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What would you like to share with the team that you haven’t said yet
Pace – looking for ways to slow down
Visit you in Montreal and see the team here
Turn up on time
Dizziness from self-managing
Developed several mandates in EU, want to share with the team
Triple bottom line – happiness of the people – very important. Feel hopelessness in our projects with the city in how they finish. Feelings of doubt.
Proud of the team. Not as grumpy as I seem. Talking circle. Sprinting, will be taking a break.
Next weeks are going to be crazy, not easy to ask for help. Need to learn and its not that easy. Really experience. No time to learn. Surf on that. Feedback and learning and debrief. Practice. Plan and change. Hosting. How do I learn. Feedbacks. How to design.
Time together
Limited time together.
Sharing responsibilities – need to know we each other are. Flat structure to move on with consensus. One of the struggles is “how do you do that efficiently and take care of all the voices” Which leads to frustration and blocking.
2 Groups
One been there awhile
New group
Communication and humour
Different level of engagement
System is internal, the humour is difficult to access
            Trust, how well we know each other
Different realities – where we are?
Topics that overlap
Angles or hurdles are very different
Once in a week Tuesday – Is 2 hours enough
Are we fully present?
-      Notice phones and computers
Same tasks or roles in different situations – do different things
Writing, photos etc. – not the only one
Behind every frustration is a broken dream. What’s yours?
-      Lots of love, freedom, possibilities, mindset, caring for each other.
-      Potential – each other, in the team
-      Recognising our own value
Confusion in the concept of the coop. Assumptions – that not everyone is on board. Who’s the driving force and who’s being dragged along.
Open team – sharing emotions and vulnerabilities
Resistance to tensions
How honest and truthful to be to be kind?
Clarity on cash flow, contracts and economic stability
Engagement on the jobs we take on
Taking on mandates that don’t speak to our passions (for economic means)
Certain tasks are not interesting due to financial pressure
What's under the surface?
- How you are perceived
- My insights from talking with everyone
-So many direction, what is most present to talk about
tensions between huge potential and blockage
normal to have difficulties in organisations - part of what has to emerge in the coop
about honesty, I am being honest. Not being framed in a work as the girl who writes reports. I want to develop long term partnership with clients. Clash between what can be can't be said, need of a space for difficult things to be said
thread of running around, speed of development, massive. Running away from forming something that give us the power to creating something like the coop. Lack of responsability taken. What does people really want to do.
some subjects on the wall feel normal, others not, part of the process I guess.. Efficiency has always been confronting for me since I am with percolab due to my impatient nature. Happy to see new people joining. Good to be challenged normal that growth takes sometime difficult turns. I feel confuse about the coop, important to name our frustrations.
Potential to thrive. Tensions and blocks holding us back. Leading into frustration and blocking. Interesting perspective...leaning into them.
This feels normal and I feel these things are part of what will emerge from the process towards the coop.
Il y a plusieurs choses que je ne dis pas. Est-ce que je suis honnête. Je trouve ça correct qu'il y a des choses que je ne dis pas. Deux points que je voulais pas être la personne qui 'fait les rapports'. Je pense que tout le monde hait faire des rapports. Développer des partenariats avec des clients plus à long terme. Pas juste courir pour faire des ODS. C'est une belle place pour le faire.
L'autre chose....clash... Ce qu'on a le droit de dire et ce qu'on n'a pas le droit de dire. On n'a pas le droit de dire qu'il y en a pas des relations de pouvoir. Il y en . Un espace pour parler de ce genre de dynamique.
Our conversation had a thread of running. Running around. And the speed of development. Of where we've been going. This massive speed. My own thoughts on that. A running away from actually forming something that gives us the power. There's a thing that's been put in the center....instead of running towards it...running away from it. A lack of responsability taking. I don't know why that is. Is it for them. What's in their hearts. Speed and that for everyone. And are we ready.
It's very beautiful. Il y a des sujets que je trouve normal, d'autre pas....ça fait partie du processus. Taking care of voices, l'efficience. Efficience...depuis que j'arrive à percolab. Je suis impatient, difficile...attendre, lâcher prise. Ok, certaines actions ça a été assez compliqué. Je trouve qu'au final on avance et c'est normal qu'on puisse ouvrir à d'autres. Ça amène de la diversité et du potentiel. C'est on ne faisait pas ça, on resterait dans une certaine inertie. C'est quelque chose qui n'est pas du tout possible. Ça nous challenge de monter la coop, c'est comme ça qu'on apprend, on normal, pas efficient...c'est normal...on est 10. Des problèmes liés à la croissance. Vision à l'international...Après, c'est à nous de le gérer. Ça ne sera pas simple. On a des frustrations. La coop, je ne sais pas par ou ça send vient. Important de nommer des frustrations.
I've been through entrepreneurship programs. We are facing normal issues. Even if for some of us, this is the first time that we are entering into the entrepreneurship path. Part of the team ims very experiences. Worked for 10 years. Experiences leading big companies. So I guess less fear and less questions about the way we should be doing that. It's the right way to prototype a new way of work. I still think we can create something that will be inspiring. It's 'rush' when we are doing service offers. YMCA...crazy and exciting ....putting the best we have on the team. Very joyful when we finished. Proud and I have so many questions as an individual concerning finance and the next step for the coop. I wish we could space where wecan speak about it with transparency. It's hard because we are on two continents. Trying many big things at the same time. Having a conversatioon about the coop. I sometimes feel as though I am not competent. People who are really experiences and people who are just starting. To feel comfortable with that. I'm not proud of what we are dong right now. With our clients we are teaching the how to share. Be present. Take care of people.
We do not host people, we put pressure. It's not the best way to learn according to me and my experience.
Pattern. Running & avoidance. We can testify from the slack that the pace is very high. The number of exchanges. When you are running you cannot address hot issues. This creates frustrations. It was mentioned in the discussion. There was no space to name or formulate this discussion. It made us reflect no what is happening in Europe. A different scale. We took the time this morning to have a long check in. We are having frustrations, sharing them has the benefit of relieving the person experiencing the fustration and to check if the other is feeling the same. What do we do with that.
we are also building a team here. and thank you guys because what you are doing. Your frustrations and questions. The success. The beautiful mandates....we are so JAZZED about it. Possibility of working with you : D In an international way. We learn from you. We learn a lot. There is something about. How to create a team in Europe based on your success and your difficulties. What can we learn from you by creating a creative successful a smooth way, not a running way.
Tension between the feeling of a great potential and feeling stuck. Naming the desire to create a safe place to dump those blocks. Things we have the right to share and things we don't have the right to share. A desire to address that. Almost spiritual. As bright as we will be able to dive into the dark. Communication and sense of humour  and closed circle. Feeling of a verbal culture. Some people who have been around a long time. It's become a part of their DNA. Complicity. Second nature way of functioning for a number of members. And that makes the onboarding. It's makes the learning...yes, learning by doing is wonderful. It's not always easy. It leads into a second question. Bringing people from different points of view. How will this shift the team? Does the DNA shift? Or is there resistance to keep to the original DNA and way of being.
Question : how was it to use the talking stick
We are used to it. Not so different than not using one.
When there's a conversation like this to be had, it's
What are you thinking about this last circle:
grateful that it was possible to talk about all this! points that emerged I hadnt thought of There is like a pattern of feeling hype and low, when the team is in a low curve, I dont want to sink... I'm conscious of that pattern. I'm not sure if I or the team is ok with this.
Anything that is new to you? How do you invite people into something that people see a new strength. People say 'I want some of that! You bring people in...they see our vulnerability and weakness and are like 'ahhHHHHHHHHH'. You're just like us.
How do you make a messy transition.
Does it make sense to stay where we are now to to move ahead.
Sharing Eirik's clusters (he didn't want to share before to not influence us).
Scaling, integration, trust, tension, coop, team culture, communication, commitment, contracts, vision, cash flow.
I would like to lead you somewhere but I would like you to tell me where you wish to put energy. I hoped the conversation.
everything is about scaling from what I see.
I'm not sure that bigger is better. I'm unclear about the coop. Coop is a legal thing. The coop change is a legal signing thing. Perhaps I don't get it.
There's nothing new on the board since when I joined in 2010. If I sat here in 2020 or 2030, I wouldn't be surprised if they were still topics. Question : are you ok with that? They aren't going away. But we can get good at naming it.
There's self--organizing and a have one without the other is missing something. The legal responsability is over there...The children can play but then the responsability is there. That is why we are shifting into a coop.
I don't know if people want that. Maybe there are different rings. Maybe people don't feel ready for that responsability.
What comes to mind is a picture. Friends facing that they are in the real life and in a real business. Absolutely normal all this things. In 2020 or 2030 they will still be there. Those are business issues. Creating a coop. We are facing business issues in real life with real responsabilities. And real fears. How to be a business in which we can thrive, all of us. With real issues, cash flow problems, legal problems and issues. Leaving people issues. All the topics that are in front of us.
Intégrer des channels dans slack.....
Energy low..the things I have been preparing for. One serious play. It's a time demanding task. Can we frame
Specific things about the coop....specific things.
One way of doing it...
Team performance model... it is a very helpful tool to navigate to create a team. The metaphore is that in terms of getting a ball to bounce. We need to get energy. All the energy. When the ball hits the floor. With the power. why the individuals are here. who you are. connect to team members. strengths. where to go if we have questions around different questions. explicit assumptions . Commit upon rules and roles.
When you have commited. How you are dealing with scaling.
How you review what you are doing. Making a learning situation out of it.
OPTION 2 : Dream team model
What this dream team model shows. Different skills that we all have. Locate a team of many members. What things are missing from the team. Where is there a lot of energy and a lot of capacity.
You put one dot on each line. I'm personally feeling. Put the dots on the different lines. Getting a profile.
Action oriented. Urge to do actions. Get together. A kickstart within the team.
An easy way to map out where there are lots of strengths and where it is valuable to put effort. To prevent problems.
I don't know how it can be valuable to us right. It was something that I prepared to create a picture. Struggling, this is where we got as a meeting. How do we want to to go forward.
Co-op! But I don't want to impose. Base the conversation on this.
Option 3: Team contract: Clarification of expectations. competencies, challengeces, principles, opportunities
There's also some people who have already done it....
Questions: a gap with goal orientation (mission)
a gap with practicing conflict resolution.
Very good on action oriented.
People are from very low to very high on the visibility on the team.
Strange that there is high with care but not with a lot of conflict resolution.
Stretch from low to high with visionary.
In a situation where we are trying to move forward.. low to high on vision. Possible confusion.
I would never have place you there!
The spread is interesting. Who is really jumping in vs. who is feeling dragged in. That's what I read from the different levels of vision
The balance between the action. Some people are quite evolutive and some people are quite action oriented. Two crowds...very quick and action.
What does a dream team? We could all draw different things. I don't necessarily agree what others put.
are we supposed to be in one beautiful circle. Of course. Not all the team is in the room. Could be interesting. This template. With sam, cédric and elizabeth. The point is to be aware of our differences. What is striking is about the conflict. Conflict resolution. Maybe we need a new competency about that in the team. Tools. Something where we can express our issues and fears and differences. And also our conflict. The rest...I feel it's beautiful to see how we are diverse. Various ways of diong things. Inventive. WOW !
For me, I'm happy with that.
quand on voit les extremes. goal oriented and conflict resolution. ça m'a frappé. C'est collé. How are they related. Si on ressent des tensions, comment on peut converger vers des buts communs. Pour ça il faut du temps de discussion et de la place pour en parler. Sinon les buts ne seront pas collectifs.
I remember the excitement when we broke down into a 6 month period. The though I had after...I know we love emergence and prototyping. Letting things boil. I was in engineering so it was of course obvious to do backward planning. It's not necessarily in contradiction in the culture of emergence. It feels so refreshing and's normal to work in that way. Everyone is quite average on the goal-oriented approach. It doesn't have to be in contradiction.
There are a lot of things that can create some clarity. I'm sad that I'm leaving you on this note. I want it to be helpful. It would be constructive to look at opportunities.
I'm lost in terms of direction.
What is clear after this meeting and what is next?
appreciate the ask for help, great example. it would help me learn more if we were taken through the activities and not explained.
foward: lean toward guiding principles + expectations around that. something fun and creative.
I'm not clear about what we've been doing this morning. I feel like there was a space to say things. We really need a coonversatioon about theh coop. It's not clear for everyone.
I got a good picture for some of the challenges. A glimpse into how you operate. What's next : I will be be around tmrw and Thursday to attend the workshops.
I was very pleased. The drawing is very helpful. we should be able to navigate and share with this awareness. With this awareness, diving into some of the projects that were charted ast week.
I need human contact and informal space for taking aobut things. NExt step is build the coop.
The vision of the different points. Thank you to Eirik. The next steps. Il y a une réel gap entre goal oriented and conflict resolution. Laisser de l'espace pour regarder les tensions.
Tensions and difficulties are not

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