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Retour sur going horiontal, concordia research

Date : mardi 15 mai 2018 10:00

Fin : 12:00
Type : Opérationnel (sans décisions)
Equipe: tout le monde
Hôte(s) : Meghan
Information additionnelle : Guests: 2 Concordia Tej
Absent(s) :


Percolab Montreal gives clearance for Concordia for the research project and the teaching case project.
Type : Autre


Percolab Montreal Team meeting May 15 2018

Participants : Meghan, Lucie, Helene, Sam, Paul, Denis, Nil, Solene Guest : Zoe, Nadim, Tesh, Rajshree Prakash

Subjects : Going horizontal - belgium (10 min) Collaboration concordia (45 min) Retreat (15 min) Events. Where we are with promo and support. (15 min) Planning for Kathie’s coming (10 min)

Checkin : What’s alive for me now?

Lucie Pleasure of being with Percolab Colleagues and looking forward to the retreat Solene : Very busy today. Happy to chose to be there. Rajshree : The weather who change a lot and I like it. Tesh : Curiosity, open and curious. Happy to be here. Meghan : I’ve download an app of meditation for the first time yesterday, and I came by bike today Sam: new version of the website, to distract me from my writing. And inviting endorsements for book Zoe: Concordia- Being here is something very new. Excited and a bit nervous. Nadim - First time, pleased to be here… Nil - frustration - my leadership skills.. Questioning.. A bit shy because it’s been a long time since I’ve been connected with you (Montreal) guys, and I want to reconnect. Denis - worries and frustration - college teacher. Asked to be part-time next fall. Don’t feel confident enough for next semester. Paul: what am i holding and what am i being in the way of. Financial stuff and cathie coming. Done my homework. Helene: -Back from Copenhagen. Feeling alive. I feel for first time that my soul and body are together after traveling. This feels good. Happy to be back in Montreal and back together. Excited for what’s coming in Montreal next week. Feeling alive and aligned.

Why are you here? Nadim : Codesign public spaces. Changr. Tesh - HSI future student. Going Horizontal - 10min.

Context : Prototype a first training in Belgium for Sam’s book “Going Horizontal” (Team : Ria from Belgium, Nil from Barcelona and Phoebe from UK (nadine was a participant)

What are we curious to know? One highlight and something to be improved.

Sam: I came with the question - How can I write a book as an individual (in a world where this is a commodity) and steward this as a commons? The team hosted me while co-hosting the workshop.

The book,community, needs, and the field are bigger than the book! Self-declared interest to the content

Collaborative practices, transparency, money as a taboo vs put the finances in the middle. And we had enough money to cover our expenses, including travel. Budget for the workshop was discussed as an example. (Embodying its ? content.)

2 tools to create before next workshop in Qc city : Self-assessment tool 5 steps of personal practices (1 page)

What training do we need as a Percolab. What are we missing in Percolab? 2 practices for the retreat: Feedback Trigger (déclencheur, pitons) Log - and share it with a buddy

Is Going Horizontal any different from Self-Management workshops we have done already? We need to find a way to merge/include.

Untouched questions…? Did we have any reflections from the participants in the way we do things at Percolab? Clarify that the book is not so much about Percolab

Collaboration Concordia 45 min Context : We study organisations. Percolab is a special organization. We found percolab a knowledge intensive organization that is different the idea that everything is shared and negotiated. Intense engagement. Members and org. And client. Practices and outcomes We want to change some aspects of our MBA program. Some aspect of social impact. Larger within community and CSR - i can talk conceptually, but when we have someone from an organization like this it makes a big impact and enables students to broaden own horizons. Students are interested just don’t know where to look. The classes we teach is about showing students there is a different way of looking businesses. A notion of developing pedagogy around facilitation.

There is a fair amount of literature around SM and flat organisations but it happens rarely. We as a group are interested in how you are in the process of creating practices for yourselves and clients to make idea of GH alive - How to make this #Goinghorizontal practice alive?

Interest in 2 levels: Classroom level: We want to offer our students to see “what is out there”. A lot of people interested, ut they don’t know where to look. We want to show them there is another way

Facilitation literacy: Pedagogy around facilitation as a needed skill for management. A lot of organizations talk about self-management and flat organizing. How have you managed -or are in the process of managing- to create the practices that makes going horizontal possible?

Looking at things from Stakeholder Theory.

Questions: How you go from a concept to a living practices?

Request: Record team meeting - to find patterns on how do you develop. Interview Collaborators, Clients, etc-

How is this practices can be propagated? How you go from a concept to a living practices?

Time frame: From now till end of summer. Get interviews done by august 31st.

Outcomes: Create a case study -owned by a Private Institution-

There is the classroom level and research around facilitation. Zoe would be here for the summer and later as well. We would like to recorded team meetings. To find patterns of how team meetings go. How do you develop this entire process. Looking at it from a stakeholder theory perspective. An organization doesn’t exist exclusively but with people around. Would like to interview including clients. Understand this idea of “negotiated practice/outcomes”. How is organization learning and propagating it.

Two projects : Case Study (teaching case) & Research project (transcripts) Time scale : Outcome : Case study published (in english)

What would this go into? One part of output = teaching case. Managing stakeholder relationships or creating SM teams. We would like someone from Percolab would be there and see how students engage with the material. That is when most of learning with students happen. We have a case analysis format, but the experiential knowledge comes from people from organization. Published with IVY and Harvard business publishing - go case study route. Organization decides if organizational name is used. Etc. transparent process. All information would be there.

Research side is confidential unless you want Percolab to be named. Transcripts shared back to us. Signed off by us.

Bilingual meetings. How does that affect the process? Zoe is bilingual. Output is in english so there will be translations.

One of things interesting to us in this is the reflection of our own practices. This teaching case if its owned by harvard business we can use it in our workshops and publish it on our blog? Write a separate or similar product that could be shared.

What could be Zoe’s role, as we never have observers in our meetings? I would feel comfortable participating. You seem open and kind, I am a reserved person. We also have unplanned meetings, just be aware of it. There will be also interviews, and the snowball approach so one interview leads to another meeting / information. Zoe will map this space out - and be the observer in the office space. Understanding that we don’t have a define space. To define the space emotionally, etc. Data gathered is how this organisation negotiates inside as well as outside. Two meetings Zoe by herself - and then interviews Observation, be in the space, talk with people. Zoe can come to some workshops, like the one Paul is giving. Schedule : on Tuesdays but she can come, depending on other activities (Zoe has other classes). What is Rajr role? There are two elements at odds? : observing and be a participant. How to put them together? Building knowledge around management - to initiate conversations. - student. Proposals from Helene Can we imagine having something more agile on the go. Shared learning together. Zoe what about having each week a short article of your learning of percolab practice or organization. As snapshot. Content on the go. It’s an interesting process. - R. a great idea. Zoe Blog article. All the cases we read about are huge companies. Just now i am realizing there are so many other options, right here in montreal. Especially people studying business who don’t fit into corporate mentality. Maybe you come here and we are taking notes it’s teamwork. Maybe you can work on it after the meeting its something for your work. Make it pretty . could be great. Hélène will be Case study budy Clearance - every two weeks one of us from the team here and share some data we have gathered. And how it could be helpful in the team.

PROPOSITION Percolab montreal gives clearance for Concordia for the research project and the teaching case project.

Event promotion. 15 min. 25 May : Atelier Pensée visuelle 28 May : Nacelles launch party June 1 : Atelier Penser horizontal (Going horizontal) Ville de Québec

Nacelles Launch Website : Nacelles is a priority Hélène is back today and will take care of that Eventbrite for a public event : to have an idea of how many persons will come People are more committed - and we are collecting information More than via Facebook Can it be a barrier to come? Mailchimp (Helene doing it) What is the link to send to your contacts? Guest list (Speadsheet to capture who is inviting who)

Going horizontal => Penser horizontal in French Retreat (10 min.)

Info File:

Food : about 25$/pers. Spa : ?

Brouillard et boussole : with Fanny - invitation to try it at the retreat (2h) How do you feel in Percolab? How do you feel with yourself? How do you feel with others?

Essential elements : Flow game (Tuesday evening) Reboot Percolab Mtl roles Feedback session practice (Solene’s stay and / or Megan’s 2-3 months) Integration in Percolab (Denis and Hélène) Spa Handbook Geedback Brouillard et boussole Portfolio Storytelling/capture

Starts : Tuesday night Ends : Thursday lunch

Financial agenda 10 min - Friday. Planning for cathie.

Leaving with more than content. Refreshing Arrival. Still don’t know what it means. Space for tomorrow and feeling cared for More horizontality. Connections with my practice. Connections. Ideas to cook. Potential interest in workshop Lot of enthusiasm. Wonderful meeting. Very grateful. For engagement and openness Glad to have you met you. Sad. happy for retreat. Want to organize retreat in europe. Going to a music festival. Reassured. Amazing feeling of working and collaborating together Peacefulness. Thanks for hosting. Good meeting. Ok - not frantic anymore Excited - didn’t know what to expect - grateful to work with you