process is… Resume Interview Employee Process for joining Percolab… More rigor (much more time involved) Weeks or month on “test” mode The concept of “Date Percolab” Is not about joining and having a job but joining the community and creating their own job. For clients -- show that world class For potential collaborators - Illuminate the process for people wanting to potentially join Starting a new cell -- How does this works? Pregnancy - process of 9 months to 3 years. 1. Are you able to find work and build a business 2. Are you a fit for this collective culture (resonance - feeling of rightness) 3. Can you contribute to the Percolab international commons Gives me an empowering structure and a security vessel - context for me to become my best (professional) self Important to practice everything we preach (integrity) You used to just have me, now you have me backed by this amazing team bringing extra intelligence to our work together. I am a very autonomous person, was lonely. Need people around me that understand this collective way of working. Now I have people to report to and bounce ideas back and forth. I love this. This is what Percolab is for me now. Meet Samantha, interested to dive deeper Ongoing conversations with Sam Joined Slack Joined team meetings Interviewed team members - Cedric, Anique, Meghan, Ezra, Nadine How long have you been part of Percolab What is your story Why Percolab vs somewhere else? Invitation to come in - profile on website, percolab email Printed business cards and started getting clients Coming to Montreal There is full commitment from myself to Percolab, I’m not expecting anything from you. Chloe Coming from enspiral (good understanding about self management and fellowship) Meeting July last year Collaboration on a workshop on Enspiral Percolab vs Enspiral --the intimate scale of it-- April this year, moving to Montreal -I want to base my work here. ADVICE -come with your project, and use Percolab as a vessel t develop it.- I need to do more exploring --- but the meetings were like a “warm bath” Feeling of rightness. I’m keen to move in! Writing an article (invitation to the future) Q: How to have a good journey entering Percolab?  +
Rencontre : 2017/10/17 10:00:00 AM (free style) +Percolab team meeting 17 October Tout le monde peut indiquer les sujets dans le Hola. Aujourd’hui il n’y en a pas = pas de cadrage. What energy are you bringing today? This is my first percolab team meeting as a member. Qualitatively different. Feels like I’m standing straighter and stronger. RFI that went off. Feels more structured. Stronger foundation in how I’m foundation. That role of stewarding this little nest very strongly. The change in the weather. Boots...I feel strong in. My hunting boots. An energy of vulnerable life. Challenging me with my practice. Personal life. How I’m what I’m practicing with Percolab can help me. A tender energy. Me too hashtag. That’s part of the silencing. Not being allowed to name our stories. Toxic masculinity. A mandate to host a difficult moment. The structure evened out the power. Loss of income. Equality can feel oppressive. How do we make care structural? Personal, relationship, contractual. What does that financially, legally look like? Mélange de joie et de peine. Anniversaire. Un chouette moment. Vraiment prendre le temps de faire quelque chose. J’étais très touché par le mouvement. Je sais pas qualifier ça. Femmes qui s’incluent là-dedans. L’étendue de ça. Le corollaire de ça. Je ne vois pas beaucoup d’hommes qui prennent responsabilité, comment est-ce que nous prenons notre part de responsabilité. I’m also raising girls. Rester et témoigner. Ça me rend inconfortable. What can we do more than witness. Seeing these stories is important but I don’t want to stop here and I feel the responsibility. I haven’t slept a lot, I feel great though. I wasn’t excited to take off. Excited about getting a feel of what is going on. I was struggling. Super good to put energy back into my letter. My intention. Feels clear. Jumping in on this idea of a mini series of workshops. Now feeling less good. Sick! Classic case of not letting myself me sick. Started coaching, it’s different from the support I have been giving. A new phase. Training wheels. Ce matin j’arrive avec l’énergie du voyage. Mon conjoint partait avec une valise. L’Excitation du voyage. Enfant content d’être à la garderie. Mon packsack. Excitement to discover what will be here this morning. Share mandat. Where?! what does the team know about it. Trying to putting some words on it. It was a good reflex to share. What am I dealing with? Le mot légitimité. The ‘go’ - let’s go. But I took the go! Pris l’initiative sur plein de choses. Content de ma journée. La suite viendra. Excited to come this morning. Professional journey. I resigned from my last job. It didn’t feel. Feel lucky. Doors opening. Wonderful people. Working in a similar direction. INcredible meeting...unexpected opportunity. Make up my mind about the ‘how’. The ‘why’ is very clear. My goal is clearly to have a positive impact to the world. Not just by doing a job. I feel that I have a mission. A mixed feeling...i didn’t expect that so many doors would open. I would have to make a choice. When you feel & listen to your heart, it will become obvious. I am very pleased to be with you today. J’apporte beaucoup de sensibilité. Journée. Émotions. dans la salle. Chouette. Il y a. Toutes sortes d’émotions. De peine et de joie. Trouver ce que je vexu vraiment vraiment faire. Mon travail actuel, je ne suis pas certain qu’il exploite mon potential. Le projet pilote...c’est difficile de voir c’est quoi l’impact. Je crois vraiment à la collaboration. C’est ça moi ‘le why’. ===Parking lot=== *Invited to publish a personal piece. Writer. *A short conversation with Chloe. Including you in mandates, navigating language politics. *Co-write an article with the Ulab hub. Center leadership to hosting from the rim. Creating the space for a whole community to step in. Think about it collectively. *Placemaking mandate next door. Talk about that. Invite ECTO into the mandate. ===Keylime pie and chat=== thanks Chloe! *Coaching. Feedback - we did good quality. The beautiful words from the coaching…we’re not used. the enlivening words sent. Are you doing a video on this. Key framing, hooks. *Fun with procurement! This went well. ===Employee contracts=== How we engage around process. Make sure that we are explicit more every time. Checking in explicitly 3 or 6 months later. Refer back to. We each put in the center. This is a standard process for every cell. Pre different cells. Post different cells. If we can have a process. My letter for Montreal. Done being in limbo. Each time it’s getting more rigorous. Trainings. Who wants to be involved? ===Hélène. Mandat. Being seen=== Ça permet d’être dans l’action. Ça rejoint mes compétences. Je suis comme un poisson dans l’eau. De faire les comm. C’est naturel. Quelques mois que je travaille pas. C’est facile. Pour moi c’est la situation idéale. Date boutoir? Pression? Stress? Une bonne manière de s’apprivoiser comme ça. Un mandat de being seen. Au mois de juin. Budget. Les rôles on les assume. Au besoin on va contracter des experts externe. Tout ce qui est en lien avec les comm. Personne ne le veut. Personne a le goût. On en sait pas comment on va le structurer? Il n’y a pas de décision. Contrat ponctuel. Mieux structuré. Stratégique. Créer des gabarits. Faciliter les flux. Mieux opérationnaliser. Mieux intégrer tous les morceaux. On voulait que la personne soit intéressée par percolab. Pas un contrat transactionnel. Pas juste argent - livrable. Argent - livrable, relation. Communication pattern that needs to be unblocked. Not just a technical thing. It feeds into the being seen. With our coach. Enabler? Executor? A little of the comm strategy. Do some work. Come and think together. Provoke and propose. Other conversations. Didn’t get it? Or came in with employee mindset. Hosting mentality. and les communs. So excited! I was feeling discouraged. they just weren’t available. Anything we can name that Hélène can here? Some deliverables. And way for us to know each other. Knock on Hélène’s door. *ask forgiveness, not permission. help me finish a blog post. LinkedIn! *Gabarit de portfolio. Formulaire. Événement. Pour que les gens puissent faire. *A structure geek. Would enjoy sitting down with you on it. *New bios. *Make proposals. Don’t ask permission. *I can do content video creation but I need clear guidelines. Guide de création de contenu. *Concision. Diversité de communication. C’est difficile de comprendre. Choses exprimées de façon concise. Cohérence. Que tout le monde comprenne. Pas se demander ce qu’ils font?!? We generate confusion and stress about who we are and what we are doing. I might add : agreement with Marc, going with Paul to New York on November 6th. Chloe. Collaboration. Percolab. Mosaic. HEC. MOSAIC. Go share what the practice looks and feels like. HEC classes. On an idea, track. Go and dig. Intention. 5 years. What is the idea MOSAIC, percolab collaboration. passion - power. Learning - generating information & knowledge. Relationships & trust. But...this is also just a healthy workplace. Isn’t that great. Entry point for organizations….looking for other kinds of culture. Ubisoft. Innovation communities. What about the legal stuff….pockets. While being completely. What is in service. Formalized relationship. I speak about creativity...i don’t know anyone that embodies it better. come back to it. This ties to other opportunities to link with universities. Ulab. Research with STM. What opportunities are here? ===Coaching homework - Collective brainstorm=== - bold sentences we can own.  +
Rencontre : 2017/10/25 10:00:00 AM (Agile agenda) +Mini Atelier sur la gestion du temps (Laurence) A pris un atelier à la ville sur la gestion du temps qui lui a servi Va faire un suivi en ligne Reprendre un cercle operationnel à chaque semaine (Elizabeth) recommencer le cercle operationnel va mettr le rendez-vous sur Slack Relations ECTO: Nacelles + espace de stockage (Ezra) préoccupations des membres sur l’emplacement de la Nacelles CA d’ECTO bientôt et opportunité d’avoir une conversation sur l’intention de la Nacelles prochain CA d’ECTO sera ouvert à tous Cédric a un besoin de travailler ensemble pour tenir l’espace de rencontre et la posture ouverte pour ECTO on a pas réussi a installer avec la Nacelles avec une intention claire et une invitation. Ca serait bon de mettre ça explicite Idée possible: Percolab offre un verre à tous le monde ce jour là Est-ce Percolab est prêt à être dans nos propres bureaux? C’est quoi le lien avec ECTO en avancant, considerant l’argent que Percolab a investit Observation sur le rapport de force entre Percolab et ECTO dans le prochain infolettre d’ECTO mettre un blurb sur la Nacelles WeWork vient dans le quartier à partir de Novembre préoccupation sur garder l’espace de rangement propre ODS/Stage (Lucie) un intérêt et une préoccupation par rapport à des éventuels offre de services possibilité de fond pour un stage dans le cadre de mes études possibilité de faire un stage à Percolab Hiring Process Friends/The Curious Collaborators In Intégration (auxiliary member) Full Membership (Core Team) Peut-être assister à des rencontres Peut-être travailler sur les mandats Photo bio dans la section collaborateur sur le site Slack dans les chaines ouvertes Invitation dans le mandats quand il a du “overflow” Employée en probation temps plein en mode auto-géré priorité dans les mandats Accès à tous les informations (finances, mandats, chainés privés) Prendre un ou quelques rôles retroaction à tous les 3 mois Pour Montréal période de 6 à 18 mois Employée permanent (propriétaire selon cellule) Pouvoir d’invitation pour des nouveaux membres pouvoir décisonnel sur les questions d’intégration, de finances, légalité, obligation légale Prendre un portfolio de rôles Étapes Transition de Collaborateur à Intégration 1. Invitation d’un Membre 2. Lettre sur pourquoi 3. Loomio en mode privé (thoughts and feelings) 4. Passer à un mode décisonnel 5. Contrat avec 3 signataires, personne qui integre choisis les 2 signataires; autres obligations en annexe. 6. Prise numérique du contrat avec annexes 7. Annonce sur Slack international 8. Rituel de bienvenue locale Questions ouvertes: What does it mean to integrate Percolab? How does this process mirror the process of a local cell integration Percolab international? Plateforme d’écoute (Cédric) Le partenaire voulait Cédric comme employé. Non! Mais, possibilité d’expolorer une autre façon de faire. 9 mois. 4 jours semaine. Pourra continuer à participer aux rencontres et faire partie de la communauté de Percolab. Ceci est au service de percolab – aller plus profond dans le changement systémique. Coach.Shawinigan. Démarche de co-design. Refuser du travail invisible. Incomfortable...plein d’opportunités qui s’en viennent. Est-ce que toutes les activités et les tâches doivent être faites par une personne? Ou stewarding. Trop de complexité. Une personne doit tenir tous les morceaux. Réfléchi avant de dire oui? Ne pas se faire emporter. Il porterait la coordination. Coaching Devoir. Approche future learning. Qu’est-ce qui ça pourrait changer. À l’interne & à l’externe. Les événements qu’on fréquente. La fonction publique française. Hosting...en robot! Ils ne voulaient pas de co-hosting. Future leaning. Se doter d’un robot? Robot de téléprésence. Qu’est-ce que ça changerait si on entrait dans un narratif que l’entreprise axée vers l’avenir. Le care à l’interne et à l’externe – de le pousser plus loin, le corps, hosting technique, Nacella – trèes simple, fais partie des sans machines dont la planète à besoin, collaborations avec d’autres groupes axés plus sur le contenu, atlantique, the new yorker, remarquer les trends, bringing my kids or my parents to meeting, integrating multigenerational wisdoms and presence into workplaces, people love that I bring my kids to team meetings – they are getting their idea of work, challenging the de facto structures of organizations. In Rimouski...people we saying...we can do self-management in hierarchy!?! Processes and structures and posture....then we went drinking : ) : ) : ) That becomes a norm, we need to name that stronger. Future : self-managing structures. La base c’est tjrs des indiviuds. Organisations plus organique, plus mature, ça prend des individus comme ça. La technologie, souvent un effet aliénant. On va trouver le moyen de danser avec les technolgoies...qu’elles nous amènent à être plus présent. Ex. Des écrans s’éteignent. Amener plus de présence, ralentir le rhythme. À l’interne, il faut clarifier un langage de pattern par rapport au futur. Ce language...on peut le décliner de plusieurs façons. Les gens peuvent venir nous voir non parce qu’on a une expertise avec les briques mais parce que ça connecte avec le futur. Language de pattern. Enabler of the futur. Accoucheur. Rendre possible. Créateur. Encapacitant. Partir avec l’outil du robot. Ça peut ouvrir. Permettre d’être en contact avec des personnes qui ont une vision plus scientifique et technologique. In the future, people in organizations are learners not knowers. La notion de l’hospitalité. Elle se niche dans toutes les places. Si on parle des familles, des organisations. Comment penser les organisations comme des lieu d’hospitalité. On est dans une structure d’hospitalité, là maintenant! Ouvrir de nouvelles pratiques citoyennes. Des villes comme des espaces d’hospitalité. La permabilité des frontières. J’aimerais dire à mon enfant que t’arrives dans un monde dingue...organisations malades. Comment ça vous utilisez le gas et le pétrole?! Si je peux lui moins avec d’autres on a fait quelque chose. Je n’ai pas envie de lui dire que je n’ai rien fait. Je suis avec des gens qui pensent au futur des êtres humains. Pour l’interne et à l’externe. Janvier. Année sabbatique. Prof. UdM. Viendra faire une sabbatique à Percolab. Avoir un impact sur la planète. La porosité. Créateurs d’espace de confiance pour contribuer au bien être des humains. The future is female. Check out En silence. Quitter la rencontre en gardant quelque chose et en quittant.  +
Rencontre : 2017/11/07 10:00:00 AM (onboarding) +Checkin question (inspired by card deck ‘Despair’) What is a time where you had a lot of frustration and were able to let go? Nadine (Montpellier) - weekly france meeting yesterday, despair to work alone, renew together Paul (Montreal) - disconnect with a vision for the space. ready to walk out. if it can’t be aligned, ready to walk on. Anna (Barcelona) - consciously step away from frustration at home in barcelona Karine (Montpellier) - technical frustration setting up AoH, lack of energy in team, being together without physically being together Samantha (Montreal) - blockage in branding coaching, frustrated with myself. named it. lots of things I am good at, really not good at this. Nil (Barcelona) - shared economy from money game. frustration with my relationship to how my co-host and I share the value of the event. When he owned it, I could let go. Meghan (Montreal) She felt frustrated 20 minutes ago, knowing how the time slot of this meeting is not the best in Europe (family time) and how the checkings take so long.. But she knows that there is always good stuff happening in the meetings. So this time, very quickly, she could name her frustration, pointing at it and letting it go. She feels proud of herself and about how fast she was switching! Bénédicte (montreal) a very recent frustration with my lawyer and his fee. feeling bad for many hours, difficult to let go. putting words to my feelings is new, a very rational person. progress. Ezra (montreal) - i don’t like not succeeding in front of people. very few fails at percolab. colleagues seeing me dance in front of judges, being eliminated. the worst - could not have imagined worse. listed it, named it. more comfortable with other failures. ready to bring failure as a ritual. Kiara (Montreal) working weekend, people were late, expectations not possible. this is important also, the time that we spend together is part of the work. Isabelle (Montreal) - not fighting with my family as much now that I ask to see them less often. Holding on often. Discharge is not easy. Admiring the work in the room. Helene (Montreal) - Lunch with my father, put me in a bad mood. Finding a way to let go. In the end he had noticed the smile in me around my work with percolab. Focus on the bright things. listening in: boundaries Validating the onboarding document A few weeks ago we went through the onboarding phases and process. Needs to be put at the international level. The document is now in international loomio. Can it be worked on together today. 10 minutes to look Questions or comments Full time employee in onboarding/probationary is not inclusive enough for all the different hubs In Montreal we are employees. Can someone stay in a collaborator role forever? Or is it a trajectory toward core member? In loosely held networks like ouishare or enspiral it works. but for us it’s a process of seeing if we are a match we are not a network Friend → Allies partners that we work with regularly. is there a need to recognize them more publicly (on the website) in france there are several partners like comm1possible who are coming to the retreat is there a need to name our partners (who we have formal agreements with) Contract minimum 2 people to sign, allows smaller hubs to grow Loomio proposals international or local? local because it’s a legal question for each context desire to include wisdom from elsewhere, but that the signature is local ritual includes the other cells 11:15 - Nadine and Karine have to leave For info: There will be a new hola that Paul and Yoann are putting together. Other agenda for the last 40 minutes -What is the status of the new website? - not yet Branding update - New York context is distracting and intense. 3 hours with Mark felt like 30 minutes. - He thinks we are 90% there - Need to be able to name your clients. Rather than “at Percolab we…”. Start with “companies, governments, foundations hire us to … “. being more exact. - Then give an example, depending on who you are talking to. “you know how when … you want to do a public consultation and you have good intention and a powerpoint and the extroverted white guy starts to dominate the conversation. Well at percolab that never happens. (describe the dysfunctionality, at percolab that never happens) - now let me tell you how we work. We work from a future paradigm that has 5 elements. - 3 theoretical foundations Aha - It’s a sales script, that is adapted to different clients. Homework for next week: 3 examples of “you know when” and 5 future paradigm elements Barcelona What is needed in Barcelona? Who are our potential clients and what work is needed? What is 1 thing that I would feel excited enough that I would travel to Barcelona (1 piece of work)? Fab city movement. Transportation and smart city Design school Elisava working with policy makers using co-design practices something to help grow the percolab cell, finding good people finding the people who are transforming organizations street clowning art project night child interaction living with tourists - forum or conversation gsoft, go away for a week to do work, come back with a product. percolab goes to work on our website for 1 week, or some product and new service. no distractions. using travel to foster innovation future of the workplace and the frontieres of organizations generating synergies between two orgnizations, ouishare and percolab leverage foreign exoticism - creating possibility by being from away (workshops) - hearing about advanced north america reconciliation in practice abandoned villages - pandora hub with input on local context with help from Anna, connections. What is coming out Trainings (with exotic effect) Retreats or Sprints International Support for hosting conversations International gathering of future focus like hungary Percolab works locally. And highly connected internationally (co-learning, patterns) Checkout: As the cold comes in, what keeps you warm? Sense of community with like minded people Home Friction of well held confrontation Deep connection with me and others It’s predictable. It will get cold. Seeking the last moments of the sun. Heat. Covers. Hats. Mits. Nil’s human warmth. And wow, you are like a heater! Waiting for favourite wool blanket. When the spare beds in the house are filled. Friends coming to visit for the holidays. La chaleur humaine.  +
Rencontre : 2017/11/14 10:00:00 AM (Feedback on workshop development and document) +Not agile agenda! 2 parts today. intention: moving workshops forward as one of our core offers. qu’est-ce qu’on propose? ** idea from Paul + Hélène to facebook live the check in (push our openness and transparency). how do we feel about that? check-in is most personal and trust filled moment. another bit would be better. Check-in: A workshop you have attended that was interesting and inspiring (non-percolab) Paul: Slovenia practitioners gathering, a workshop on conflict. It blew my mind! Topic (england + northern ireland), simplicity of the frameworks + storytelling. Chloe: more movement workshops lately. embodying a presence that allows us to meet others. safe space, allowed to step out at any time. allowed me to open up. Elizabeth: also movement-dance. stretch exercise that started with a long loop and shortened. something that starts slowly, repeats, with other people, building it together. Joel Bothello: Academic. Experts learning a lot of patience. Taken out of comfort zone. Laurence: L’espace en lui même. Nous faire faire des choses incoryable comme s’ils était normale. Solène: débutant dans les ateliers. speaker dans un conférence. fierté. coaching intense, qui modifie moi comme personne et mon discours ne me resemble plus. ne pas changer les personnes. Ezra: Pattern in all workshop. some are teaching you a move. move is complicated, students not getting it. try, give up, maybe get it later. As a student, you can sense if they think you can learn it. The internal posture that they can get it is inspiring. Meghan: cozyness. naming what doesn’t work, is not in service at the beginning. we can dive deeper and have more interesting conversations after. Fanny: fun of moving on, rather than fear of missing out. bien cadré, bonne atmosphere pour découvrir ensemble Hélène: un expérience transformative. applied improve. facilitator with a lot of experience. proche de noel, partager un repas. plein de musqiue et mouvement. un workshop qui donne de l’énergie. Sam: platform masterclass. tools printed huge, on the web, creative commons. everything was ready on the web. our workshop was already an article. none of this ‘we’ll send it to you after’. Huge paradigm shift, 1,2,3 definitions that co-exist. He gave us a half hour, he became irrelevant. Enough time to go deep into it. We all came out buzzing. reflection: workshops are creating a container for a slow progression. confiance. Percolab Workshops ‘hey would you do a workshop on this?’ yes! it’s always been alléatoire. workshop ball bounces between people and isn’t always held. Today, collectively thinking through our workshops. Growing team, workshops as a tool for business development. Tool for capacity building + tool for earning an honourable income. Fairly low risk, not handling a huge amount of complexity. Great way to spread what we do. What’s the DNA of percolab workshops? Warm-up: post-its, 3 characteristics of percolab workshops. Works from your context Framed as practice combines content and practice adapted to what’s happening improv based, dance with interests and needs creative and fun alive democratic non-jugement personal meet the ‘others’ écoute frameworks Kaner useful propulse your thinking breakthrough insight sensemaking container well designed check-ins co-hosted Reflection: -something about inviting the full human being -shifting structures and ways of doing (not feeling differently, changing the way we work) -growing the field -the commons, shared freely. -people who come a second time, a place of practice -le tapis s’envlève en dessous de ses pieds -creating shared vocabulary ‘harvest’ ‘yes-and’ -cultural immersion -wave down into deep meaning, up to practical Un prototype d’un brochure d’ateliers -not caught up in content of individual workshops. can i connect my workshop to the type of workshop. -quelqu’un prendre ce brochure et nous appel pour avoir un workshop -it’s crappy on purpose! 8 minutes in groupes of 2. ‘I understand how a percolab workshop will fit inside of my organization’ -hand them out at a nacelle Les organizations qui s’en vont vers leurs future. Reactions and next steps to move this forward It’s really good! Ateliers sur mesure, the 1-5 section is not enlivening. It’s in the nitty gritty of pricing Do we offer art of hosting as a training? Faire attention au jargon. Décendre le niveau de vocabulaire. 2,6,7 plus de flow. Moins de mots mais plus précis. Réduire en graphique, pictograms. Trop lourd. Réduire. Qui nous fait confiance. Who is this for? It’s not in here. Qui nous fait confiance serait bien. Atelier sur mesure - ça arrive trop vite. What is actualle sur mesure dans nos atelier? What is our adaptive strenght? show it. Interesting to have clients quotes that are dispersed throughout the thing. Make it alive. Les blocs de texte au milieu sont bien, mais tout le reste devrait être plus léger. Dense - pas envie de tout lire. Si je le parcours rapidement, je ne comprends rien. En 8 minutes, il faut que j’aie tout compris. 1re page, j’ai rien compris. j’aurais aimé un dessin. Mettre de l’ambiance et de la mise en bouche. Bien construit. For organisations, businesses and individuals wanting to build capacity in future work cultures & practices. follow-up services. we offer coaching, etc. what is the information that needs to be in there so they engage with us. translating some of the stuff for what there is market for. It should be shorter. half of what it is Faire 2-3 rencontres. On peut le finir. avec une équipe de travail. Bilingue, designer. It needs to look as alive as our workshops feel. The visual lab gets really good feedback. We have a kickass clients list. The history is not in there. Ce qui nous distingue sur le marché: la quantité de clients qui nous font confiance. Who’s giving these workshop? Comment savoir que c’est une bonne équipe? Quelle est notre garantie? Experience, posture, etc. It doesn’t say “call us” anywhere. Avoir un numéro percolab? Notes from Chloe and Ezra: Needs to look as alive as our workshops feel What is the information we need on the brochure to get to the phone call? What is secondary? For - orgs, businesses and individuals wanting to build capacity in future work culture and practices. Each workshop incorporates : Frameworks and methodologies Practical experience Fun, engaging, visual Materials freely available afterwards Follow-up services - coaching, learning circles Domains : Innovation - future-focussed Employment engagement + wellbeing Better (more efficient and effective) decision-making Collaboration + teamwork Chloe to wireframe by next meeting Time frame to have this ready by: 15 january! Spreadsheets Someone is new coming into percolab. Start leading a project. Standard tools aligned with our financial model. Individual financial summary sheet helps you determine your salary. We all use a similar spreadsheet with similar formulas. But the projects recently are so big that the tool doesn’t fit the need. I am drowning in admin. Some projects invoiced on a monthly basis. ‘I’ve gone rogue’. Time to get on track for an iterative new tool. Could we ask someone like Beatrice to help us have a better financial tool? But first we need to go deep into the types of things that are not working. Can we name some of the core functionalities that we would like to see our standardized financial tools. Both summary of projects and summary of pay. need a better way to track and calculate total expenses (project related) calculate actual deductions at the source, so that we can actually see it the action of copying it out of spreadsheet to accounting to desjardins need to drop association to 7% (in relation to the 25%) - ease of understanding flow between project management and individual honorariums generate a report on all expenses for a project, plug into wave. faire des références croisés dans un même spreadsheet. invoicing - flow between project management and invoicing. Cannot generate bills in french. pdf system on the side. Sam is sending invoices through wave with english titles interaction between project management and invoicing needs work Chloe: i don’t know who my integration buddy is nobody wants to integreate you to these shitty tools Lets talk to Beatrice. separate individual management, what is shared Paul is the one who gives access. Needs to be a priority moving forward. Who is the one who holds this? Sticker for door of ECTo cost $120 to have percolab logo on the door. Every year we need to make a concious decision to renew it. Put it on loomio. -are we gonna do that for every annual expense? -do you have the authority to make that decision? Contracts & Integreation who gets access to loomio. Laurence Core functionality : Ezra - everything on one spreadsheet see all projects Project name (done, invoiced, paid) Project lead Tax deductions Scenarios : I’m leading the project on my own I’m leading the project with others I’m part of someone else’s project Calculate how much money I’m getting paid over the year I don’t track the cheque numbers I’m getting and I should, linking to master cheque spreadsheet. Prove that they have been paid. People can see which projects I’m leading, which I’m working on Which projects have been billed for, added to Wave  +
Rencontre : 2017/11/21 10:00:00 AM (stuff) +Check-in : Comment je commence ma semaine? Hélène: commence bien la semaine avec un cours de Feldenkrais. Cédric: commence avec un remède de grand-mère pour se soigner. Beatrice: Sereine, envie de faire des choix. Collecté information, Se sent alignée. Pleine de gratitude. Espère pouvoir aider en retour. Meghan: Commence bien, départ pour la Suède demain. Se sent bien et engagée. Cadrage : Prendre la rencontre pour faire un retour sur l’expérience du projet Place 962 et sur la récolte.Nous avons besoin de préparer un document de récolte sur les apprentissages du processus, soit : données sondage données jeux commentaires généraux (souhaits, médias sociaux, commentaire dans le sondage) données médiation/hosting (à la fois sur le lieux physique, vue, entendu entre les lignes) données de la carte Livrable de l’atelier de demain : orientation pour 3 cahier des charges pour 3 aménagement différents. Données médiation / hosting : Vent : Le vent a une influence sur les usages. Espace vert, qui ressemble les personnes, qu’une animation soit créé (expo arts local, produits locaux), des sculptures entre les arbres. Un côté ludique à la place Un lieu qui nous apporte de la connaissance. Usage fait: Les gens sont venu manger dans les Nacelles. 2 types d’usagers : travailleurs et résidents, beaucoup d’enfants (entre 5-12 ans) Nous n’avons pas de données spécifique de ce groupe. Ils ont contribué aux conversations, donc leurs leurs voix seront dans les données. Certains ont rempli le sondage. Le fait que le Parc Lafontaine ne soit pas loin influence les besoins. Que l’espace soit juste un espace de verdure était rejeté. Type de lieu : Lieu de passage, de trafic. Bruit: les autobus ne passent pas en se moment, c’est plus calme que d’habitude. Sentiments des gens: Beaucoup de joie, content de nous voir sur place. Comment les gens reçoive le processus: Question sur le processus. Les gens voulaient savoir si ça été décontaminé. (L’une des premières questions). Accueil positivement de faire partie du processus dès le début. Un souhait récolter verbal : arrête de bus devant l’espace vs devant les commerces. Check-out : On a les grandes lignes et les grandes idées réclamées par les citoyens. Le processus a bien fonctionné c’est vraiment encourageant. Maintenant il faut réussir (en utilisant l’informel, les données du hosting) à sortir 3 tendances différentes. Utiliser la base + ajouter 3 idées / thèmes. Les statistiques reflètent des choses qui sont vraies mais ne reflètent pas tout. Ressenti : côté multi-fonctionnel, evenementiel, surprise. Les chiffres sont intéressants mais ce qui compte encore plus c’est l’avis des gens. Plaisir de travailler ensemble durant cette réunion. Merci à Cédric pour ce bel hosting. Plaisir d’avoir un oeil extérieur lors de cette réunion.  +
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