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Thinking about joining a Percolab hub?

Percolab is a match for people who want to work in a multi-disciplinary self-managing team with an entrepreneurial culture and a huge focus on co-learning and experimentation (a lovely mix between freelance and traditional employee). The company is run as a future lab.

Percolab invites professionals to join as associates. What exactly are we about?

  1. Freedom and flexibility. Lead the projects you want, develop new business streams, create the life style you dream of, be surprised by the work that you will be invited into.
  2. Be your whole person. Being professional and being human.
  3. Delve into self-management. Co-govern the organisation (even co-own it).
  4. Join 10 years of experience and client portfolio.
  5. Benefit from shared infrastructure and ressources (pioneered with love and rigour)
  6. Leverage your skills with a team of competent and experienced colleagues
  7. Co-learn the organisation of the future, prototype your way into a future that makes sense
  8. Collective resilience – bringing in work for each other and being there for each other.
  9. Together we make an honourable living working locally and internationally
  10. Generate greater impact

Everyone in the team contributes to the functioning and growth of the company, has equal decision making power, and a space to explore their passions while earning a living in a vibrant collective. Adjusting to self-management can involve a steep learning curve as it requires breaking out of a pattern of command and control organizational behaviour. It is also immensely enriching both professionally and personally.

Everyone at Percolab has these attributes:

1) *They can host themselves:* It's the autonomy phase. They are able to take care of their own experience in joining Percolab. If things are challenging, they don't blame others but they enlist the support of others. They don't wait around for permission.

2. *Hosting others:* Brilliant facilitation and process design skills . Excellent at hosting other people's emotion, allow others to show up with their whole self. Excellent at working with groups.

3. *Life Long Learner:* You are always willing and motivated to extend your knowledge and practice. You are courageous to experiment and learn from things that did not go well, instead of taking them as failures. You welcome honest feedback, and you take it.

4. *Entrepreneurial mindset:* You create your own opportunities, you do business development. You are not waiting for Percolab to give you paid work, you create it for yourself.

5. *Relationship builder:* People loves to work with you. You care for people. You bring your heart to your work. This is a place to give mutual support to each other as humans. You can build relationships with anyone. You understand that relationships are the glue that holds everything together.

There is an underlying understanding that "life is at the center". Our imagination is not as great as the universal imagination, so we are constantly extending our own boundaries for creation by being in deep touch with reality.

The process to join our community (also known as hiring) is flipped upside down. You might want to start by attending a weekly Percolab meeting, which is open to anyone. It's a great way to experience our vibe and understand how we work as a group. If it feels like a fit, we might find a way to collaborate on a project. There are no promises or commitments made beyond seeing how collaboration feels and works. If the first project works out well for everyone, and if the you are seeking a more formal and committed relationship, someone will invite you to write a letter to the team, sharing your desire to join the community and how you see it functioning.

Members (employees) are expected to attend 70% of the weekly team meetings either in person or virtually and to come into the office minimally two days a week (on average). Hence, there is an extreme amount of leeway where and when a person works. This allows members to create the lifestyle they want while also caring for the work, clients and their team. The result? Percolab members travel lots, write books, invest in educational projects and are fabulous parents and grandparents.

Other ways of collaborating with Percolab

  • Friends: People in our ecosystem who we are in learning conversations and mutual visits with. This also includes co-creating or collaborating on projects.
  • Collaborator/contributor: We bring in external collaborators on specific projects. (and we get invited in by others)
  • Interns: Interns join a team for specific period of time with a predetermined scope of work. To express your interest in an internship, please reach out to info (at)
  • Partnerships: Our work is strengthened by entering into partnerships with organizations in our ecosystem.

The first step is for us to get to know each other. This can mean participating in our events, reaching out to organize a meetup or speaking to a team member about the nuts and bolts of working with us. We are curious to know i) how your story connects to percolab, ii) what kinds of project you are excited to work on and iii) anything else you would like to communicate.

The e-mail to use is info (at)

percolab c'est pour qui?

Basically working full time with Percolab involves I) creating your own unique way to earn the honorable living you want to earn II) playing with what your unique dream lifestyle and projects are and how that fits with work. III) Being a Percolab professional

  • attend 70% of team meetings in a year (virtually or physically) and keep up on all of team meetings and decisions
  • spend at average of 2 days a week at a shared office space with your team (and facilitate and document your share of meetings)
  • take on organisational roles to steward the daily operations and future development of the company and make sure the work is documented and shared and the roles are constantly cared for
  • Make explicit and keep up to date your work, projects, personal expenses, all agreements etc.
  • be with your team

the essential responsibilities of a core member of the coop: $16,000, roles, explicit 7%, attending meetings 70% of meetings of local meetings per year (there are 3 per month)

Percolab c'est un match pour des personnes qui souhaitent travailler en équipe et fonctionner en auto-gestion avec une culture entreprenante (un heureux mélange entre travailleur autonome et employé traditionnel). Nous mettons une énorme focus sur le co-apprentissage et l'expérimentation ). La compagnie se veut une lab du futur du travail.

Ainsi, nous n'avons pas de "postes" comme tels mais beaucoup d'opportunités et de possibilités.

Getting to know each other (aka recruitment - Se fréquenter aka recrutement)

  • C'est un processus d'intuition et de sérendipité (et non pas de recrutement ou d'évaluation)
  • Quand on a une bonne intuition avec quelqu'un on vérifie si il y a de la résonance avec notre intention et nos principes directeurs - la plus souvent à travers la participation dans une session de travail ou événement percolab.

La période et niveau de fréquentation est variable pour chaque personne/situation.

  • On s'invite mutuellement dans des occasions de pratique et de travail.
  • On (au moins une personne) tient une conversation "nut's and bolts" avec la personne sur notre fonctionnement.
  • On (au moins une personne) tient une conversation sur ce que la personne peut offrir ou s'intéresse à offrir au travail collectif.
  • La personne peut commencer à se familiariser avec les outils de travail percolab

Committing - s'engager

  • Quand la personne est prête à passer à l'étape suivante (intégration complète) elle rend explicite son engagement envers percolab avec une lettre (sous la forme que la personne souhaite)
  1. Comment l'intention de percolab s'enligne avec ma propre intention?
  2. Percolab fonctionne selon une culture entrepreneuriale où l'équipe s'occupe du développement d'affaires et les activités de percolab peuvent être très larges et diverses. Comment comptes-tu gagner ta vie chez percolab? Quelles sont les services ou produits qui t'intéressent à croître ou à créer chez percolab?
  3. Rythme naturel de travail :
  • Tu comptes travailler combien d'heures et de jours en moyenne par semaine?
  • Chez percolab on est libre de travailler quand on veut, mais c'est aidant que l'équipe soit au courant des heures de travail habituelles de chacun. Quel est ton rythme de travail habituel?
  • Chez percolab on est libre de travailler où on veut. Quels sont tes lieu(x) de travail souhaités)?
  • Chez percolab chacun prend le nombre de jours/semaines de vacances annuelles que l'on veut, tout en étant explicite sur ce point pour faciliter les ententes dans des projets.
  1. Engagement : C'est plus facile pour tous quand on travaille exclusivement avec percolab - si ce n'est pas possible il faut que ce soit compris et convenu avec tout le monde pour s'assurer qu'il n'y a pas de conflit d'intérêt ou problème d'équité dans la transparence de nos revenus.
  2. Identité - Est-ce que tu es prêt à te présenter partout au nom de percolab? As-tu une idées des trois mots clés que tu aimerais avoir si ta carte d'affaire percolab?

Percolab is a co-managed company whereby everyone has equal decision-making power, no one has authority over another person and our work tasks are decided by ourselves and As such we are all legally considered managers.

Intégration aka onboarding

  • marquer le moment par un petit rituel
  • culture de travail : participer aux réunions statutaires et d'autres activités d'équipe
  • OPERATIONS - voir RÖLE outils de collaboration : intégrer les outils de travail du collectif (slack, bitsync, trello, wave) et faire ses activités (projets) dans les espaces communs en mode transparent
  • GOUVERNANCE voir Rôle gouvernance : intégrer le système d'auto-gestion et assumer la responsabilité de rôles (après une période maximal de 3 mois)
  • IDENTITÉ voir Rôle gardien de la goutte, équipe, réseau sociaux : commencer à se présenter en tant que membre de percolab (courriel percolab, carte d'affaire, ajout à la page équipe sur le site, médias sociaux etc)
  • $ rôle Banquier: intégrer le système financier de percolab (avec frais partagés) et au besoin, tenir une conversation pour clarifier comment fonctionner avec ses projets qui ont débuté hors de percolab
  • co-working : processus d'intégration à ECTO avec les responsables d'ECTO
  • suivre des ateliers percolab

Integration feedback sessions

We hold a collective learning moment about an individual's integration process every three months until it is felt that the person is fully integrated. The principle is that this is a two way learning process. A sample framing could be: What have we lived together in the last months? How are we feeling about the integration? What are we learning together? What are we thankful for?

Percolab is a project based company that offers massive flexibility, autonomy. All community members(employees) work both in the projects and also co-manage all aspects of the company with the support of external expertise. An individual is accountable for a few management roles and this can change anytime at anyone’s request. There is a formal collective check in every three months. The priority is to keep the roles in flow and for individuals to make good use of their expertises and to challenge themselves in their own personal growth.