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Date : mardi 3 avril 2018 10:00

Fin : 12:30
Type : Stratégie (prise de décisions)
Equipe: tout le monde
Hôte(s) : "Paul"
Absent(s) :




Percolab Montreal Meeting April 3, 2018

Sam, Paul (host), Elizabeth, Laurence, Solène, Hélène, Meghan

Framing Background in web comes with practice of issue log How do we name the gaps in where we are and where we want to be.

Visual check-in with aboriginal art cards from Australia When you look at this art, what is resonating with you?

  • Noyau de cellule. Rivière qui coule.
  • Euphorie, envie de rire. Side effect of chocolate. Puissant.
  • Biased toward bold, warm.
  • Differences and different directions co-existing.
  • Playful. Intelligent. Different directions and harmonious coherence. Fluidity facing different ways. Freedom.
  • Skeleton. Solid structure that is able to move.
  • Rivers flowing. Le ruisseau sale - dirty stream. Things keep flowing.
  • En mode protection, survie. Regard nul pars? Plein de petit cercles. Pas seule.

10 minute w. Index cards. Could be project, role, personal. What is blocking you? #issue What is the priority that this needs to be sorted out (1-5) #risk #priority Identify the domain (finances, a role, structure, etc) #domain

Blocking us in our potential future. What’s heavy. ISSUE - DOMAIN - RISK LEVEL (1-5)

  • Est ce qu'on se fait confiance. Est-ce que c'est chacun pour soi ou il y a un ensemble?

-Team - ?

  • Self protection mode blocks empathy, care & compassion needed to move forward. Stops win-wins

-Relationships - 5

  • No space for consolidation. Our level of openness means that important things are being neglected

Team Rhythms - 5

  • Non curated (non collective) recruitment

Viability + Reputation - 5

  • Pas de projects - $ manque, manque centre et sens, je ne sais pas si je veux m'investir chez percolab

Team - 5

  • Project capacity - lack of people doing bus dev, technology, web

Project - 5

  • HR issues: follow up, support, onboarding + EH & CJ

HR - 5

  • Inc - Coop purchase. Financing & project mgt

Finance - 5

  • Incompatible non-negotiables among core

Vision - 5

  • North American scaling strategy

Viability + Reputation - 5

  • My lack of clarity for moving forward

Commitment + Organizational Risk - 5

  • Éparpillement - épuisant, bas énergie, besoin d'un espace sécuritaire, riche et nourricier. les priorités de qui?

Stratégie - 5

  • Collective ability to name + hear tensions

Team - 5

  • Finances that are too complex and messy for me to engage with

Finances - 5

  • Pas l'impression de co-posséder cette compagnie _ impression d'être à l'écart, non pertinente. manque d'information sur décisions déjà prises. pas l"impression que mon opinion a un impact sur la direction générale

Pouvoir et transparence - 5

  • Team working together with integrity

Human work HR - 5

  • Lack of team stability and resources available to back each other up. Calls for support are left hanging or shut down

Team - 5

  • Lack of clear threshold to join the collective

Team, Reputation, Financial viability 5

  • Integration lacks strategy, a define process & thresholds. This creates energy leaks and relationship damage

Growth 4

  • Onboarding, offboarding - marking the moment

Relationships 4

  • Clear role distribution - onboarding + offboarding, local + international

Roles 4

  • Business management ops are not resourced. This creates instability and inconsistency

Management 4

  • Collaboration - soutien, partage, dialogue

Futur projets 4

  • Confiance - en soi, dans les autres. Meilleur collaboration

Team 4

  • Priorité au bien-être de l'équipe. État financiers, décision qui sont impliqué des dépenses importantes. J'ai peur de trouver un mess. Est-ce que je veux investir la dedans?

Fiances 4

  • How do we maintain the percolab brand in our work with clients when led by a new member or collaborator?

Reputation 4

  • What have we learned from incomplete (failed?) integrations in the past? What are we doing to not repeat those patterns?

Growth 4

  • Collective ownership of the brand process with Mark - next steps

Brand 4

  • Lack conscious learning in our org systems. There is no clear process for trying things then having critical retrospectives. Same mistakes get repeated

Learning 3

  • Relationship - Helene, Solene, Stephane, Denis, Lucie ...

Onboarding 3

  • Connaissances - experimentations, empowerment

Team 2

  • Finances - travail, volonté, futur

Finances 2

  • Percolab Montreal is part of something bigger and it always has been. I don't want it cut off from its roots and potential


  • I don't know who wants to do what work. I receive mixed messages


  • There is an inspiring system impact project that requires a 3 year commitment from Percolab _ a solid team. Can we do this? I need to know people are committed to the work within Percolab


  • Are people onboard with the branding process?


  • When someone wants to change their agreement this is managed and agreed by everyone in a clear business HR way. Current issue Elizabeth


What’s becoming clear :

Proposal for some meetings to be closed (core + regular montreal collaborators). Details on Loomio

Financial proposals Have a conversation with montreal co-directors around investment in the inc purchase (should other cells be involved?) - proposal to bring it to the international meeting. With briefing document available beforehand (need Ezra and Elizabeth) Financial admin is ressourced as a core business function System to see what money we have (collective, 7%, taxes) - enspiral? Can we start the coop with a clear financial slate? New Wave account? - need an update on that

Financial administration is a mess. It’s a huge role, can we pay someone to do it? Paul can brief us on the current system and its flaws at the next internal meeting. Cathy will come to teach us when she visits around the may long weekend.

What are the assumptions and expectations around those coming in and those already in. making assumptions explicit. How can Montreal as a cell hold itself? International governance needs tending to as well.

Finishing our documentation around core, collaborations etc. Take inspiration from Enspiral. Written down and accessible.