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International Percolab Circle for May

Date : lundi 7 mai 2018 09:30

Fin : 11:30
Type : Opérationnel (sans décisions)
Hôte(s) : Karine
Information additionnelle : Online
Absent(s) :


Fanny adopte le rôle de Gardien de la goutte
Type : Rôle


International Percolab Circle - May 7th 2018

Check-in : Avec quelle énergie vous arrivez aujourd’hui?

Fanny: Électrique Denis: Stress Solène: bcp à faire - hâte de tout faire! Meghan : do concrete tangible things + read the trombone for the first time, check out things on list on the agenda Paul: get things done, focus, updating, tidyness Karine: arriving with the energy of the flow game

Participatory Agenda

Chat about training in France in june and august. (Solene 10 min) News about website - specifically when graphic facilitation page will go up News from Flowgame - is there interest to play together (10min) Next 2 months - what’s coming up next (15 min)

May & June 2018 Nacelles Launch event end of May Training in Quebec - sociocracy. Retraite percolab Visual Thinking - vendredi 25 mai - mind mapping

Fanny doing trainings with the préfecture. We are doing trainings (with Melanie) in a crypt? In massive but absurd conditions. Percolab France sought out for visual creativity on a very dull legal book. (professional risks). One section is about burnout : DUERP Document Unique d’Evaluation des Risques Professionnels.

Sam presented at Mental Health Week launch. Professor made a presentation connected to this issue of burnout. Laloux connection as well. Mental health, work conditions and the future of work Denis - jonction à faire, specialised into this field! (social determinants of health and occupational health) Ask for a direct feedback from Sam on GH workshops?!

Would be good to get an update from those who attended the Going Horizontal training.

Juin 7-8- mind mapping formation avec Mélanie et Solène (en france) 23,24 Août - Question sur la logistique des formations en France Besoin d’un lead visuel, et un continue de facilitateur entre Juin et Aout.

28 mai 18-20:00 - Lancement Nacelles (MTL), maison du dvpt durable. En partenariat avec le CRE Montréal (Conseil régional de l’environnement). Créer de la visibilité et des discussions sur comment les utiliser. Lien avec Comm1possible? A garder en tête! Show our partners how they can be used. Consider doing it every spring (earlier). Demonstrate rather than just speak about it with partners.

Fanny travail sur un document pour promouvoir nos services (nacelles, facilitation graphique, etc)

Formation sociocratique à Québec - inscriptions un peu décevantes Atelier “Going Horizontal” en juin avec Sam sur une journée

Stéphane en France - développement d’un atelier de 2 jours sur la reconnaissance et le feedback

Méghan: terrain à côté d’ECTO - commence aujourd’hui! Je vais leader, Solène avec moi. Jusqu’à juin.

Hélène joined percolab Montreal.

Sam’s final book manuscript has been submitted and is going into production now with images by Paul!

Fanny a une idée: faire un conférence en lien avec la sorti du livre de Sam. Would be good to reproduce a similar model, whatever it ends up being, across the different cells. Sur le mode “bienvenue chez nous!” entre TEDX et un atelier participatif! Projet à développer à partir de septembre!

Les Vacances à venir ! Fanny : 23 aout au 5 sept Meghan : 20 juin au 11 aout Karine : 29 juillet au 14 aout Denis : à définir ! Paul : 18 juin ses enfants arrivent pour 6 semaines. Solene : 22 aout au 4 sept, puis aimerai être à Montréal jusqu’à l’AOH du 18 au 20 sept

Website Needs a project manager. Who can keep track of tasks? Currently Paul has too many roles at the moment in Montreal. Mark is pushing us to move ahead. Should we get an external contractor to help us out? Who can we pay to support us? Do we want to subcontract it or dedicate internal resources?

Project Management Design Content Technicality

Paul: admitting that I am a bottleneck on this. I have carried the website for the last 10 years.

Content is good, portofolio needs content - need to move it forward.

Need to shift thinking from Montreal held website. Who has capacity to support this shared resource? Can we put it into Trello and share out tasks? Karine - can do some content now, find someone to stewarding the subject

Bring this subject to the international stewarding circle?

Would be timely to release something soon!

Paul: what could we do between now and the stewardship circle to move things forward?

Another role that is left: gardien de la goutte! Nobody is taking care of it so far. Paul has proposed that Fanny takes the role of gardien de la goutte.

� (liens pour Hola)

Les rôles - strategic, operational, international - to be brought to the retreat + stewardship circle.

To be brought to the next international meeting. Would be good to know which roles are existing in Belgium, France, Barcelona that are not currently documented on hola. And update the international roles. Montreal will update roles in connection with the retreat in 2 weeks.

Flowgame - would be great & interesting to use it between us and as a service offer to our clients (we might have an opportunity here in France, Narbonne with people involved in Economie Sociale et Solidaire and social innovation to organise a big game between two services that have difficulty to collaborate) - 3 of us are trained as hosts now: Sam, Nadine & Karine. Current growing demand from what we understood form Toke & Monica. Offer from Sam to play during the forthcoming retreat. Karine has tested both physical and via skype games - it works magically! Two set of cards in our games - to play individually and collectively.