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Date : mardi 12 septembre 2017 10:00

Fin : 12:00
Type : Stratégie (prise de décisions)
Equipe: équipe 1
Hôte(s) : Sam
Information additionnelle : Guests - Lucie
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Tuesday Meeting- Roles Check-In September 12, 2017 - ECTO - Montréal Cell

(notes that have an easier to read format are 

Part of being a percolab member is sharing the work of owning roles.

Check-in question - quand je pense a mon rôle, quel est mon feeling en ce moment (propre a ce context). What is your feeling around roles at this moment (in percolab or not)?

Elizabeth - j’accompagne la gestion participative, comment switcher le mindset de mon poste à mon rôle. i haven’t cracked the nut on how to accompany that shift. Paul - responsibility and expectation Nadine - un cadeau pour faire grandir l’équipe Nil - responsibility, something for the future, care, sustained care Mireille - être main à main dans une chaine Romain (1) - Sam - who is taking care of the invisible roles? Solene - une responsabilité, une chance de prendre soin de quelque chose Lucie - un grand changement Meghan - disconnected Laurence - confusion, passer d’un rôle à un autre Anique - alive landing sites, allow movement and connect things Romain (2) - être au centre d’un environnement personnel et professionnel. ce qu’on peut donner, basé sur le bienêtre Ezra - balance between the pleasure or energy for something, and that some roles are less desirable (not sick, just allergies, no health worries!) Cédric - fun with metrics. des fois ca marche, des fois moin bien. un chapeau que je peux mettre pour avoir une couche d'intentionnalité. parallèle avec le rôle de papa de que porte quand je suis pas au bureau. jusqu'où je peut amener mon contribution Eric - roles means that things don’t fall through the crack. Hélène- l’énergie qui nous font vivre, et apprendre à travailler. le rôle d’être un praticien. comment faire le switch entre plusieurs chapeaux.

reflection from Nil - the word role brings the idea of care, and sustained care reflection from Sam - it’s not necessarily easy, and that’s ok. let’s be kind to ourselves, and honest, and be better at naming what’s not going well so we can take care of the organization.

Process proposal: Start by writing out the roles that the 6 of us each have (partnered with people who don’t have roles). Put a heart around the ones we have energy and feeling good about. Put a sad face on the one that is on the other extreme. On a scale of 0-10 how ready is someone ready to take it over? Are the processes documented? Some might be ripe to pass on , some might still be in our heads.

17 people for 6 roles Reminder: it’s about stewarding and not doing all the job Nadine on computer Paul in kitchen Ezra on couch Elizabeth bean bag Cedric nacelle Sam red couch

Roles are about the successful functioning of percolab as it is and helping it to move forward. It’s not necessarily about doing the work, but you are accountable for the things that are written up in the role description

Share back our inventory of roles.

Elizabeth Bid watcher - sad face - 7/10 - local reading rfps, info is there, but it’s draining will be thrown back into the center Workshops - happy face - 4/10 - international or local unsure excited about the general offer of workshops outside of what we do ourselves Librarian - happy - 5/10 - international but not sure buying and organizing books is fun, new card deck is cool. new tool to catalogue the books we personally have at home so we know Rigueur - happy - 2/10 - international Rapporteur financier - neutral - 0/10 - local nothing prepared because coop is still in development Being seen - neutral - 2/10 - international woops it’s not in hola hard to contract out the work we have all stepped up recently and feeling hopeful

Paul Webmaster - good feelings - low documentation lots of support Network - medium feelings - medium documentation domain names, access to emails Outils de collaboration - medium feelings - low documentation access to loomio, slack etc Archiviste - medium good - excited to make better documentation bitsync Gardien de la goutte - good - medium documentation template, percolab style Banker - do not like - well documented connected to bookkeeper no flow Heart bookkeeping role - not even mine! Elizabeth misses being banker (invisible role) Stewarding the purchase of the inc - local

  • interesting that we are getting more


International partnership development we focused a lot on the development with Karine locally we need new partnerships, focus for october and november Strategic editing not happy because I haven’t had time to do them properly doing it by translating things that are important to our work in france, an indirect way to take care of this role National Co-working space Banker Financial reporting - sad face but I have to

  • national roles HAVE to be shared with karine
  • Fanny is joining to core team in the next month which will help

Sam Partnership development - international - formalizing how being in partnership is creating bigger potential. putting that stuff online - being seen challenge Strategic editor - international - doing a crappy job not ready to let it down because it’s important Governance - international - not ready to hand it over has been global but this role is in emergence with international cells adding stewards working with yoann to restructure the wiki so it’s better for everyone Financial reporting of the inc - BIG SAD FACE - i need help - local would rather be on govt and partnerships, not doing a good job Legal protector - local hired a lawyer to validate our contracts Narrative branding - international roaring through right now huge branding provoking process Content translation - blah (invisible role) onboarding (invisible role) offboarding + relationship culture both have been written, need to be attributed, sam holding for now

Cedric Bookkeeper - sad face - out of my league, big learning curve, but not sure if that is in service of the organization. ready to let it go Premier répondant - happy face answer emails that come into the info@percoalb box inform the team about emails that could be interesting make connections and hold relationships to new contacts Kanban - referentiel de competences what are the skills and competencies needed to thrive in percolab culture there is clarity but we need to practice it Legos - meh, un peu plat, not sure things that help us write service offers more simply standards that can be re-used lots of guilt - nadine has the same feeling enjeu de visibilite Course on that user: password: nilroda1 Portfolios il faut prototyper qqchose. needs to be simplified and iterated raconter l’histoire de nos projets

Ezra Team profiles - happy lots of following up with people to get their faces and bios on the website not hard but requires perseverance THANK YOU FOR THAT! (nil) Lieu de travail - happy following up with ecto, filling out our use of the space form (passage) maintaining a healthy relationship very well documented (10/10) Video/Photo - none existent somehow very little work to do Stagiaire - well documented (8/10) - neutral feelings no current stages, but we can think more about how we welcome people learning, encadrement. helpful and interesting role Coop - unsure face - it was fun to learn about the legal structure but let drop a bit the transition. big complicated “hot mess” that elizabeth has been picking up 6/10 documentation

Sometimes we are naming the purpose of the role clearly, and sometimes we could use a refresh of the write up in hola We are stewarding the work. We are stewarding practice. Invite others on what you are working on.

Meghan Newsletter - picked it up with the self-management workshop haven’t done much since - guilt, sorry! keen to keep doing it and write up a fall newsletter

workshops, happy to enter in.

Process: make proposals to change roles. We will try to use the generative decision making process. Hopefully much of it is the short process (thumbs) but we will do it hte long way if needed. Process reference =

Sam = (faciliator)

Proposal #1 Elizabeth - I propose that Ezra and I fuse the two coop roles. (facilitator) - please clarify ownership of role or description of role Role #34 coop role includes purchase of inc, elizabeth and ezra do it together (facilitator) - thumbs, 99% up, Paul down

Paul - the separation of description and ownership is not clear. I don’t like two people owning a role (facilitator) what is the risk to org Paul - The risk is two people holding one role, things can fall through the cracks, not sure who to go to

Ezliabeth - I would like to give up my role of purchasing the inc. Informal role around purchasing the inc. Need support to keep doing it. Co-stewardship. (faciliator) - we are in a clarification round. What do you want? Elizabeth - I want the role to be well done. Subsidies and access to money. Status, lawyer relationship. (facilitaor) - this is an urgent and time sensitive role. If you took it on with Ezra, could you commit to take on the descion making together (hold it in an exemplary way as a duo). Paul - why not cedric too? (facilitator) - not ripe. lets continue with other proposals

Proposal #2 Nadine - I have a feeling that our trainings and workshops are larger than the role that is currently defined. I propose a new role around training strategy, larger than workshops, connected to communication (website and newsletter). (facilitator) - we cannot adopt a new role without a description and an idea worked through already Meghan - very interested in joining that conversation

Getting clarity Paul (monologue) - tempted to take back bookkeeper and very tempted not to. Timing with annual reporting is key. What support do you need Cedric? But also not enjoying banking role, reporting is the hardest part. Elizabeth - tempted to take it and not take it. Sam - what is in service of percolab? Paul - with the coop work to do, can I take bookkeeping and free up time for you Cedric - I would like to do more learning WITH you. Paul - no proposition. I will continue with banking and give cedric extra support on bookkeeping until the coop /purchase is done (and annual review) Cedric - strange timing to check in on roles. we worked well together until the summer, we can do it again. Also, the coop purchase is not a stewardship of two - it is definitely a stewardship of 3. Laurence - I wish I had more clarity after the meeting,

Sam - after you sign a contract with percolab, you have to take on minimum one role. once you sign you are legally reponsible for the organization with your colleagues. taking on a role is essential to learning and being in service on self-management

Solene - if I can help I would be glad to. I have experience avec la comtabilite.

Declaration Elizabeth - I am no longer doing bid-watcher (#6) and nobody can make me. Sam - onboarding and offboarding (#41 & #42) are orphaned

Need to get clarity on people integrating. We need to do a descision making and see how the cooperative. Carrying and sharing legal responsibility is essentail to the role. This can not be held by someone who has not signed onto the coop.

Is this something that explicitly needs to be written in the international charter?

It’s amazing that we haven’t had more proposal for changes of roles, we’ve had up to 19 in the past! It’s also because it’s the end of summer and this check-in has reminded us which roles we hold and what the extent of the responsibilities are.

Check-out - what clarity you are leaving with today and a little bit about who you are

Mireille - un an que je suis ici. digital, numérique, communication. découvert AoH récemment. J’offre mon aide avec grand plaisir. Solène - j’ai envie de contribuer mais maintenant c’est plus clair à qui je peux parler pour aider. connecté par les nacelles Lucie -connecté par compétences de crha. observation des interactions, étude de human systems intervention at concordia. Hélène - praticienne de AoH. ce qui émerge pour moi aujourd’hui est une réunion de praticiens. Romain (1) - contente de tomber sur la réunion des rôles, beaucoup de clarté de c’est quoi faire parti de percolab. lots of confusion in generative decision making. en processus transition, urbanisme, org communautaire, tripper sur les pratiques collaboratives. AoH avec Lupuna Meghan - clarity about who to talk to based on the roles they have, less shy to ask. glad to see the hola list come to life. Part of percolab since 1 year, mostly in montpellier, back in Montreal, for keeps! Nil - wow i have no idea what's going on, lots to learn. decision making not clear. more diving in! thanks for having me here. Nadine - clarity: i have a lot of invisible roles. really grateful to be here in this meeting today. thank you. i don’t want to feel guilty, but it’s good to explicitly say what we are doing for each other. i want to bring that clarity to our cell here in france. explicit is important! co-founder of percolab in france, have been here since the beginning. Elizabeth - 1) no more bid watcher 2) first blog post on tuesday meetings, should be automatically sent out and translated 3) this conversation was overdue! 4) besoin de faire ca autour des différents projets. member of percolab 4 years Paul - in addition to my checkin (responsibility and expectation ) I would add + communication + asking for help. also clarity on the temporality of roles. feels good at light for it to not be a forever commitment. member percolab 7 years this month! Cédric - 2 clarités: 1) perdu de vue la pratique de stewardship et ca me met sur le défensive (comment inviter dans un pratique collective) 2) comment on fait de la sense collective dans les patterns qui émerge dans nos projets. Laurence - 1 an collaborateur percolab devenir membre bientôt. ca reste encore confus ce que je peux prendre mais j’apprécie la dynamique. la prochain step c’est d’embarquer la dedans. Ezra - just did a clown performance and excited to bring a clown to one of our public events. I was paying attention to the ‘performativity of language’. Embarrassment, annoyance. Nice to be able to name when something is heavy and gross. Anique - I found this meeting incredibly productive. Feels very healthy. Inspiring. I have been collaborating with percolab about 6 months. Romain (2) - entendu par Hafid et Clémence des nacelles et toulouse. beaucoup d’ouverture vers un mode de gestion en tant gestionnaire d’un startup (4 personnes). des choses me parlent personnellement alors merci a tous Samantha - cofounder of percolab 10 years ago. a roar in my belly to shift to a role based system. what i liked about the meeting is seeing which ones are local, international, writing them up. huge forward movement that has been driving us. and now the being seen in our roles and being explicit, is facilitated by having guests. later on, what do we want to say about roles in our next blog post? making huge headway together. 3 month check-ins on roles is important.